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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Newsday: Yankees may have some young aces up their sleeves

With the starting rotation perhaps their biggest question mark right now, only Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda and CC Sabathia appear locks for the rotation. There are a handful of options for the last two spots and James Kaprielian and Chance Adams — a pair of 2015 draft picks — could end up the solution at some point in 2017, maybe even to start the season.

Adams was asked about them being a part of the future rotation and replied “I think we both have that capability.”

At the Yankees’ Winter Warm-Up Town Hall Meeting Tuesday night in midtown, general manager Brian Cashman described operating under the new collective bargaining agreement, with its escalating penalties for crossing the luxury tax threshold, as dealing “with a salary cap.” So filling the 25-man roster with their minor-league stars could make all kinds of things possible for the Yankees as they eye the impressive 2018 free-agent class that could include Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Clayton Kershaw and Josh Donaldson.

I’d be surprised if the Yankees broke camp with either Kaprielian or Adams, but I’m pretty sure we’ll see them in the majors at some point in 2017 barring injuries.

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[0] I don’t want to say there is zero chance that Kap or Adams makes the ML out of ST, but come on…

Neither are on the 40.

How do you build a pitching staff going forward when the best starters cost over 30 million a year?

[4] Drafting, developing and astute trading?

Gotta bring back Gabe Paul. He made some really good trades.

Posada may not even reach 5 percent. I don’t think he belongs in, but that’s surprisingly low.

I know, give the guy some vote love.  Def doesn’t belong in the hall but tip the cap.  I know the ballot is crowded but couldn’t a douche like Murray Chass put Po and some guys like that on his ballot?

Pudge, Bagwell and Raines (yay) in.  Moose up to 50% passing Shilling LOL.

Yay Rock Raines! Glad to see he finally made it.

Good for Raines. The vote totals were just kind of bonkers, though. I’m not saying Vlad wasn’t a Hall of Famer, but 71% his first try? That’s nuts. And Posada not even getting 4% of the vote? That’s ludicrous.

Posada did have a reputation as a dick.  I wonder if some of the writers just don’t like him.

[11] I don’t like him, and I usually like Yankees and catchers and switch hitters and Boricuas, so ... yeah.

If AJ Pierzynzski gets more than 5%, THEN I’m gonna be pissed.

At least he got 15 more votes than Varitek. That counts for something.

Kurt Schilling spent today not getting into the Hall of Fame and arguing with a fake Sir Snacks Pontoon on twitter, so there’s that.

[15] Schilling’s 3 day run for senator of Mass is going to be must watch TV

Nice to see Raines finally get in.  I am sure everyone here will agree with me that his greatest moment hands down as a Yankee was his HR right after the Benetiz-Tino brawl.  First pitch after a huge delay - gone into the night.

He took his time around 3rd base in front of the O’s dugout.  That was fucking magic.

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