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Thursday, May 3, 2012

LA Times: Did the Yankees leave Mickey Mantle unprotected in the 1968 expansion draft?

United Press International (UPI) columnist Milton Richman asked Yankee president and chairman of the board Mike Burke point blank - were the Yankees going to include Mantle as one of their 15 protected players for the expansion draft? Burke told Richman, “It’s unthinkable to us that Mickey will ever be anything but a Yankee. He most definitely will not be on our list of availables.”

And yet, sure enough, when October 15th came around, of the 15 players that the Yankees were protecting, Mantle was not among them.

I thought you folks would enjoy this little trip into Yankee history.

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If there was an expansion draft today, I can think of another once powerful switch hitter the Yankees wouldn’t protect.

At the time the Yankees favored a prospect from Yonkers named Mel Hall Sr., if I have my history straight.

[1] Mel Teixeira?

If this board existed in 1968 we would have been writing DFA Mantle.

Though, if I recall (too lazy to look) Mantle was a productive hitter, relative to his league, up to the very end.

Edit: 143 OPS+ in final year.  Without knees.

yeah, just his average sucked. What a bum.

He was still a very good player but if you were to make the list of 15 Yankees in the organization to protect, would Jeter and Mo be on that list?

Is it organization or is it 25 man or 40 man roster?  If it’s 25 man roster, it’s a no-brainer to protect Mo and Jeter.  You don’t protect Teixeira, Soriano or Rodriguez since no one would draft them because no one’s stupid enough to think they’re worth remotely what they’re being paid.  Then don’t protect Chavez, Ibanez, Jones, Rapada, Garcia or Stewart.  You still have to leave one other guy exposed.  Not sure who I’d choose there.

40-man roster plus all minor league affiliates.

If I was stuck protecting just 15 Yankees, I would go with:

Swisher (I might try trading them Swisher for someone else they drafted so they could then take Swisher off of the list)
Phelps (?)
Killer B #1
Killer B #2
Mason Williams
Hughes (?)/Martin (?)

I am sure I’m missing someone.

40-man roster plus all minor league affiliates.

Hmm.  You have to protect everyone who has a no-trade clause or 10/5 rights, which I forgot about.  So you have to protect Mo and Jeter anyway.  Kuroda too.  Sounds like something you’d really have to spend some time on to do it right.

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