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Monday, June 19, 2017

Newsday: Gleyber Torres, top Yankees prospect, out for season and will undergo Tommy John surgery

Gleyber Torres’ big-league debut will not take place this season.

And there’s now some question whether it will take place next season as well.

The Yankees announced Monday afternoon the 20-year-old Torres, among the top prospects in baseball, will undergo Tommy John surgery to repair a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his left elbow.

“I feel bad for Gleyber but it’s an injury that thankfully is correctable,” GM Brian Cashman said Monday by phone. “It’s his non-throwing arm. He’ll have the surgery and be as good as new and return to play in 2018.”

Torres suffered the injury in his non-throwing elbow last Saturday while playing for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on a play at the plate at Buffalo. Torres dived head first, was tagged out and immediately grabbed at his elbow.

At least it’s not his throwing arm?

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Thank goodness it won’t affect his ability to throw the ball. Of course, he’ll have to have it handed to him gently, since he won’t be able to, you know, raise his glove and field it in the usual manner.

It’s terrible news, of course, but I was always a bit skeptical that they were ever seriously going to bring him up this season, so I’m going to try to look at it as hopefully not affecting the future of the franchise too much. He loses a year of seasoning, which sucks, but he should be able to come back from it the same guy. So we just have to wait until later to see him in the Bronx, but with the way that they were set up, he was probably not going to be here until next year ANYways.

(1) Huh? It’s not a shoulder injury.

Last 10 games he was hitting 385 with an OBP of 470, I’m betting if he continued to dominate, and considering how he did dominate in both the AzFL and ST its not out of the question, then we’d see him in August.

This sucks, but it’s not as bad for the 2017 Yankees as losing Kaprielian was.

Agreed, Kap was a bigger short term loss. This reminds me more of Sachez’s minor league injuries. It sucks, but it doesn’t affect the team as much in the short term.

Sad. The Summer of Gleyber has been canceled.

But yes, of course, it is very bad news. You never want a top prospect to get hurt period.

Yes Kap was a bigger loss but Gleyber’s situation has far more potential to hurt the team this year than Gary’s injuries.  But aren’t Bird’s problems hands down the worst?  Foot specialist tomorrow for Greg.

The Torres injury just isn’t one that typically fucks over a position player, just like Sanchez’s injuries weren’t ones that typically fuck over a position player. In both cases, all you lost were development time/theoretical early promotion chances.

Kap, you lost time and a real possibility that he’s just not going to recover.

But yes, Bird is the biggest downer of them all, especially if he needs some sort of surgery that they missed before.

Bird’s injuries are worse because the circumstances at the MLB level mean that his presence - which was expected - would have a particularly large impact.

It’s not clear any of these players will be prevented from reaching their potential. As for the time lost - in each case, how will it affect the time they’ll be under team control? If not a lot, then there may be no big long-term loss.

[3] He…uh…still needs a functioning elbow to field the ball, right ?

The injury doesn’t affect service time at all. That doesn’t start to toll until you make the 25-man roster.

All this affects is development time and the possibility that he was going to be called up in the second half of this year. Both are significant losses, to be sure, but not as significant a loss as a guy like Bird, who was supposed to contribute NOW and a guy like Kap, where he loses development time, a chance to be called up this year AND a significant chance of not recovering from the injury period.

Let Randy worry about service time he’s either gointgot be a casualty fo the baseball Gods oat at DNYS real quick, I don’t see him spending languishing as a AAAA player.

Probability Cessa makes CC’s next scheduled start? From what I’ve seen from the FO recently I’d go 75% after all Binder said he pitched “OK.”

Cessa’s so weird in that he clearly doesn’t SUCK, but nor does he seem to have much upside. I think Green has more upside, but perhaps Green just isn’t stretched out? I’d probably still call up Adams if I were them.

Maybe the idea is to give a bunch of the middling prospects a look in the sense that if one starts out hot, you only need one team to flip them for more than they’re worth?

If Bird ever gets healthy to they Flip the Bird?

Anyway, I hope that we don’t hear tomorrow that Bird needs microfracture surgery.

No, probably radical brain surgery.

(12) Which he’ll have after the surgery and rehab, right?

Don’t jinx it! wink

Bird will probably lose two full seasons due to separate injuries, just brutal.

Man, the ball has got to be juiced. Sanchez tied the EIGHTY-SIX-YEAR-OLD record for the quickest amount of games to hit 20 home runs last year and now Bellinger broke it less than a year later.

There are WAY too many home runs being hit these past two seasons and since players don’t look to be all that jacked like in the steroids era, I figure a juiced ball is likely.

Who isn’t juiced these days.

BoSox lose in KC! The Yankees back in sole possession of first place (plus a two-game lead in the loss column). So all they really needed to have a good performance was not play any baseball. smile

Best day the Yankees have had in at least a week.

All the had to do was not play.

townies lose. Scant solace for the week from hell.

The Ringer just did a pretty long piece on the ball being juiced. It was fairly convincing.

Just to reiterate, though: Today sucked.

Stupid Rangers blew a late lead to the Blue Jays, or else the AL East would have gone 0-4 today. Still, 1-3 is pretty darn good for the Yankees!

But yeah, damn, the AL East is EVIL.

After reading this:

It’s unfathomable to me that every manager and coach in MLB isn’t bilingual.  There is one active Latino manager (Fredi Gonzalez)

30% of players speak Spanish as their native language.

“The hardest thing for me is when the media uses big words. I don’t understand the questions.”

Michael Pineda, Yankees, Dominican Republic

I also can’t understand the logic of hiring a beat writer to send all over the country to cover the team and interview players if they can’t interview 1/3 of them. 

What’s the logic other than entrenched racism or baseball being an old boy’s club?

What’s the logic other than entrenched racism or baseball being an old boy’s club?

You just described how most decisions in the United States are made.

Does anyone but me remember who the jocks were in school ? These cats barely spoke English - they certainly weren’t the type to study, well, anything, much less learn another language. That’s where coaches come from.

The writers, however, at least can be expected to have studied high school Spanish or something, and working in baseball would give them a reason and opportunity to maintain it. You’d think someone would perceive it as a competitive advantage.

Maybe the Latino players should do a better job of becoming proficient in English. They live here over half a year, and make good money. Being proficient in English would help them 24/7 for that over half a year (minimum) that they live here.

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