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Monday, November 19, 2012

MLB Daily Dish: Yankees rumors: New York in conversations with Scott Hairston

Free agent outfielder Scott Hairston is drawing interest from both New York clubs, with the Yankees holding ongoing discussions with the veteran, reports Dan Martin of the NY Post:

[The Mets] remain interested in Scott Hairston, but will get competition for the outfielder from the Yankees.

The Yankees continue to have conversations with Hairston, who is coming off arguably his most productive offensive season.

The 32-year-old Hairston hit .263/.299/.504 and blasted a career-high twenty home runs in one hundred thirty-four games for the Mets this past season. The righty slugger has always struggled with his on-base numbers but his .276/.325/.500 career line versus left-handed pitchers could make him a solid platoon option for any club.

I’ve touted Hairston a couple of times and I still think he makes a lot of sense on a one year deal, but I’m not sure he’ll have to settle for that.  CAIRO says Hairston would be in the neighborhood of .253/.311/.468 with an overall wOBA of .335 as a Yankee, with an estimated platoon split of a .352 wOBA vs. LHP and a .325 wOBA vs. RHP.

In other outfield rumors, NY Post: Play it again, Raul replay.

Ibanez hopes the fun will continue. The 40-year-old, a free agent, said he intends to keep playing and his first choice is to re-sign with the Yankees. “If I get an opportunity to play for the Yankees again,” he said, “it would be fantastic.”

At this point I’m not sure Ibanez is any better than Chris Dickerson when you factor in all the stuff that the BBWAA ignored when they voted for AL MVP.  You know, stuff like defense and base running.  CAIRO projects Ibanez at around .256/.320/.454 with an overall wOBA of .334 (.315 vs. LHP and .349 vs. RHP) which would be worth about 80 runs over 650 PA.  It projects Dickerson at .256/.349/.401 with an overall wOBA of .334 (.316 vs. LHP and .347 vs. RHP) which would be worth… 80 runs over 650 PA.

I suppose it’s possible that there’s room for both AND Hairston, although that makes it harder to fit two backup infielders on the bench and the Yankees probably need two backup infielders given the age of the left side of the infield. 

If the Yankees can get a .348 wOBA out of RF by platooning Dickerson and Hairston they’d only lose about 8 runs compared to Nick Swisher’s projection for 2013.  That seems like a pretty good stopgap to me while they see if any of their minor league outfielders makes a case for getting into the 2014 lineup.

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What about and Ibanez/Nunez platoon at DH with Nunez acting as a BUI along with Chavez? I wouldn’t really be excited about Ichiro/Hariston RF and Nunez/Ibanez DH but if you are going to go cheap…

It depends on how much better Nunez is than his projection.  CAIRO doesn’t care for him although I think he’s better than projected (.264/.315/.369, .305 wOBA, .307 vs. LHP and .304 vs. RHP).

I think they want David Adams on the bench in 2013 and may not bring back Chavez or Nix.  There’s a non-zero chance they don’t re-sign Cano and they need an idea of whether or not Adams can fill that massive chasm.

My guess, they’ll sign Russell Martin and one of Ibanez/Ichiro and maybe Hairston.  They probably aren’t even considering a role for Dickerson, which I think is unfair but whatever.

The Hairstons and Molinas should get together and procreate somehow.  Baseball genetic engineering…

I’d roll the dice with Dickerson and Hairston. Use the money that it takes to get Ibanez/Ichiro and pay a bit more to get Hairston- if that is what it takes. A capable righty hitter that can play well in the OF is a pressing need to balance Gardy and Grandy. It’s not out of the question that Dickerson is a late bloomer. At his age given a chance he may just take over the discussion. At worst I think he’s up to hitting righties and doing a good job as a platoon.  I saw him hit a long homer in Minnesota and I know he has power potential and some very good tools.

I’d like to see Swisher come back. The market seems to be signalling that he is not going to get the huge contract he was looking for and might end up betting one that actually underpays him a bit. If that actually happens, the Yankees should be in on him.

Swisher’s not coming back.  The Yankees won’t offer him more than one year.  And frankly after his postseasons I’m done with him.  Yeah, yeah it’s not predictive.

and pay a bit more to get Hairston- if that is what it takes

I think the main issue is years, not $$‘s.  If Hairston can legitmately get 3/18 - which he may be able to - the Yankees aren’t going to top that for a single year.  They’d need to do at least something like 1/14, which is ridiculous.  Now, if his best offer is 2/10, sure they could do 1/8 and that may be enough.

[6] IDK if Swisher’s contract comes down to 3/30 would they offer him more than a year?  I think so.  And if anyone argues his postseason performance should keep them from doing so, well…

I only care about Swisher’s wife.

Sign a Hairston to break the Hairston curse??

I’m with SG on [6].  Mike K., I don’t think there’s any way Swisher’s next deal is close to 3/30.

Does Ichiro make more sense than Ibanez?  Or how about Ichiro, Ibanez, AND Hairston?

Also, Jason Bay?

Sign a Hairston to break the Hairston curse??

It’s a double-barrel curse so they have to sign a Hinske too.  Seriously, 1110 days and counting.

Does Ichiro make more sense than Ibanez? 

They’re probably similar in value, but Ibanez is probably the better offensive player right now.  I don’t know that Ichiro’s defense/base running at this point is any better than Dickerson’s so I don’t know if it makes sense to pursue Ichiro if he’s not an upgrade.

Where is George with his spendthrift ways when you need him?  Dead, that’s where he is.

I increasingly detest this austerity regime.  Extend all the tax cuts and disregard the salary caps.

[6] No, I was giving an example of a multi-year contract the Yankees would certainly sign him for.  Basically, 3/30 they’ll sign him for.  5/75 they won’t.  There’s some point in the middle that would work for both parties as well.  I don’t know what that point is.

I *do* however think it is possible that Swisher comes in much cheaper than expected.  There seems to be that one or two players a year who end up being overlooked and sign for much less.  Like, I could see Swisher being left out in the cold as other OF sign either explicitly b/c they’re thought of as cheaper, or do one or two things exceptionally to stand out compared to Swisher who does everything (except baserunning) well, but nothing exceptional.  And a team losing a draft pick for signing him may hurt as well.

[6] Ditto.  Not to mention the whining in the press after hearing a couple boos for the first time in his Yankee career.  I just don’t care for millionaires who whine in the face of adversity/criticism.  Whether or not being extremely sensitive has anything to do with his failures in the playoffs, I don’t know… but I’d wager it doesn’t help.

Fuck Nick Swisher for giving sensitive people a bad name.

I’d like sensitive people more if they weren’t so sensitive.

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