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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Michael Pineda’s Hit Locations

I found this really cool site while trying to find batted ball locations off Michael Pineda to see how many of his flyball outs in Safeco would have been HRs in DNYS.  The site lets you look at any player and superimpose their hit locations from one stadium to a different one.  I have to say, the answer surprised me.

Red dots are outs, blue dots are hits.

If dimensions were the only factor, the answer would be none.  But they’re not the only factor.  Weather and altitude can also affect how a park plays.

The fear that Pineda is a fly ball pitcher who’ll get bombed in DNYS is overblown in my opinion.  He may give up a couple of homers he wouldn’t have given up to RF, but having Brett Gardner behind him with a deeper than normal LF probably helps him.

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This map reminds me of early 2010 Hughes when he was using the cutter and fastball to jam everyone up. Tons of weak contact. I miss that. I’m also really excited for Pineda.

Also, with wikipedia and reddit down, I have nothing to do at work.

As the official website of the New York Yankees are you taking a position on SOPA/PIPA?

[3] Well the Yankees could get the site taken down for unauthorized use of the interlocking NY under SOPA/PIPA, so that’s fun.

[4] The Yankees could do that without new legislation, though they’d more likely just send a letter telling SG to stop using the logo.  SHHH!  Nobody tell!

I feel fairly sure that at least some people in the organization read this blog though.  Probably some lower-level people in the saber office, whatever the Yanks call it.

Given that it’s being used not for someone else, but to represent the team, and even to promote it, there’s no possible reason for them to object.
So expect a nasty and threatening letter from Levine tomorrow.

[6]  Sure, but there is the whole “losing control of a trademark” issue—which is why Disney sues day care centers in poor African countries for calling themselves Mickey Mouse School, and why aspirin is now a generic term. 

I’m not saying that suing the RLYW would be a good use of resources for the Yankees—I think the team really does derive benefit from the site in terms of increased fandom, free analysis, and of course Pin buys the commemorative coins.

[5] Cash reads NoMaas, and RAB is YES sponsored. I’d be pretty shocked if the Yankees (in some capacity) weren’t aware of this blog, especially given the amount of valuable analysis and content that SG provides.

[6] Now they can only ask SG to take it down, but under SOPA and PIPA they could request that SG’s hosting company and take down his DNS entry and google remove the site from their registries as well.

If dimensions were the only factor, the answer would be none.

I’m confused - don’t the blue dots past the fence line show they would have been HRs?

EDIT: Derp, nevermind.  The blue dots are hits, not outs.  Would the majority of those be HRs regardless of park is probably the next question.

Probably some lower-level people in the saber office, whatever the Yanks call it.

Yep. Me, Mel, and Pedro.

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