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Friday, November 9, 2012

MLB Daily Dish: Bourn, Upton, Soriano, Swisher to reject qualifying offers

Of the eight players that still have qualifying offers on the table, outfielders Michael Bourn, B.J. Upton and Nick Swisher, as well as reliever Rafael Soriano, are expected to decline their offers and take their chances on receiving multi-year offers on the open market, according to various sources.

I was worried that Soriano would accept but was reasonably certain Swisher would not.  We’ll know later today if Hiroki Kuroda accepts his, which I’m hoping for.  So the Yankees get two compensation picks, which they’ll surely use on players that will end up not doing anything.

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Kuroda’s decision is going to be difference maker for the Yankees’ offseason. He is the only 3-4 WAR player that the Yankees could add given their payroll restrictions and lack of blue chips to get a good player via trade.

Yeah, Kuroda alone probably makes them an 84 win team.  Martin makes them an 86 win team.  Pettitte makes them an 88 win team.  Then they just need to figure out RF and they should project as at worst the second best team in the AL East.

Oh, add a win and half or so for Mo as well.

I don’t know about Kuroda.  He really liked LA and his family never moved to NY, I don’t think.  The dodgers know they screwed up by not re-signing him and they’re not going to make that mistake again.  He took a 1-year deal when the Dodgers couldn’t offer him last season.  I’d be surprised if the Yankees re-signed him.

Edited to add that the owenrship group is different this off-season and they’ve shown that they’re not afraid of spending money on the team - unlike McCourt who would rather spend it on his family.

I’m not surprised that Soriano didn’t sign. It’s pretty rare for players to take larger 1 year payday rather than sign for lower AAV over a longer period.

I don’t know about Kuroda.

Yeah, the longer it goes with Kuroda the more I think he’s gone.

If the Yankees lose Kuroda to an MLB team then they should decide to rebuild with the 3 draft picks they have.

So the Yankees get two compensation picks, which they’ll surely use on players that will end up not doing anything.

Hughes was a compensation pick, as was Joba (who was actually a supplemental).  Bichette was as well, too soon to say if he’s a bust.  Yankees may actually do better with picks they receive as compensation than they do with their own…

[7] Well technically they’ll have 4 picks.  The only player that received a qualifying offer that I think they’ll be in on at all is BJ Upton - Ortiz signed, they aren’t going to be in on Hamilton, LaRoche, Bourn, or Lohse. I think that’s everyone.  So…why would it change their decision to rebuild?  Those 4 picks aren’t going to start giving results until 2015 AT THE EARLIEST, and that’s if the extra $$‘s they get allow them to get a player like Trout at the end of the first round.  2016-2018 is more likely.  I think you’re overreacting…

  So the Yankees get two compensation picks, which they’ll surely use on players that will end up not doing anything.

They’ll get injured, that’s doing something. cool smirk

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