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Saturday, November 25, 2017

MLB: Arizona Fall League 2017: Top 25 prospects

8. Estevan Florial, OF, Scottsdale (Yankees): The second-youngest regular (age 19) in the Fall League behind Acuna, Florial similarly can impact the game in a multitude of ways. He’s still raw and gets overly aggressive, but he has well above-average raw power and arm strength to go with plus speed.

9. Justus Sheffield, LHP, Scottsdale (Yankees): Some scouts preferred him to Keller among AFL pitchers. He’s left-handed, owned the league’s best slider and one of its best changeups, and his 92-96 mph fastball ain’t bad either. He led Fall League starters with a 0.84 WHIP.

10. Albert Abreu, RHP, Scottsdale (Yankees):Then again, there are some evaluators who will argue that Sheffield wasn’t even the best Yankees mound prospect in Arizona. At his best, Abreu can demonstrate command of three quality pitches in a 92-98 mph fastball, hard curveball and fading changeup.

15. Thairo Estrada, SS, Scottsdale (Yankees): Though he gets overshadowed in a deep Yankees system, he has the range and arm to play anywhere in the infield and the bat and speed to be useful offensively.

23. Cody Carroll, RHP, Scottsdale (Yankees): Like Munoz a potential closer, Carroll topped the Fall League with four saves while working with a 96-98 mph fastball and often-plus slider. Righties went 0-for-19 and the league as a whole batted .056/.122/.083 against him.

Five of the top 25? That works for me.

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Can they trade for Stanton without including Florial, Sheffield, or Abreu?

Can they? Yes.

BA had Abreu, Shef 4,5 and Florial 8 with Thairo HM.

[3] I think BAs list was a combination of prospect quality and performance in the fall league.

This is more just pure prospect rating (I think).

Hopefully these youngsters can break in to the Show and eventually send gate and broadcast revenues to an all time high!

The Stanton stuff is so strange. I figure that they’ll end up getting real prospects and eating a little money, but I really don’t know.

Man, Abreu was a good get for McCann. Those lower profile prospect acquisitions can really pay off.

I feel like a Stanton trade is virtually impossible.  Who’s going to be dumb enough to eat a lot of money AND send prospects for a guy who will either opt out or be an albatross?

Was Thanksgiving weekend always this boring baseball wise?

[9] Basically. Usually not much happens aside from 40-man trades until the Winter Meetings. Those are generally early/mid December.

Last year a bunch of shit happened before Thanksgiving including the McCann trade.

ESPN “Balelo’s memo asks for a team to evaluate Ohtani’s talent as a pitcher and as a hitter; to explain its player development, medical training and player performance philosophies and facilities; to describe its minor league and spring training facilities; to detail resources for Ohtani’s cultural assimilation into the team’s city; to demonstrate a vision for how Ohtani could integrate into the team’s organization; and to tell Ohtani why the team is a desirable place to play.

Each team was asked to provide its answers in both languages as soon as possible. Clubs were told not to include any financial terms of a possible contract.”

Now is the time for the Yankees to hire a manager who speaks Japanese.

[13] And to conveniently forget to address their crack medical staff. Or at the very least, describe it as “letting the players diagnose all treatment for themselves.”

[11] Before Thanksgiving, sure - especially during the GM meetings. But it generally seems that stuff is pretty slow between the GM meetings and the Winter Meetings.

[14] The Mets Experience.

[14] Verily.

Just tell Ohtani he can choose the manager. What other team can offer that?

12 Little known fact when Rogers Hornsby left the Cards he did the same thing tho without the internet it was a much slower process.

Posting from WTC, and yes, I’m invited here on business

(12)  I feel like the Yankees compare favorably on most of these.  The LA teams, SF teams, and Seattle would be the obvious other contenders.

[12] We are the New York Yankees. ‘Nuff said.

The actually plan for using him is anything but straightforward. Teams will have to discuss the problems and limitations of letting him both pitch and hit. They can’t obviously lie about how they intend to use him just to get him to sign. Some teams may figure that he wants to pitch every six days and commit to that. It’s a smart ask. Once he gets all those reports, he’s going to be the smartest guy in the room about what he probably can and can’t do.

[18] Works for me. He couldn’t pick a worse option than Aaron Boone.

[23] Here is how to describe the plan - “Do you want to pitch every six days and DH the rest? Then that is the plan. Do you want to pitch every five days and DH the rest? Then that is the plan. Do you want to pitch every seven days, ride a human Ellsbury dressed up as a magical dragon out to the mound before every inning, DH on most off days but decide when you need a full off day? Then that is the plan.”

[24] I laughed out loud. But seriously, If I’m Ohtani, and a team tells me some version of, “Hey man, whatever you want,” I think, “They haven’t thought this through. They’re not going to be intelligent partners in this experiment.”

[25] Right, so they will have to figure out if Ohtani is a horse, or a tiger

MLBTR re twinkies “The executive specifically pointed to Darvish as “a priority,” and he used the same word to describe soon-to-be free agent Shohei Ohtani.”

The two-fer thing makes no sense to me given the time frame, unless you know that Ohtani will ONLY sign with the team that has Darvish.  Otherwise you have to rush to overpay Darvish because Ohtani has a limitted negotiation window, not necessarily about money, but about how he’s gonna get used.  So basically the team has to sign Darvish like next week, so they have blow away the market, then hope Ohtani really meant it and that he buys into your promises.

Stanton and Ohtani are making this offseason weird.

[28] It would be hilarious if someone rushed to signed Yu, locked him into an albatross of a contract then Ohtani signs with a different team.

I just looked at the HOF ballot.  Boy is that thing a mess.  The HOF lost legitimacy in my eyes long ago, but I guess I still kinda care about who gets in.  By my count, there are 16 sure-fire HOFers on this year’s ballot, not to mention guys who fell off already (Lofton, Kenny).  What are they going to do?  Expand the ballot?  Have a special committee?  I guess I’ll go back to trying not to care about it now.

The bullshit thing is that they recently TRIED to fix shit by removing the dead weight from the voting group, but then they changed their minds and decided to say, “Nope, don’t vote any suspected steroid users in” by having Joe Morgan write a letter under their name.

[30] The fact that, last I checked, Vizquel is at 100% while Edgar, Rolen, Chipper, Thome, etc are not is a joke. The HOF voting process is a literal joke.

Vizquel definitely didn’t juice, hence he’s the best!

“With $3.535 million in international pool money, the Rangers have the most to offer Ohtani in a signing bonus. The Yankees are second with $3.5 million and some believe Ohtani can make up the difference with endorsements in the New York market.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa - they think that Ohtani might be able to make up $35,000 by doing endorsements he would get by being on the Yankees instead of the Rangers? No way!

What shitty writing.

I figured a NY company would have publicly stated they would hire him for promotions if he chose NY by now in order to grab some headlines.

Man, 1/4MM plus a team option for another year for Doug Fister seems like a great deal for the Rangers.  I feel like he has a decent chance of outpitching Sabathia next year. 

Good thing the players sold out the youngsters so the veterans could land these massive paydays.  Dicks.

Hey, that WB Mason money isn’t flowing like it used to.

Willie Smith 1964 Halos 373 PAs OPS+ 125 31.2 IP ERA+ 118 mostly relief mostly a hitter thereafter.  I did not know that.



I just want an Ohtani for xmas.

Wow. is the baseball website equivalent of the blustering sports talk radio overnight guy who just keeps talking because he needs to fill time.

Consider the source Jim Duquette.

Not having a manager and having a GM working without a contract is weird at this point.

I love headlines that are based on “an idea Jim Duquette had.”


[46] No shit.  It’s only slightly better than seriously discussing something they hear Bob from Staten Island say on the Fan.

[47] Seattle has long been a rumored destination, but I’m not sure that they want to pay much of anything for NY’s mistake.  I can see Seattle easily asking NY to pay half of Ell’s remaining salary.

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