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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MLB: Yanks agree to one-year deal with Youkilis

Kevin Youkilis and the Yankees have agreed to a one-year, $12 million contract, pending a physical, according to a source.

Youkilis, who will turn 34 in March, was one of the top corner infielders available on the free-agent market. He will fill in at third base while Alex Rodriguez recovers from left hip surgery that he’s expected to undergo in January. Rodriguez is likely to be sidelined for four to six months after the operation.

Youkilis has obviously struggled with performance and health over the last two years, but he’s not far removed from being one of the better hitters in baseball.  Here are his CAIRO percentile forecasts as a Yankee.

80% 592 503 102 137 30 4 29 87 5 0 77 106 8 20 .271 .394 .520 .399 100 41
65% 523 445 86 115 24 3 23 72 4 1 64 99 8 16 .259 .371 .482 .374 79 26
Baseline 455 387 70 95 19 2 18 59 3 1 52 91 9 12 .246 .349 .444 .348 61 15
35% 410 348 60 81 15 1 15 50 2 1 43 86 9 9 .233 .327 .406 .323 47 6
20% 364 310 50 68 11 0 11 41 1 2 36 81 9 7 .221 .304 .368 .297 35 -1

BR: Linear weights batting runs
BRAR: BR above replacement level, adjusted for position
wOBA: Weighted on-base average

His BRAR are as a 3B, so assuming he sees time at 1B and DH he’d be a bit less valuable but if he can get more than those 455 baseline PAs he probably gets close to about 2 wins in value and may push the Yankees back to the top of the AL East.  He projects a bit below average as a 3B and a bit better than average as a 1B defensively and has generally been about average on the bases although he was about 3 runs worse than that in 2012.

We learned to root for Wade Boggs and we learned to root for Roger Clemens.  Hopefully Youkilis forces us to root for him too.

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The baseline .348 wOBA looks pretty good.  I think he’ll exceed his baseline projection.

It would be ironic if Swish signs with the townies now.

[1] It looks like its at least as good if not better than Rodriguez’s.

2) Is Rodriguez the guy who’s getting paid $30m this year to recover from his second hip injury?  That Rodriguez?

Here’s hoping Youk racks up lots of HBPs to meet that 80% projection.

oldest team ever?
Rivera 43
pettite 41
Jeter 39
Arod 38
kuroda 38
Ichiro 39

Does Youk bring DOWN the average age?

Kevin Youkilis is married to Tom Brady.

Who do you think would be the odd man out of the major league roster, assuming the Yankees carry 12 pitchers?


Phelps most likely, although I could see Rapada losing out to guy who was last year’s Rule 5 pick.

Phelps may be better off starting in AAA, but Eppley’s probably the guy they’d most be willing to lose if he’s out of options.  Although as far as I can tell he should still have at least one option year remaining.

If there’s one thing I can say in favor of Youkilis (and there isn’t, but if there were), it’s his demeanor at the plate.  By which I mean his incessant, ceaseless complaining.
One of us!

(a Freaks reference if ever there was one)

I always really liked Kevvy.  It’s a shame how 24 bad apples can sully the reputation of a good man and a great teammate.

He plays the game with passion, like my favorite Yankee Paul O’Neill.  In fact Youkilis is my new favorite Yankee.

I don’t hate it as much as I hated the Damon signing, but I don’t care about BOS that much anymore either.

I don’t hate it as much as I hated the Damon signing, but I don’t care about BOS that much anymore either.

Edit: sorry!

So this real and not just a hallucination from the percoset?

ACDF surgery went well today.  Now I’m stuck in a room with a guy that looks like Larry Bowa. His visitors said he gets crazy sometimes from painkillers. Could be Bowa, I guess.

[5] I think that the old guys could potentially make the team kind of fun to root for.  A bunch of old dudes held together with tape and glue, playing on one-year deals to make one last run at the championship?  Expectations won’t be super high.  For the first time in years, the team will not have the highest payroll in baseball.  Could be interesting.

I didn’t hate Boggs; I didn’t root for Clemens.  If TSBG gets hurt again I’ll see y’all in 2014.

I didn’t hate Boggs; I didn’t root for Clemens.

This is about right.

12 million for a guy who’s gonna hit less than .800 OPS, field a poor 3rd base and get ABs as a DH and 1B is a lot. Meanwhile you could have had Martin at 16 million for 2 years for a guy with .720 OPS and great defense at catcher. How is this a smart tradeoff in terms of money?

They seem to care too much on giving 2 year deals, but if they sign good players to 2 year deals they could trade those players at least for salarie relief. Martin at 8 million per season is a bargain, good catching is really hard to find.

What an offseason!

Now I think they should trade for Soriano. He is a good fielder, hits both RHP and LHP and could be had at a very reasonable price. There are no good options out there at least no one year deal options.

I really think that if the Yankees trade for Soriano, they could trade Granderson if they can find a good return, even if they have prospects back.

Soriano had a better year than Granderson at the plate and is an average defender at LF. He is a downgrade for this year, I know. But they could save 7-10 million and add another one year deal, obviously (Berkmann) and they could have some prospects in return.

Of course this won’t happen and the Yankees will sign Derek Lowe and Pedro Martinez to one year deals

Dear PTB, when I reload from a comment thread lately I usually get shunted to some cached copy of the blog by the server.  This doesn’t seem to happen loading, fwiw.

[18] Kind of like Space Cowboys?

[26] More like The Expendables 1, 2. Oh wait, those sucked…

I notice the site going offline completely or to the week-old cache consistently around 8:30pm pacific. Sounds like somebody’s database backup runs then.

Well this is surreal. I get the part about “Jewish guy moves to the City.” Living in the west, when people reference NY they’re usually calling you a Jew. After that… just surreal. We’re talking about Tom Brady’s brother in law! Wait, Brady has a pad in NY. I give up.

Oh, and has Cashman kicked the tires on Kevin Millar yet?

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