The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Thursday, January 31, 2013 Sources: Yankees agree to deal with designated hitter Travis Hafner

The Yankees are on the verge of a deal with veteran designated hitter Travis Hafner.

Sources said the two sides have agreed on a one-year deal but are waiting for contract language to be approved. An announcement could come as early as Thursday or Friday.

No exact dollar figure was confirmed, but the deal is believed to be worth close to the $1.1 million the Yankee gave Raul Ibanez around this time last year.

There are almost certainly going to be some performance incentives in the contract, but if you’re starting at $1.1 million, even if he hits them all it will be one heck of a deal for the Yankees.

Great signing. If things break correctly (crap, I shouldn’t have said “break” in an article about Hafner. I’ve jinxed everything!), Hafner could beat out Grandy for the second-best lefthanded bat in the Yankee lineup.

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Can you please say “break” in an article about A-Rod instead?

Esteemed members, honored guests, please permit me an interruption. I’m putting together a project for a writing class, and my focus is going to be this place. In this project I’ll be arguing that RLYW is a unique and noteworthy community, and so I’ll have to demonstrate why it is so.

So what this means is, if you post a particularly insightful or hilarious comment that is indicative of what makes this place what it is, the substance of that thought along with your alias could make it into my final project. Your insightful or hilarious comments from the archives are also at risk. I don’t think this thing will ever be public, though, so don’t get any delusions of grandeur. Other than that, I’ll just be lurking and posting my inane drivel, as usual.

If anyone has any issues with this or possible suggestions, or if you just want to bitch about the ARod situation some more, you can email me at bigred DOT 2202 AT gmail DOT com. Thanks for your assistance, now back to the show.

[2] Find the Big Lebowski thread. That was a great thread.

Or just anything Mel Hall says.

Posado thread

Jeter is King


Kneel before Soriano



Snugg’s comment the other day about horse ‘roids working on centaurs was one of my favorites ever.

So we can probably expect Hafner to test positive in a few weeks, right?

[5] I’m worried about Cano, he’s been pretty close with both ARod and Melky. Perhaps he is just fiendishly clever about taking his PEDs. Or lucky. Or clean.

[6] I don’t like those odds.

Alex ain’t goin anywhere—alex-rodriguez-doesn-t-intend-to-retire-204613665.html

for some reason that link won’t work, although the URL is right.  Here’s another link to find the same story:

Thanks UJD

I’m still partial to the japanese translation of floating dreams (lantern) thread.

[2] You should just take a random game thread and run it through the english-to-japanese-to-english translator a few times. Instant gold. You’ll probably fail your paper, but the quotes will be hilarious.

Delusions of Grandeur-son

New HR call?

[12] Genius. Unfortunately the terms prevent me from citing my own content, but if someone else were to do it and post it here…

[14] I randomly picked the Hughes game I live blogged earlier this year. first post gold:

‘Dub, which I “instead Drunk, Snuggles sick and frantic live blog”’

and a description of Scott Feldman: “It looks like a gentle giant is a sort of Scott Feldman. I have a vacant stare as he can not forget.”

This was also the game where just about everyone gave up on Hughes as a starter. Then he started pitching well. What an ass.

LoHud just posted the Yankees NRIs.

Cito Culver will be in the Big League camp.  I didn’t realize that he was making that much progress.

On Hughes the prospect vs Hughes the abject failure: “I was a man just dial it up, Phil was reading a scouting report from about 2005 to 2007 I hope to be able to revive his own tonight. There was nothing to those that answer to your question there, because it’s just so depressing, I was not google it yourself.”

[16]  I just looked at his stats…he isn’t.

Pin on his continuing distrust of Hughes: “However, I have never seen the reason for the fuse, and we have seen this irrational exhuberance always. Mind, you must embiggened something that I can not see smarter than I am. However, he is given a chance to come to the eyes of a snake, even today, there are time after time, and “things” before, talk about real allusions here is still well he pitched twice have been jump-start would be to award him Cy Beckett was. I have never not understand it, there were a lot of excuses sooooooo many times we are disappointed he was given, made ​​on his behalf.”

On questionable tactical moves by both esteemed managers: “Washington is tired inning, the Yankees gift with struggling pitcher on the mound has been determined to out. Yay bunts. I think right now ... I would like to oppose it in order to counter and Girardi will bring up Berutorei IBB.”

I give up the liveblog due to illness: “I believe must give up the live blog. My body craves sleep. I’m dead, so that you do not fuse that is driving the nail into the coffin of his and mine, I do not feel the next time hopefully.”

Pin accurately describes nearly everything about this blog: “We liveblogger, lost interest, man. We have devolved on the results of the hockey spirit and consumer electronic devices, the crowd. It’s the worst gamechatter.

We need to go back to the complaint thread. Optimism is not true of our media.”

If we’re going to self-cite, I’m particularly fond of my report from Teddy and my bar meet, badgering the RS lady. Too lazy to search for it, though.

Plus anything anti-Joba.

And the Damon merman genesis.

[23] In my defense I chose a random early season Hughes game from this year and it just happened to be the one I sick-blogged. Jon should definitely use the tale of OTF getting kicked out of the Stadium.

[2] I’m a fan of the endorsements on the side of the front page, and also the encouragement to comment when there are no comments. If you are looking for something about community, you can find the discussion a while ago about swearing in game threads and generally how to express frustration.

OK, I tried the search function, and either it doesn’t work with a cuss, or I’m just real bad at it. But I wasn’t totally lazy.

[26] use google. blah blah.

Nice work Snuggles. I’ll get some of this into the project somehow, regardless of the consequences.

[25] Yes to endorsements and comment exhortation. I’ve always wondered about the comment thing. It’s so perfectly, beautifully constructed, I just figured it was just some website stock text (like lorem ipsum). Could it be an original work?

[24]Once again, a frail old man simply redirected the inertia of a drunken youth. His face hitting the deck was not the fault of the frail old man. No blows were exchanged and Shaked and I had a quiet ride back to New Haven.

I want the mystery of colin solved.  Who is he REALLY?

Any way we could read it when it’s done, my Lord?

That recent discussion about whether to call them “townies” or not

OK, found it.

With the following gems:

43. Posted at 4:34:54 pm on Monday, April 4, 2011 by Ugly Johnny Dickshot Classic
“The bleacher creature phenomenon started with Nick Swisher”

Go fuck yourself dildohead.

There was the obligatory Sutcliffe hate, so this musta been the national game or something. Also, these were the halcyon days of our Jeter discontent.

67. Posted at 4:48:22 pm on Monday, April 4, 2011 by dred
[65] To be fair to Mr. Sutcliffe, he’s probably drunk right now.

68. Posted at 4:49:55 pm on Monday, April 4, 2011 by Ugly Johnny Dickshot Classic
[62]  ESPN.

Jeter’s done.  Stick a fork in him.  It would be more effective on offense and defense to stick an ancient, spavined carriage horse who just collapsed from the heat in Central Park in at shortstop.

69. Posted at 4:53:18 pm on Monday, April 4, 2011 by Mel Hall
[68] You make a fair point.

70. Posted at 4:54:17 pm on Monday, April 4, 2011 by Mel Hall
Ancient spavined carriage horse suffering from heat exhaustion turns the double play!

71. Posted at 4:54:23 pm on Monday, April 4, 2011 by SicSemper

152. Posted at 5:50:07 pm on Monday, April 4, 2011 by shaked
So to recap: Jeter still hasn’t hit a ball out of the infield. ARod is absolutely crushing the ball. Teix is very locked in. Jeter’s defense is so bad he’s ruining Cano’s UZR. Nova to teh 7th and 8th (or first 9 batters). Cano has been completely absent. Jorge is getting at least another 4 years to spite Jeter AND he’s going to demand to catch every day. Gardner has officially challenged Nadal to a tennis match scheduled for July and is using the whole first half of the season to prepare.

I really like Martin and Granderson.

All of the above interspersed with discussion and videos of…fencing. Which ticked Thurm off a wee bit:

198. Posted at 6:44:21 pm on Monday, April 4, 2011 by old thurman fan
I just watched WJ’s fence fest. Dude….? Is that considered a martial art?
Liberace just called. He wants his foil back.
In other news… Pin and ted are holed up in a bar with some fugly female BRS fans from CT. No surprise.. they are drinking a wee bit.

After the game I dropped by to set the record straight.

208. Posted at 7:46:21 pm on Monday, April 4, 2011 by Pinstriper
In other news… Pin and ted are holed up in a bar with some fugly female BRS fans from CT. No surprise.. they are drinking a wee bit.

Ted and I went to consumate last October’s playoff rout of the Twins, which was a long time coming. Report from the front lines:

1) It all began when they asked to switch the TV to basketball, and they were informed by the proprietress that we were watching the Yankee game.

2) “Who cares about the Yankees ?”, the other fat one chimed in. (I feel I maybe should have introduced all the characters at the start, but they were in order of appearance Fat Lady #1, Fat Lady #2.)

3) I handled the situation calmly, pointing out in a very pithy way “There are only two kinds of baseball fans: Yankee fans, and those who WISH they could be Yankee fans. You two are in the later group. Thanks for coming out, boys.” This last caught them off guard.

4) Teddy took up the gist of the discussion, said something about Carl Crawford and Mike Scioscia that I couldn’t quite put together, then interrupted himself to shout at the TV “Stike this motherfarnsworther OUT !” then launched into an explanation of the swear poll. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was Jeter batting, and also because I supported the sentiment.

5)Thurm then called my cell. A loose translation of which was “are they hot ?” to which I replied in code, since they were listening and I couldn’t be sure whether they heard his side of the convo, “a 4 and a 5, 40 pounds ago each”. I don’t think they caught what I was driving at, ‘cause they were still smiling hungrily at Ted.

6) Joba came in to pitch, and there was much talk of manatees and what I thought was an oblique reference to a protective layer of fat. The atmosphere took on a distinct chill at this point.

7) The bartender was kinda cute in a tattooed, unconventionally pierced kind of way, and she had that “I just made bail” look in her eyes. I went to take a leak and both Ted and the bartender were gone when I got back, so I skipped on the bill.

I’m sure Ted’ll turn up sooner or later.

209. Posted at 7:53:27 pm on Monday, April 4, 2011 by Snuggles the (F) Unfortunate Porcupine (CO)
[7] Were the two women still there? It’s possible they Colon-ed Ted and the bartender.

Apparently there was some sort of Colon-cannibalism meme in play, way back when.

Somehow I don’t think we are doing a good job of supporting Jon’s thesis that we are a “noteworthy community,” we are unique though.

Also, the Lebowski thread:

Perhaps the only time RLYW has been mentioned due to our mad, ravings as opposed to SG’s admirable analysis.

I miss the Blogspot days.  Is there any way of searching that site’s archives?  I think I went under a different pseudonym then.  Can’t remember . . .  “SG” or something.

Apparently there was some sort of Colon-cannibalism meme in play, way back when.

It’s a different sort of PED.

[31] I’ll see if they let me post it online when it’s finished. It’s actually a semester long project, so it’s going to be hanging over this site like the Sword of Damocles for the next 3 months.

I’d like to thank youse guys for raising the bar to astronomical heights.

I don’t know, that bit seems rather sexist to my admittedly male eyes. I’m not sure I’d want it speaking for the site as a whole. Perhaps our two resident women could chime in.

Is there any way of searching that site’s archives?

Unfortunately not for the comments.  We used Haloscan for comments and it disappeared at some point. 

Also, a lot of the threads you can’t find on are probably on so search there too.

Perhaps our two resident women could chime in.

One woman, one 300 lb Southerner pretending to be a woman, I believe.

[39] They haven’t been around in a while.  Something about going to Bartolo’s for dinner was the last I remember…

Surely you must find the thread that birthed FUSE and CHAMBERREAM.

Shockmaster too.

We do pretty well with nicknames.  What was the derisive nick we had for Burnett?  Swamp Turkey or somesuch?

I can’t think of anything that I’ve said that really rates as insightful or hilarious.  I vaguely remember raging at Marco Scutaro a few years back, demanding that he regress to the mean.  Worth a chuckle in a geeky sort of way.

Lord Jon - it occurs to me that most of our nuggets of wisdom or comedy only really make sense for someone who fully understands what it is to be a manic depressive sports fan.

[43] That was one of the nicknames for Burnett.  I’m sure we had some worse ones as well…

I’m sure you’re selling yourself short.  Of course, smoking the objective pipe has also been shown to affect memory, so you may have just forgotten your contributions.

I’m not sure my “go fuck yourself, dildohead” seems all that clever, even with context, but I leave that up to Lord Jon.

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