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Friday, February 8, 2013 Pineda making strides at Yanks’ training complex

NEW YORK—Yankees right-hander Michael Pineda is set to reach a major checkpoint in his recovery from right shoulder surgery, graduating to tossing from a half mound on Tuesday at the club’s complex in Tampa, Fla.

The 24-year-old Pineda missed all of the 2012 season due to injury after being acquired from the Mariners in January.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said that the organization is hopeful that the right-hander will be an option at the big league level by June or July.

The flat ground squad appears to be a bit thin if Pineda’s not going to be a part of it.

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I have a feeling the flat ground situation will take care of itself. Worst case scenario they convert A-rod to a pitcher.

Banuelos has good potential to be a #3, maybe borderline #2, on the flat ground staff, but he’s going to have some growing pains.  Campos has #1 flat ground potential, but he probably needs to refine his elbow injury slightly to reach it.

[0] Ah trying to confuse me…I thought he had been throwing from a half-mound for a while now, and this article is about 2 weeks old…

Not that it really moves the needle much on him being back, but the good news is he’s been throwing off the half-mound for a couple of weeks and hasn’t hurt himself…

Yeah, I didn’t feel like linking to a Twitter so I googled the closest thing that I could find.  Didn’t realize it was that old.

[2] Campos has finished his rehab. Does that mean he will be joining or leaving the flat ground crew?

[6] I think he left the flat ground team a while ago, but they decided to delay announcing it soas to not lower his value.  Acquiring flat ground All Stars is the new market inefficiency.

From NYT article about Schilling turning down drugs.  In another investigation there is this quote “one of the guards says he swapped advice about steroids with David Ortiz’s close friend and personal assistant.”  Circumstantial and hearsay but considering his positive…—mlb.html

So if you already have the rookie card this is the item you need.

In more important news, what’s the Jeter autograph story?  Saw the headline in the NYT but didn’t read it because firewall.

It is just a bit about the elaborate measures people go to to get Jeter’s autograph.

He usually signs ten or so then leaves

CC looks like he lost about a human being’s worth of weight.

Only Curt Schilling could get himself in the press about how he turned down steroids. I’m surprised he didn’t turn them down on national TV, Decision-style. Or at least hold a press conference to re-enact the turning down.

[15] He’s developing a video game about it.

[16] He’s looking to start a new studio to go bankrupt and be sued by the state it took money from.

[15] Ha!  SSF brings it.

[15] I thought they injected steroids into his ankle in the infamous “bloody sock” game? Seems obvious to anyone with a brain.  I mean when you are injured and you get an injection of some chemical that ends in “one” or “ol”, you are taking steroids.  Fact.

[19] Esmolol.  Ha!

What, no one has a follow-up to an esmolol joke???

I’ve got Pineda penciled in: 15-5, 3.10 ERA, for the Half-Mound Blues in 2013.

Huh, Corban Joseph is white.  I had the idea he was from Venezuela or something.

[21] My internet is down, so I couldn’t look it up.

20/21 am I missing some pop culture reference?

Esmolol is supposed to be a counter-example to [19]. It’s a fast acting beta-blocker, apparently.

Townie prospect and future 1st ballot HOFer Bryce Brentz accidentally shot himself in the leg last month.  Hey Bryce this aint football.

[27] There are no accidental discharges, only negligent discharges.  Where the Hall is Mel anyway?

28 “accidental discharge,” now there’s more then a few jokes in waiting.

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