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Thursday, January 4, 2018 Year of the Hitter: List of sluggers ready to rise

When Bird first came up as a Major Leaguer in late 2015, he looked like he could become a cornerstone at first base for the Yankees. Then injuries derailed him—in 2017, it was his ankle, and for a while his season looked to be in jeopardy. But he finally returned to the lineup in August, and he reminded fans exactly why he’d looked so promising.

Greg Bird gets included in the list of players who are poised to have better seasons in 2018 according to StatCast metrics.  Bird is going to be a key player in a lineup that’s become very right-handed of late.

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2018 Bird: Breakout or Breakdown ? Discuss.

Also, Choi bats lefty, which is why he could see a fair amount of playing time off the bench.

If he signs, I mean.

I don’t really worry about the handedness.  You still have Gardner, Gregorius,  Ellsbury, and Hicks who bat lefty or switch.  And Judge and Sanchez have reverse splits so far.

I feel the possibility of major regression from Judge to be underrated by pretty much everyone. He had one good year. He could still be a bust. Not likely, but certainly non-zero.

He didn’t have a good year. He had a historic year. That make some sorr of correction likely.

OTOH, he did something right to be able to do that, so that’s a sign he could continue to mature.

From previous thread Gleyber did play in AAA 23 games OPS 863 and his last 14 games before injury OPS 1010 plus he killed it in AZFL.


It would be a pretty big ask for Judge to repeat or better last year…unless he’s Mike Trout Jr.

I mean, obviously you have to expect less from Judge next year. The question is how much of a correction we see.  I feel like 80% of last year would be good.  More, excellent.  Sustaining or improving = amazing. 

Bird… If he can stay healthy I firmly believe he’ll hit.  Like .265/.345/.485.  Something like that.  Maybe better.

How long have we been waiting to have an off-season discussion about which high-end young player will ultimately be better?  It certainly beats talking about whether or not Raul Ibanez or some other aging “big hairy monster” can squeeze out another relatively decent season.

[11]  Not since the raging debate about Rob Refsnyder and…that other guy…

Don’t forget that Sancho missed a fair amount of time, too. A healthy (and non-suspended) Sancho probably contributes another 15-20 RBI.

Too, every day he plays, is also a day without Romine in the lineup, so there’s addition by subtraction going on, too.

We need a backup C who can hit at least a little.

[7] I never said he didn’t play in AAA.  I said he hasn’t seen AAA.  There’s a distinction there.

I’d like to be surprised by a solid random move I don’t see coming. But honestly, when you look at that 3B market, Moustakas hasn’t even signed… when he does sign, who offers Frazier a multi-year deal? The Angels already signed Cozart (spell-checks to Mozart) the Giants traded for Longoria, the Mets are committing fraud on their fans… the Braves probably want to have a chance at getting Donaldson or Machado. Who is really jumping in there to prevent the Yankees from signing Frazier at like 1/17? Its just going to take a really boring while to play out.

[14]  Yeah, I assumed you were referring Alex A. Anthopoulos, GM of Atlanta, because Gleyber just tweeted “You know someone I’ve never seen?  The GM of the Braves.”

Do they even have $17 million available under the HalCap? What’s the current, accurate number, taking all of the figures into consideration?

17. I don’t know, but I’m sure they could make it work if it was a close shave. But a big *no* from me on dealing Dellin. He still had insane strikeout numbers last season and can still be a monster if they work out his fastball command problems. Dealing Warren is a simple solution for wiggling under the cap. Warren is redundant on the Yankees but would have a lot of value for a team like the Cardinals, who lost Rosenthal to TJ, and will probably lose Oh to free agency.

Seems to me Gleyber is a near can’t miss prospect who could posssibly be acceptable to very good in the short term whereas concerning Andujar the jury is out.  Gleyber will be a top 3 prospect in most previews, will Andujar even crack the top 25?

I cannot imagine Betances’s trade value being much lower.

[17] I think they were in the $180 to $183M area.  Getting $17M in there is going to be tight.

Trade CC. They didn’t give him NTC this time, did they ?

They did, but he has 10 and 5 rights anyhow.

My heart says no, but my brain keeps saying that Gardner is the one to trade.  He has good value, so that he could bring a real return.  His salary saving would be significant, and Ellsbury would be almost as good as a replacement.

[21] Thanks! I think that their plan is to hope Frazier would accept 1 year/$12 million. Of course, it all depends on what they do with the starting pitcher first.

Getting Cole and Harrison would cost $17.5 million.

[21]  Plus there are bonuses to factor in, and guys who will get called up and start to make more money (even at the minimum) that will strain the seams.

At some point Gleyber just has to play.  And that might mean a .700 OPS and some errors and a learning curve.  Not all prospects work like Judge and Sanchez (I’m discounting Judge’s cup of coffee).

[27] Sure. But it’s also reasonable for a team to think that a guy who missed 1/2 a season after only a few weeks of AAA might need a bit more time in the MiL.

That being said, I think Torres is a favorite to win a spot out of ST.

I’m not worried about relying on Torres. I’m worried about relying on Torres AND Andujar. Either one would be fine, but not both at the same time when this team is trying to be a real contender. All they need to do is add Todd Frazier and this team is looking at a 96 win projection, which is crazy good.

[28]  Sure, I was just weighing in on the more general discussion about whether the 2018 team would be better or not.  And it might not be.

I think Andujar is as likely to be a flop as a ROY candidate, I’m much more comfortably relying on Gleyber.  Even if Gleyber takes a while to adjust offensively, and he was destroying AAA after his first 10 games, his defense figures to be solid.  Also he OPSed 1158 at the age of 19 in the AzFL, by comparison Eric Fila OPSed 1088 at the of 25 to lead this AzFL this year.

Torres is more likely to be a good player than Andujar, but I wouldn’t mind dealing with a little bit of risk period at one position. It’s dealing with risk at both positions which is annoying.

IMO I think Torres is much more likely to be a good player than Andujar and MUCH less likely to be a flop. What did Andujar ever do before 2017? I’m quite comfortable with Gleyber taking over 2B within a month if not right out of ST while I’d rather wait and see on Andujar.

Can Todd Frazier also play 2B? He only has two games in the bigs there. Would be nice if whomever they add could cover either 2B or 3B, so if Torres struggles but Andujar is killing it at 3B or Wade/Torreyes are doing fine at 2B, they have someone who can cover either position.

Harrison makes a ton of sense for that reason, he can cover 2B/3B, even the OF or SS if need be. Wonder what the Pirates would want just for him?

Probably a goodly amount, since he’s signed for a couple of years for “just” $10 million a year.

Re: risk at multiple positions, theres also 1B (can Bird stay healthy?) and CF (was Hicks’ half season of goodness real?).  Granted, Gardner can backup CF.

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