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Friday, February 17, 2012

@MLB: BREAKING: Yanks, Bucs agree to Burnett deal

BREAKING: Yanks, Bucs agree to Burnett deal, source tells @MLBNetwork insider @Ken_Rosenthal. Trade needs MLB approval due to $ involved.

Looks like a done deal.

More details as they become available.

@Ken Rosenthal: Deal needs #MLB approval. #Yankees will pay $20M of $33M left on Burnett’s contract, receive two low-level minor leaguers from #Pirates.

@Ken Rosenthal: Source: #Yankees, #Pirates in agreement on Burnett. Were working through one final detail today. Burnett will take physical Sunday. #MLB

Update:  According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Yankees will be receiving Diego Moreno (25 Yr Old RHP) and Exicardo Cayones (20 Yr Old OF).  I know nothing of their prospectness, but their names are awesome.

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I wonder how much in revenue sharing the Pirates get from the Yankees?  Enough to cover $6.5M a year?

Does Rotisserie Baseball account for league, divisional and park differences?  Would this years Pirate’s Cy Young winner be a good purchase?

Yankees getting another BP arm from the AJ deal.

“Hello, my name is Diego Moreno. You killed my slider. Prepare to die.”

It’s something unpredictable. But in the end it’s right. I hope you had the time of your life.

We’re getting Diego Moreno?

He’s listed on on the list of “right handed pitchers: other prospects”.

He’s a 25 year old Venezuelan who pitched in A+ and AA last year.

I echo snuggles, good luck to AJ.

[3] - Nice.

I hope AJ has fun storming the castle.  And that is career isn’t all dead, just mostly dead.

13 million is pretty good.  The numbers being bandied were 10 and 13, so I assumed they’d split the difference.

[5] From the same site, here’s Cayones.

Downside is he’s got to be on 40-man after this year to be protected from Rule V.  Probably not *too* big a deal with a player that far away from the majors, but…

Seems the Yankees got some bullpen depth - Moreno’s got a wicked K:BB ratio - for the high minors, with some potential to be a late bloomer.  And they also got an OF who may grow into some power to go along with a good eye and decent contact skills, and is still very young.  That and saving $6.5M a year, AND reducing some of the logjam in the rotation?  Cashman for president?  He’s already got the sex-scandal out of the way…

Apparently Cayones is a young COFer who put up a .252 OPS in the NYPL last year and Moreno is a RP who struck out over 9/IP in 9th grade gym class as a 24 year old.

Cayones had maybe 11 ABs in the NYPL so sd is ignoring sample size for the purpose of irony and derision, worthy aims, in my estimation.

The Yankees could have gotten back a plague of frogs and it would have been a decent trade. Partially because frogs are delicious.

[12] - 11 games.  37 PA… but yeah, the rest was pretty much accurate.  I was accused of not complaining enough earlier today so I couldn’t say what I really thought.  I had to defend my honor.

That Cashman has got some Cayones.

1 HR in 558 career PA? Woof

What about the pie?

Too bad Cayones isn’t a pitcher.  I so wanted to call him Exicardo “Early Exit” Cayones.

Take an exicardiogram of Cashman’s cayones.

Interesting tidbit on Rita Moreno in RAB that attracted Mel Hall’s attention:

“The Pirates suspended him in 2010 after he got caught kissing a fan in the bullpen, believe it or not.”

John Sterling is already preparing his “There’s no pardon coming for that pitch. An EXECUTION ... from EXICARDO” HR call.

[20] That’s nothing. Mickey Mantle once…well, you know.

[22]  Once?

[23] That has been documented. Plus, there are rumors that Robertson’s fan base can be…enthusiastic.

How big is Coyones?  I’d like to be able to talk about the Yankees huge Coyones.

According to BR…

Height: 6’ 0”, Weight: 183 lb

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