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Saturday, November 11, 2017 What Yankees manager candidate Eric Wedge revealed about interview

Yankees manager candidate Eric Wedge has a presence just talking to reporters in a group interview over the telephone.
His booming voice exudes confidence, and he comes across as friendly and likable.
While listening to him answer questions for 12 minutes, you can see why he’s still a relatively young man and has 10 years of big-league manager experience.

He’s a tough guy, too: He had a mini stroke in July 2013 and was back managing the Seattle Mariners 33 days later.
Wedge, 49, met with the Yankees management on Friday—the second candidate to interview for Joe Girardi’s old job.
Rob Thomson, a top lieutenant on Girardi’s coaching staff for the last 10 years, interviewed on Wednesday.

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcaster Aaron Boone, a former Yankees third baseman, reportedly is a candidate. Former Yankees pitcher David Cone and catcher John Flaherty, both veteran YES Network television analysts for the club, have expressed interest.

Is it odd that I don’t particularly care who winds up as the manager?  I mean I guess I’d prefer it not be Flaherty but other than that I don’t really have any opinion or concern.  Unless we suddenly hear Bobby Valentine is a candidate…

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David Ross might get an interview. That would be interesting.

Maybe Cashman is just gonna hire himself as a means of consolidating power. In a few years he will be emperor of the team.

1 He has Dancing With The Stars experience as did our current Energy Secretary so DWTS is kind of a stepping stone.

[0] I really don’t care either. Managers are hired to be fired, or in the case of the last two Yankees manager, not offered a new contract.

The only reason I’m not too concerned is that the bullpen is kinda idiot proof at this point but I have faith in the Cashman and his objective pipe anyways. He will bring back Mo as player/manager, you heard it here first.

Sherman floated a trade between the Yankees giving the Giants Ellsbury and Clint Frazier for Jeff Samardzijia. Because the Yankees need a pitcher to cover CC’s innings. Well, I think the Yankees need a manager so why don’t we trade Judge and Sanchez to the Nats for Dusty? Never mind he isn’t employed by them… but they need a manager!

[6] That’s a really stupid trade proposal.

Sounds like townies are in bigly for Stanton. Don’t let them cheat you Jete.

[7] Yeah, not ideal and the Yankees can just get Ohtani or CC without giving up C. Frazier. Smells contract is awful but he is only due $14M more over the next three years (including buyout to end the deal) than Samardzizizizija. Granted Sza had nearly 4 bWAR last year, so he might actually be useful if they missed out on Ohtani and CC wanted multiple years.

Maybe Smells and a lesser prospect than C. Frazier?

If the Yanks are able to sign Otani, they might be able to both win the World Series and get under the salary cap. That would be something!

It’s not a terrible trade. Getting something of value in an Ellsbury trade would be a miracle. It all comes down to how highly you value Frazier. I probably wouldn’t do it unless there is a followup move.

Maybe they are willing to trade so many OFs because a Marlin is on the way.

The more I think about it, the less I like it. Ellsbury could probably be traded away for a bag of balls if the Yankees pay all but $10MM or so (hopefully.)  There’s 4MM in savings with this trade. So the trade basically comes down to Frazier for Samarzy.  I’d go with no. Especially since CC could be signed for cheaper and shorter and approximate the same pitching production and you’d bemlsong your 4th and 5th best OF.

Samardzija seems to alternate between good years and awful ones. Don’t buy high.

Separate question, but are we convinced by Frazier?  He had a pretty meh debut and doesn’t strike me as one of those guys who’s going to work hard to get better.  He might be Colby Rasmus II, which has some value, but for the right deal, I’d trade him now.

[14] He is definitely an asset they can move in the right deal but I don’t know if the right deal is just saving a few million on Smells contract.

[14] I’m definitely not ready to write off a guy who was, what, 7th on the depth chart after a mediocre performance in a partial season.

Also not sure why we’re doubting his character? I don’t like to play those games. I see no reason not to be excited about a guy with his physical abilities.

[16] There was a story when he was called up that his manager (Pedrique?) didn’t think he was ready for the bigs—not on talent, on maturity.

While we’re spitballing trades, how about Ellsbury, Castro, and prospects for Samardzija and Joe Panik?

As far as the prospects, I’d offer either McKinney or Kyle Holder, and either Chance Adams or Jorge Guzman.

I’d prefer including McKinney over Holder because the Yankees have more outfielders to spare, and also it would be kinda funny to see McKinney and Samardzija traded for each other a second time.

What team would want Kyle Holder at all?  He’s Ronald Torreyes but a worse hitter.

[19] He OPS’d .854 in the second half at Tampa, then over .900 in the ridiculously small sample size of the Arizona Fall League. Scouts say he’s hitting the ball hard now. Of course he could fall apart against major league pitching, or he could keep working and improving at every level.

For that matter, even if Holder doesn’t have much pop, the Giants know that’s nothing some BALCO love couldn’t fix.

[9] BR has him with a 2.2 WAR in 2017 and a career 12.4. He also allowed 30 HR’s in 2017. Why would the Yankees touch him?

[0] - Because the coach is already in place.  This is just about which person is going to stand there with Cashmans hand up his ass and smile.

Beltran calls it a career. There’s another candidate to fire up.

Beltran has my endorsement to manage the Yanks.

Sherman ” Aaron Boone and Hensley Meulens will be in the next wave of candidates interviewed to succeed Joe Girardi as Yankees manager, The Post has learned.” What exactly are Aaron Boone’s qualifications??  I don’t generally watch the ESPN games does he come across has an astute baseball guy? Why Aaron Boone but not Coney (yet?) RAB says Yankees asked A’s about Bob Melvin but were turned down.

Glad to see Bam Bam is getting an interview.

Boone’s qualification is the Wakefield HR. And ... I can’t really argue against it.

My A’s fan buddy says Melvin is a complete Beane patsy which may be what appeals, although Melvin and Beane are also close personal friends.  If Cashman has friends I haven’t heard about them.

27 How did Bucky work out?

Leyritz hit a big postseason home run.  Is he available?

If Mariano had closed the D-Backs out in 2001,would Alfonso Soriano be interviewing for the manager’s job?

Or going by the George Steinbrenner theory of hiring the guy that does well against you, maybe they should talk to Bill Mazeroski.

32 Danny Murtaugh

I think Bam Bam has a real shot. The Giants have another Bochy heir in house and there’s a real chance that they told Bam Bam that it won’t be Bam Bam anymore (which is what it looked like the last couple of years), so don’t turn down other jobs (in the meantime, we’ll give you the high profile bench coach position to help your resume).

[34] The more I read about Meulens, the more interesting he sounds. He’s a polyglot and happens have both Spanish and Japanese in his repertoire.

Plus he’s a knight.

Is there anyone else in organized baseball who can speak the language of every player on the Yankees?

[36] Probably. Eric Thames maybe? Bobby Valentine?

Those guys speak Dutch?

[38] I was not including Dutch, since Didi also speaks several languages.

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