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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lohud: Rodriguez’s left hip surgery complete

Rodriguez is expected to be discharged tomorrow. He’ll then begin a supervised rehabilitation program, which Dr. Kelly has explained as including five steps.

1. Healing phase: Lasts about six weeks. Only range of motion exercises.
2. Early strengthening phase: Could take another six weeks or so for tissue to fully heal, and during that time they’ll be protective.
3. Strengthening phase: Roughly three months after the surgery, Rodriguez can begin strengthening in an “aggressive fashion.”
4. Endurance phase: After Rodriguez builds enough strength to do regular workouts, he’ll then be able to train for athletic strength and endurance.
5. Coordination phase: This is the last part of Rodriguez’s rehab, which Dr. Kelly described as “the functional return to sport.”

It looks like the Yankees may be able to pencil in a .700 OPS at third base after the All Star Break.

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A-rod is going to be a full time DH. The combination of ambivalence and loathing we feel towards Youkilis is going to turn him into a monster; he seems like he likes that sort of thing.

Totally O/T, but anyone following the Manti Te’o saga?

[2] Is this what happened to the Romans?




I assume you’re serious?  ‘Cause I would like George Kottaras on the Yankees.

I see this is the result of a trade that sent Michael Morse to the Mariners.  Oh, how I hope he fails in Seattle.

Don’t worry, Dave Cameron aka USS Mariner is already upset by the trade.

What a bizarre trade by the M’s. Who wouldn’t prefer just keeping Jaso?

But yeah, I’d love to see the Yankees get Kottaras if he is available cheaply (I imagine other teams will go after him now that he’s been designated for assignment). He’s a very good back-up catcher. Cervello/Kottaras is not bad.

But does it perhaps make more sense to wait to see if Kottaras is waived?

Yeah, that thing is pretty crazy. Wasn’t it just last year that ESPN got punked by some girl claiming to be someone she wasn’t? I think they even paid her and stuff.

[2] a little bit. Weird stuff.

Where’s the Warm Liquid Goo Phase ?

[5] I honestly can’t even tell anymore.

Today I found out that Manti Teo had a girlfriend that had cancer and died and then two sentences later I found out that it was a hoax! I’m not sure what to think. Should I be upset that he lied? Or happy because the story about a young girl dying from cancer was really about an imaginary young girl dying from cancer? I mean, I was sad when Dumbledore died, but then I realized it was just a book and got over it. Should we thank him for the inspiration story in which nobody got hurt? Or are we supposed to be angry that he gave us all hope? I feel like a teenager again. Don’t let me down, guys. Tell me how I should feel! Preferably in 140 characters or less.

In other news, I was gifted two 9th row seats to the Pats/Ravens game and my first reaction was to ask someone from the blog (snuggles or otf!). But then I realized that it was probably creepy to do that so I asked a real person instead. Plus you guys hate the Patriots. Am I as terrible as Manti Teo now?

[12]  Worse than Manti Te’o.  Also I think you’re on drugs.

Can I have some?

[13] You try saying all of that with a straight face! No drugs or alcohol tonight. No drugs ever, really.

But yes, I’m aware that it appears as if I have lost my mind. But in a good way.

Of all my imaginary friends, OTF is the most real.

Eh, he’d probably just get thrown out anyway.

all of my real friends are imaginary.

Shaked has lost his mind.  I am in a good position to judge.

Napoli 1 year/$5M? Wow.

[17] I think it’s what I had at the Indian restaurant last night.

On Morse…I think I’m glad the Yankees didn’t top that trade.  I like Morse and would want him on the team.  But Yankees don’t have a starting pitcher ranked that highly right now - probably not anyone in the top-100 unless Banuelos sneaks in the back.  And if you look at who could be a top-60 prospect for Yankees…maybe Austin?  Would you give up Austin for 1 year of Morse?  I sure wouldn’t.  And of course they would have needed to include more as well.

Oh well.  Still would like Upton somehow, if not Hairston is sounding more possible.

Just read the T’eo story reads like a reverse Laura

stat corner redirects to this:

Pettitte’s not currently on the WBC roster, and saw earlier that he might not be able to get insurance for playing in it, so that’s good.

Napoli for $5M, Pierizixooi for what, $7M? How did Youkilis get as much as them combined?

off track but is Boras a genius for getting Soriano even MORE than the yankees salary? is his genius just knowing he will always find one sucker?

Napoli signed with the Townies for one year and 5 million? What!!!!!

Where was Cashman offering the extra million or the extra year?????

They need a RHH and a catcher. I know he is injured but he worth the risk. He has the potential to be a middle of the order bat and to play twice a week behind the plate.

Worst offseason ever

When I read this list of “phases”, I can’t help but think of the first Austin Powers movie when he gets thawed out in the “warm liquid goo phase”.

[27] First, remember that he initially signed a 3/39 deal w/ the Sox before failing his physical.  Second, the deal includes $8MM of incentives.  I’m not sure how reachable they are (ESPN article doesn’t say), but that gets a lot pricier.  Third, he apparently turned down more money from Texas, so it wasn’t just money.  Fourth…he’s overrated.  He’s only had one season w/ more than 500PA, and that happens to coincide with one of us poorer offensive performances.  He’s probably more of a 120 OPS+ guy with limited defense, than the 178 he was a couple of years ago.

For $6MM would I give him a 1 year deal?  Sure.  For $13MM (if those bonuses are easily attainable)?  Probably not.  Especially since the hip injury could allow him to play, but put up numbers like the $110 OPS+ (1.4 WAR) he did last year.  At the very least, I’m not going to get this worked up about it.  Of course, I don’t get worked up about much.

[27] You just know Selig and his pally boy George Mitchell had a hand in this.

With the incentives that makes sense for Napoli. At 1/5, I would have thought bitterness at losing the 3/39 would have turned him away from the Red Sox.

Second, the deal includes $8MM of incentives.

Right.  The only way Napoli costs them $5M in 2013 is if he misses the bulk of the season.  If he’s healthy he’ll be a lot closer to $13M.  The incentives are going to be based on PA thresholds most likely.

When I read this list of “phases”, I can’t help but think of the first Austin Powers movie when he gets thawed out in the “warm liquid goo phase”.

Does reading [11] also remind you of it ?

[33] Great minds think alike! And sometimes, they skip right to the end of the comments instead of reading them!

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