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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Miami Times: A Miami Clinic Supplies Drugs to Sports Biggest Names

Open the neat spreadsheet and scroll past the listing of local developers, prominent attorneys, and personal trainers. You’ll find a lengthy list of nicknames: Mostro, Al Capone, El Cacique, Samurai, Yukon, Mohamad, Felix Cat, and D.R.

Then check out the main column, where their real names flash like an all-star roster of professional athletes with Miami ties: San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera, Oakland A’s hurler Bartolo Colón, pro tennis player Wayne Odesnik, budding Cuban superstar boxer Yuriorkis Gamboa, and Texas Rangers slugger Nelson Cruz. There’s even the New York Yankees’ $275 million man himself, Alex Rodriguez, who has sworn he stopped juicing a decade ago.

I’m surprised they don’t refer to Cabrera and Colón as former Yankees.

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Further proof of anti-Yankee conspiracy will come in the next CBA when they list metamucil as a PED.

Hey latest thread always is the one to get hijacked…

From RAB:

Via Dan Barbarisi: Brian Cashman confirmed that Michael Pineda will throw off a half-mound tomorrow for the first time since having shoulder surgery in early-May. Pineda, who turned 24 a little more than a week ago, has been throwing off flat ground since at least September. Moving up to a half-mound isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a big step in his rehab from a very serious injury. Good news.

IDK what the normal time is on a half-mound if everything goes well.  One month?  Two months?  Even if it’s two months before a full mound, that still puts him in line I would think for a month in EST (all of April), and then probably Tampa to start his rehab click (May), which puts him on track to be activated off DL at beginning of June.  That doesn’t mean he’ll be in NY (has options) or good.  But even pitching in actual games has to feel like a victory.

I think there’s a good chance Pineda helps this season. I also think there’s a good chance I can’t defend A-Rod anymore. The guy is scandal plagued, it’s getting real old. You’ve been punned.

[3] Just caught up on reading about this stuff…yeah doesn’t look good for ARod now…

The Yankees really ought to be using Citrucel instead of Metamucil.

So is Robbie the white knight of the NY/DR crew, a paragon who refused to follow his pals down that dark path and rose to superstardom through hard work and clean living alone? Or just a cunning operator who has yet to be apprehended by the baseball authorities?

I don’t know of any real evidence that implicates Cano, but if it’s out there somewhere, I sure hope the team finds out about it before signing the megacontract this time.

The league can’t suspend A-Rod can they?  Suspensions are only for failing drug tests, I think.  In any event, I’m pretty sure he can serve whatever suspension while on the DL.

Many years ago, I was at a bar/restaurant in Seattle for the beginning of a bachelor party.  Freddy Garcia shows up with his manager and a female friend and eventually joins our table.  Sweaty Freddy was great, bought rounds of drinks, laughed and joked with us, and we watched sportscenter as his highlights from a game that day came on.  At one point I was talking to the female friend and asked her about ARod who was in the middle of another monster year.

“He’s really an asshole.”

That pretty much guided any feelings I had about Arod ever since. 

Hopefully, this ends his career and the cheating douche can retire ending that obscene contract the Yankees offered him.

Cano will only be implicated if he is re-signed.

[3] - Yeah, I’m with you.  I’m still not going to vilify him, he did what a lot of other were doing, but god damn if finding out he was most likely juicing over the last three years didn’t suck every ounce of hope of him being even semi-productive over the rest of his career.  I mean if he was that unhealthy and only that productive on drugs…

[6] - Yeah, not looking forward for that other shoe to drop…

Cano will only be re-signed if he is implicated.

Did she say why he was an asshole? Maybe he turned her down for a date because he was in a happy relationship or something…

9. Exactly, no vilification, but I’ve really reached a point where the performance enhancing scandals are disturbing me more as a fan of baseball than they ever have. Appreciating supremely talented professionals excelling in their craft shouldn’t come with such caveats. That’s what you want to do as a fan: whether it’s music, movies, literature. There’s a caveat to everything in life, usually, but when it’s directly impacting your perception of the performance, and is consistently causing scandal, against a backdrop of giant contracts, and cheating being so thoroughly rewarded, this is all becoming quite disturbing.

Olney penned an article - its an Insider article but I was able to get to it - and discussed how if ARod is guilty his Yankee career may be at an end.  The only thing he mentions for the Yankees getting out of the contract is, ” trying to void the contract because of misrepresentation”.  I’m not sure how that would work; he signed the contract in 2007, and (allegedly) started taking PED’s again in 2009.  Baseball has a process, and ARod would only be suspended for 50 games.  I’m sure the MLBPA would fight tooth and nail to say that there isn’t anything in the agreement that allows teams to void contracts of players suspended.

The only way I can see the Yankees being out of ARod’s contract, is if he is suspended for life from baseball.  Or possibly imprisoned, not sure how that works.  Don’t see (either) happening.

[12] - My biggest problem with steroids is the media.  They will always be the first to tell you that the HR chase saved baseball after the strike.  It’s a lazy defense for their own role in the scandal. They either knew and didn’t report or they didn’t figure it out on their own what was going on. Either way, it’s unacceptable. Not only that, a lot (like Mike Lupica) made a ton of money writing about the majesty of the “Summer of ‘98” and now will pile on any one caught using. How can you justify that?

That isn’t even the greatest hypocrisy with the media. That is how they continue to ignore it in all the other sports. Of course the fans are guilty of that too. Yet we keep talking about how much bigger and stronger football players are, and how damaged their bodies are after their playing careers, and how it’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed on the field yet somehow steroids aren’t talked about at all.

The league can’t suspend A-Rod can they?  Suspensions are only for failing drug tests, I think.  In any event, I’m pretty sure he can serve whatever suspension while on the DL.

Not sure if they can suspend him.  But if they can it won’t be more than 50 games.  I actually don’t think he can serve it while on the DL.  however, he could servet he first 50 games of the season, and then put be on the 15 or 40 day DL (probably latter) as soon as he is activated.  The tricky part is, I’m not sure if he counts towards the 40-man roster while suspended.  I’m sure the Yankees are counting on having a roster spot opened up when ARod goes on the 40-day, so that could potentially hurt.

If he’s suspended say for a year or for life does his salary count for luxury tax purposes?

14. Lance Armstrong situation is the textbook on the media’s relationship with PED’s. Willful ignorance, followed by condemnation, as if the condemnation justifies the willful ignorance. I don’t want a rise and fall narrative from journalism. I’ll go watch ‘Boogie Nights’ if I want to see that. It’s a movie. Real life’s a little more complicated. Give credit to the journalists who are working between the lines and trying to get the objective truth out there.

[12] Exactly my thoughts

Hmm, I feel like if Cano has gone this long without any fingers being pointed, and his workout buddies are getting dinged left and right, then maybe he’s clean.

So Cash probably knew this was coming, right? The other day when he said he might be out all season.

First, isn’t it the 60-day DL or did that change for some reason?

Second, I’m pretty sure suspension does NOT count towards the 40-man.

Gio Gonzalez is flatly denying the reports.

[22] He doesn’t get anything for confessing.

[11] I can’t remember, but she was clearly with Freddy.

Wiki sez…

“All suspensions are without pay. In addition, a suspended player can be replaced on the active roster by another player. If a player is on the disabled list, the suspension is served while on the disabled list.”

[13] Given the amount of money the Yankees still owe ARod, the team might find it to be worth the time and money it would take to try to get out of ARod’s contract, which could set some interesting legal precedent going forward.

I’d guess the best they could do would be to negotiate some kind of buy-out.

[19] Ruth had hot dogs, Cano has bubblegum.

Is this even illegal?  The article suggests that the company was peddling the stuff under the rubric of some kind of anti-aging therapy.  If they had doctors prescribing the stuff, then the criminal aspect of it would seem to become fairly murky. 

As for suspensions, it would guess that it would take an actual failed test to trigger an automatic suspension.  However, perhaps they could go after him on some kind of “conduct detrimental to the game” basis if criminal charges materialized.  In any event, it’s one thing to suspend a guy 30 or 60 days for some off-field misbehavior and another thing to punch his ticket permanently.  I doubt whether the MLBPA would sit back and do nothing if the Commissioner’s office tried to invoke its “conduct unbecoming” authority (whatever that power consists of) to impose a long-term suspension over a PED issue that can’t be addressed through the regular steroids policy because there’s no failed test.  (In fact, A-Rod himself is richer than all get-out, so it’s not even like he needs the MLBPA to take the lead.)

[16] I *think* that any time a player is suspended, the (pro-rated) salary doesn’t count against the cap.  So if ARod were suspended for 50 games in 2014 (since 2013 we’re not concerned with), his cap charge would be 110/162*AAV ($26MM?).  Save the Yanks like $8MM, which certainly could be enough to add an impact player.  If he’s suspended for life, I think Yankees are off the hook.

[21] No, that’s me making a mistake and then compounding that mistake by repeating it constantly.  Given that this thread is about ARod and PED usage, that seems appropriate.  You’re probably right on the 40-man implications.  For some reason I have it in my head that he still counted.  I think for example if a player is banned 5-days (or whatever) for corking a bat he stays on the 40-man, but probably for steriod supsensions he doesn’t.

[24] Whoops, was typing and missed that.  Good research!  For the last part, I think if he’s already on the DL he can serve the suspension while on the DL.  But I don’t think they can place him on the DL *after* he’s suspended.  It may be a meaningless distinction, but in the case of a player like ARod it may not.  Assume for a minute that a season starts Apr 1st, and the 50-game suspension would be over around May 25th (depending on rainouts).  Being on the 60-day DL, ARod couldn’t come off until late July.  If he’s progressing well in rehab and the Yankees thing he could be ready to come back by July 1st, they have to make a choice of putting him on the 40-man/15-day DL, or potentially forgoing 3 weeks of his service by putting him on 60-day.

I’m glad we finally have something to talk about.

[25] Guys, they are NOT getting out of ARod’s contract!  There isn’t any mechanism to void the deal.  MLB/MLBPA negotiated what happens in the case of a failed drug test (like as [27] says, there isn’t one).  Player gets suspended.  There’s no out.  The ONLY way they could get out of the deal is if there’s a clause in the contract that says if he’s ever suspended for PED violation that the contract is void.  Can’t see that being in there.

As for a buyout…ARod and his agents will only take a buyout if there’s a decent chance that he’ll get at least as much money over that time frame from another team.  So for example, if ARod is owed $114MM, and they offered him an $80MM buyout, he’d have to make $34MM to break even.  That’s iffy at this point.  I’m not sure if there’s much value in giving him $100MM payout.  I mean, how does the AAV for the luxury taxes even work in that scenario?  If they’re on the hook for most of it anyway, why not just see what value you can get out of him?

You know what would suck?  If the Yankees bought him out for like $90 million, and he went to the Red Sox and hit 40 HR and 50 2B a year until he’s 45.

RAB posted this a bit ago: “It’s worth noting that players can be suspended for “possession” of PEDs according to the Joint Drug Agreement. There does not have to be a failed test.”

IDK what criteria they need to establish “possession”.

Some info in here:

On an entirely amoral note, the guy that thought spreadsheets and the drug trade are a good mix is a total idiot.

Alex is also denying it:

On a moral note, Mr. Rodriguez can sit and spin.

[33] Possession is nine tenths of the collective bargaining agreement

[35] “Is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy?”

I’m really concerned that the presence of Colon on that list could force NYY to give up their 2011 AL East Champions banner.

[35, 39]  Seems like the spreadsheets are the least of it—the poorly written notes detailing who got what are the meat.


fgas, I hope you picked up that I was following your lead with a “Wire” quote.

Do you think WasWatching is happier today, or the day Cashman got busted for being a dbag?

[42]  I was hoping you would explain.  Thanks yankz.

I thought perfomance enhancing drugs were supposed to enhance performance?

Ross prescribed a deluxe program, including holographic stickers on the right elbow; copious quantities of the powder additive; sleeping in front of a beam-ray light programmed with frequencies for tissue regeneration and pain relief; drinking negatively charged water; a 10-per-day regimen of the deer-antler pills that will “rebuild your brain via your small intestines” (and which Lewis said he hadn’t been taking, then swallowed four during the conversation); and spritzes of deer-antler velvet extract (the Ultimate Spray) every two hours.

Read More:

This should at least get the media heat off A-Rod.  Also Ray Lewis is an idiot.

WTF?  Are you telling me the Ultimate Spray I bought is bunk?

Guys, they are NOT getting out of ARod’s contract!

This.  There will be no escape.

Holy crap.  “Deer velvet extract”?  We should get into this business with, like, “powdered arboreal epidermis balm.”  Athletes will take anything.

[47] I’m telling you that it’s a proven success, as evidenced by the performance of professional athlete Ray Lewis.

Remember all those charity appearances A-Rod did after being caught the first time?  Speaking to kids and such?  Yeah.

[51] If he really is innocent - which seems unlikely but is certainly possible - then hey, still good for him.

We really need an, “in other news” post.  Like, “In other news, Yankees traded Melky (Mesa) + APW (Adam P Warren) for Yadir Molina.”

Any chance Alex tucks his tail between his legs and heads for the hills?  If he walks away, like Manny tried to at first, he can claim he was never disciplined by the game for PED use.

It wouldn’t be the first time it turned out A-Rod had a different agenda than everyone expected.  And even he must know he’s only going to suck from now on. 

I suppose I might accept getting ridiculed in the press and booed for on the field by a near capacity crowd 120 times a year for the next seven years for a hundred million dollars.

But I don’t know if I would endure it if I had 300 million in the bank already.

There will be no escape.

I agree, but I also think there are some pretty heavy incentives for the Yankees to *try* to escape anyway, which could lead to an ugly/interesting legal battle between the team and ARod.  Maybe nothing will come of it, maybe it results in a buyout, or maybe it will result in an effort to allow teams an escape hatch from contracts in the next CBA.

But if I were the Yankees and facing another hundred-plus million dollars owed to ARod, I would want to explore any and all legal avenues to severe ties with him.

[55] Severe = sever.

[54] No chance.  And I doubt ARod will suck from now on (relative to all other ML players), and I’m sure he doesn’t believe that.

[55] Sure there’s plenty of incentive to *try*.  But there’s also different levels of trying.  They’ll probably talk to ARod’s camp, and check in with MLB, their lawyers, etc to see if there’s any way out of it.  That’s trying, and if there’s a clause that gives them an out, or if ARod is open to a buyout that the union will back (and makes sense for Yankees), they’ll do it.  But I highly, HIGHLY doubt they’re going to let anything get ugly with it, unless they are at least 75% likely to win, AND win before the 2014 season starts. 

I don’t think there’s much to be gained from upsetting ARod (who is sensitive AND will be counted on to provide 600PA a year).  I think it will likely damage the brand if a player the Yankees took to court and badmouthed to get out of the contract is suiting up 120+ games a year.  And the Yankees - if they’re serious to get under $189MM - can’t afford to have him on the team and not play for them (or release him).  So it sounds great that they should try to do anything they can to get out of the contract.  But it isn’t really practical.

[55] Severe = sever.

Isn’t that why we have the edit function?

[58] I thought it was to try and pretend that we knew something before someone else posted it?

[59] Isn’t that why we have the edit function timeout disable?

On a more baseball-related note, I haven’t expected 600PA from Alex since maybe….2010

[57] I don’t think there’s much to be gained from upsetting ARod (who is sensitive AND will be counted on to provide 600PA a year).  I think it will likely damage the brand if a player the Yankees took to court and badmouthed to get out of the contract is suiting up 120+ games a year.

I don’t know, they could decide that ARod is already irredeemably bad for the brand, and that they don’t want him suiting up for the team ever again, and that they would want to do whatever they can to discredit him and recover as much of the contract as they can.  Not saying that’s necessarily the smart thing to do, but it seems like a possibility.

[58]  I remember there being an edit button, but I don’t see it anymore.  Sorry for the double post.

Edit:  Oh yeah, there’s the edit button.  Does it expire if I refresh or something?

The edit option disappears after 20 or 30 minutes or somesuch.

I bet the Yankees wish they had an edit option for A-Rod’s contract!  HEY-OH!

Knowing the Yankees, they’d probably give him the edit option.

[64] Pretty sure that was the opt-out. He made some pretty nice edits for himself then.

Arod is like Anakin Skywalker…he was the chosen one and went to the dark side…maybe he’ll throw Randy Levine down a chute and redeem himself.


If true, then I believe all of Alex’s career has been PED enhanced, from HS on.

As I believe that Barry Bonds began using PED’s shortly after he landed in San Fran as a member of the Giants.

[17] I would only point out that the media is VERY poorly positioned to call out potential cheaters until they have evidence. I’m a cycling blogger in my spare time so I’ve followed the Lance thing for years. We got to say things like “gee, everyone he beat has since been convicted of cheating. so…” But even there, you had to be careful. You just can’t afford to say anything until you have evidence, and the cheating is so private and the Omerta so strong that it’s hard to get evidence.

I would also add, not for Lance but others, that we generally frown on speculating about someone being doped. It’s a pretty bad thing to be wrong about, even for a less-lawyered-up athlete. Actually, it’s even worse to cast aspersions at the clean guys.

rlyw, always ahead of the curve

68. You are totally right, what cheeses me off about the Lance situation is that the guy was suing people for essentially telling the truth about him. And yet huge names in the journalism industry still backed him up. In effect, they strengthened Armstrong’s case against people who had done absolutely nothing wrong. So I was wrong to say that the Armstrong case is emblematic of steroid coverage, because innocent people actually incurred ruined reputations and legal fees. It’s actually the one that pisses me off the most, and I should have used the term ‘cautionary tale,’ instead.

[69] - They did the same think in 2009 correct?  Of course they are going to look, only because they would like to get out of it, but I don’t think it will go anywhere this time either.

[68]  But wouldn’t you be more likely right than not if you just assumed everyone was doping?  This is another one of those what’s-the-fuss stories.  They all did it, and it’s not like Armstrong used magic to win—he still beat all the other dopers.

This would be true, again, if doctors didn’t try one drug, then another if it doesn’t work as well as hoped - drugs affect people unequally. Some organisms are apparently more susceptible to the influence of a given drug. You cannot add 10 feet to every fly ball, or subtract ten seconds for every cycling mile, and continue to presume a level playing field. It’s far worse than that.

70: the worst is that the truth seekers get shunned, then the boot-lickers get even-more-exclusive access, and the gap between the two only grows. And then you get Rick Reilly saying “How could you have duped me, Lance?!?!” Pathetic.

72: that was true until about 2006. Then a little less true for a few years. Then even less true up to now. Cycling is unique because they’re much further down the road in terms of airing their dirty laundry, but as an endurance sport the doping was more pernicious than it is in a stick-ball sport. Do PEDs ruin baseball? Maybe, maybe not. They completely ruin endurance sports.

Pete—right. There is no telling who would have won in a non-doped world by looking at the doped results. In cycling the wild card is a “jour sans,” a day when your legs just quit on you. That never happened to Lance. This is just one wild card that gets played out in a legit version of cycling.

And with that, I am now that guy who goes to a baseball blog to talk about cycling.

That’s okay. It’s better than the “A-rod: may have doped, still was terrible last year” news cycle.

Oh whatever will be next in the cycling…cycle?

I thought Rick Reilly was a chode ever since like 15 years ago when his byline picture in the old weekly back page Sports Illustrated column prominently flossed his wedding ring week in and week out.  Old people think like this, which is no problem if you’re not riding high horses twice a month.  Even if it wasn’t a wedding ring it was still douchey.

[77] Impressive

[73] I started on the cycling comp a few weeks ago, so we can be pariahs together.

[78] “chode”, “floss his ring”; “Old people think”.  I’m having trouble fitting this in with “15 years ago”.

Given the topic, when I read “cycling”...let’s just say “Tour de France” wasn’t the first thing that came to mind.

Oklahoma Quarter Horse trainer suspended 20 years for 10 dermorphin aka frog venom positives.  A little creativity please Arod.

[73] It’s a lot easier to quantify the effects of doping in “pure” sports than “game” sports. While we can’t say that blood doping will make an endurance athlete 10% better. We can narrow it down to a pretty specific range for the majority of the population. Baseball involves so many different skills/talents that the impact of PEDs is much harder to measure.

[82] Is frog venom illegal for humans, or prohibited by MLB?  I smell market inefficiency!

Isn’t it…you know…venomous…

Thirty times more powerful then Morphine but less likely to produce tolerance or addiction.  Horse trainers are on the cutting edge.  Some trainers have been known to go all Brady Anderson with regularity.  Oscar Barrera was a miracle worker for years until he got caught.

[86]  How do you handicap that?  Or you just have to be around racing and know?

[82] How closely do the physiological responses of centaurs and horses match up?

87 you have to avoid betting against certain “move up” trainers, Richard Dutrow for one,  especially if the horse is new to the trainer’s barn. 

There’s very little chance the Yankees will be able to void Arod’s contract if if these allegations are proved.  Major league drug policy is designed to preempt the field.  I doubt very much that his contract, regardless of how it’s drafted, could be controlling.  Nor do I believe the Yankees could succeed in using legal arguments to pressure Arod into retirement, because his lawyers would advise him that the Yankees are blowing smoke.  I don’t think the union would stand idly by either.

[90] Can we have Ray Lewis impale him with his 14 point ground antlers? That would soothe me.

I think the more likely scenario is that he’s forced to retire at some point when he becomes physically unable to play baseball. Although, maybe he will rehab forever and ever and get paid for it.

Last time he had a steroid scandal and a hip surgery we won the World Series. Just sayin’.

Pete Abe says the guy who gave Manny his roids is Pedro Bosch; Anthony Bosch is his son.

[80] I’m 30 years old.  Now that I think about it, my SI subscription that I earned by selling fundraising almond chocolate bars for my middle school was closer to 20 years ago than 15.  Your point is well received, but please note that 2Pac talked about flossing in 1996.

93: A familial Garden Of Earthly Delights.

I’m talkin’ ‘bout George W. Smith, from city council. He ran in ‘93 in Oakland.  You probably didn’t hear about him.

Completely POOMA, but maybe the bonuses for the milestones could be voided?  The basis of those bonuses is the excitement that it creates, but now that’s lost.  In fact, just the opposite would occur if/when he breaks homerun records. 

If we’re punting 2014, I’m at least going to be really interested in watching Arod get booed EVERY at bat.

Naw for real though I’m so old I remember global cooling

If I were him, I would rehab as long as I can and keep collecting paychecks. Does he really want to go through 2006 all over again, except worse?

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