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Monday, December 3, 2012 Alex Rodriguez will undergo surgery to repair injury to left hip

NASHVILLE – The already onerous contract of Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez looks even worse today. Rodriguez will undergo a left hip arthroscopy to repair a torn labrum, bone impingement and the correction of a cyst, the team announced this afternoon. He is not expected to take the field until mid-season.
The New York Post first reported the impending surgery this morning.

Dr. Bryan Kelly from the Hospital for Special Surgery will perform the operation in January. Rodriguez must first undergo a four-to-six week strengthening program for the hip. He underwent a similar procedure on his right hip in 2009. The recovery process figures to take four to six months.

No.  Not that hip.  The other hip.

I’m not sure I like having a player with two torn hips signed for his ages 37-41 seasons for $114M.

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I’d still rather be where the Yankees are then where the Red Sox are.  Although the Napoli deal is only for 3 years so at least it’s a shorter bad contract right? Technically they are spending their money smarter…

Why don’t we have the technology to rebuild him and make him stronger?  He’s costing us a lot more than 6 million dollars.

Steve Swindal arrested February 15, 2007. The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty?

[2]  This IS the six million dollar version.  Levine got a deal on old Soviet bionic parts.

Remember the one when Steve Austin fought…the Russian Venus spacecraft?  Man that made no sense.

Remember the one when Steve Austin fought…the Russian Venus spacecraft?

Ok honestly, who would remember that?

I remember when Steve Austin fought Savio Vega in the King of the Ring tournament in ‘96.

[5]  The old people here.

Is Arod signed until age 41 or until he breaks Bonds record?

Steve Austin?  I remember when Antonio Rocca fought Johnny Valentine.

Hey guys—sorry for the threadjack.  But my film “The World According to Dick Cheney” will premiere at Sundance on January 18.  Should be on Showtime within a couple weeks after.

How DARE you, UJD? Just kidding, congrats.

Is your soccer documentary going to be streaming on Netflix again sometime?

[11]  Thank you!  No, they didn’t renew us.  They may at some point I guess.  Right now it’s iTunes and direct sales from the website.

10 It was a hagiography I assume.

[13]  You’ll have to be the judge.

Bad news guys. This may have gotten buried under the ARod news a bit: Eli Whiteside was pikced up by the Blue Jays as they continue to cement the best team of all time 2013 edition.

Do you get more of a cut if I get it off the site instead of Amazon?

His hips are bound to Ooooh Sundance really?

Congrats UJD!!!  You’re the motherfucken man!

Looks like the Rangers are signing Soria to a two-year deal.  I coveted him. 

I fear the next two years of retrenchment could be a parade of horribles.  Aging players with supersized contracts and torn labia are just the beginning.

Nunez will be our savior.  Either the first or second coming, depending on your Bible.

According to MLB trade rumors, the Yankees are interested in Cody Ross.


Sorry UJD but now that Dexter and Homeland will be over its SHO for me

22 hasn’t that rumor been out there for months?

Congrats Fgas!

[20] 2 years for Soria is a little scary, but I guess the $ amount is more important.

[20] Retrenchment?  More like retirement

I’m unconvinced that Cano can handle 3B. Yeah, he has the arm, but he only uses it at 2B so he can nonchalant the start of the play. His internal metronome won’t speed up enough. I hope I’m kidding.

[10] Awesomeness.

[27]  But maybe Nunez will work at second base, because, because, because…

[10] Best news I’ve read this entire postseason.

Feliciano healthy now, look for him to be LOOGY of the year now that his contract is up.

[30] Spring training injury opportunity looms.

Cano to play in 2013 WBC (speaking of future injuries)

What might we expect projection-wise from a platoon of Eric Chavez and David Adams?

What might we expect projection-wise from a platoon of Eric Chavez and David Adams?

The Yankees project to suck.

[33] The likelihood of Chavez surviving enough playing time for a projection to matter is low. He’s a great option if your strategy is to roll the dice and hope for Yahtzee.

I can’t believe that the Yankees are going to lose out on Soria. That hurts.

As for the A-Rod situation, while he is likely never going to be good again, there’s a better than zero chance that this could fix what was ailing him last season, power-wise, in which case this could all be worth it in the end. It is not like they’re losing too much by having him sit out a few months.

[36] It pains me to note that the same argument was made when he first went in for the hip procedure in 2009…and when he hit the DL with groin/calf issues in 2010…and when he had arthroscopic surgery on the knee in 2011…and when Felix broke his hand in 2012…

[37] It pains me to note that the same argument was made when he first went in for the hip procedure in 2009

Why?  When he came back in 2009, he was pretty much as we would expect (.286/.402/.532.)

and when he hit the DL with groin/calf issues in 2010


and when he had arthroscopic surgery on the knee in 2011…and when Felix broke his hand in 2012…

2011 and 2012 were bad, but maybe the substantial loss of power was due in part to the degeneration of the hip.  I think you can rationalize that discovering a problem that would cause the abrupt loss of power (which they seemed to have done) is much better than having an unexplained loss of power.  When you combine that with at least some evidence that immediately following the procedure he was a productive power hitter (in 2009), it’s a least something better than thinking of Rodriguez as a rotting corpse.  Granted, he’s a few years older now, but he went well below projection in 2011 and 2012.

I think it’d be interesting to look at Rodriguez’s rate projection for 2013 had he hit his 50% projection in each of 2011 and 2012 and then compare that with what he actually does in 2013 as a way of crudely filtering out what the injury might have done to him in 2011 and 2012.

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