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Monday, June 3, 2013

Indians (30-26) @ Yankees (31-25), Monday, June 3, 2013, 7:05pm

CLE:Justin Masterson (28, RHP, 8-3, 3.07) vs. NYY:Andy Pettitte (41, LHP, 4-3, 3.83)

IndiansMichael Bourn(L), CF: .301/.350/.414, 1.1 bWAR
Mike Aviles(R), 2B: .275/.306/.422, 0.7 bWAR
Asdrubal Cabrera(S), SS: .256/.314/.438, 0.7 bWAR
Nick Swisher(S), 1B: .264/.362/.467, 2 bWAR
Mark Reynolds(R), 3B: .250/.330/.495, 0.4 bWAR
Carlos Santana(S), DH: .283/.390/.489, 1.6 bWAR
Ryan Raburn(R), LF: .296/.361/.531, 0.9 bWAR
Yan Gomes(R), C: .307/.316/.613, 1.2 bWAR
Drew Stubbs(R), RF: .225/.284/.348, 0.9 bWAR
Lineup Total: .267/.336/.458, 9.5 bWAR

Brett Gardner(L), CF: .256/.325/.408, 1.5 bWAR
Robinson Cano(L), 2B: .290/.349/.529, 2.1 bWAR
Mark Teixeira(S), 1B: .111/.200/.111, -0.1 bWAR
Travis Hafner(L), DH: .244/.358/.474, 0.7 bWAR
Lyle Overbay(L), RF: .247/.289/.461, 0.5 bWAR
Ichiro Suzuki(L), LF: .260/.294/.345, 0.5 bWAR
David Adams(R), 3B: .259/.283/.414, 0.2 bWAR
Reid Brignac(L), SS: .200/.235/.292, -0.9 bWAR
Austin Romine(R), C: .122/.143/.171, -0.6 bWAR
Lineup Total: .251/.309/.421, 3.9 bWAR

The homestand from hell continues.

Yes, this team’s solution to fix their putrid and broken offense is to force a 36 year old 1B with an OBP of .289 into the lineup in the outfield, a position he has never played in the majors.  In fact, he last saw time in the outfield in the minors in 2001 when he was a spry 24 year old.

The good news is that one day soon it will be over.

No official word on how the Yankees are getting Pettitte onto the 25 man roster although I’m assuming Brennan Boesch is going back down to AAA.

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So that’s what an MLB lineup looks like. A #9 hitter with a bWAR of 0.9 - better than all but 2 of the Yankees’ hitters.

C’mon, I like snark as much as the next guy, but it’s silly to blast his “.289 OBP”: he’ll obviously be playing OF only against RHP, against whom he’s .286/.328/.540—an .868 OPS that’s about 150-200 points better than the likely alternatives. What’s your alternative?

What’s Overbay’s line against RHP over the last three years?

I need to decide if I am going to tonight’s game in the next 15 minutes. I unfortunately already own tickets. Will it be rained out or do I go and watch Masterson’s first perfecto?

[4] If you go it will be rained out.
If you stay home they will play.
If they play the Yankees will lose.
So go to the game. You’re our only hope.

I imagine Overbay won’t play the OF on Phil days.  Maybe only for Andy and CMW (if he ever appears)  What’s CC’s FB/GB ratio?

How long does extended spring…extend?  I guess it’s not officially summer yet, so…

ETA: Answered my own question.  Until late June, natch, when short season and rookie ball starts.

I’m going to pretend that Cashman is putting him out there to show that he isn’t going to give away Overbay for free, even though Overbay has been pretty weak overall, despite some clutch homeruns. He hasn’t convinced me that he’s going to be anything but the replacement level player he is projected to be for the remainder of the season (and that he was for the last two years.)

I will be in section 426 Row 9 seats 1-4. Free tickets (Hess gas station promo) or I would not be going. This team depresses me. Hope they score a run tonite.

Hey, at least they still have Ichiro!

I’m relieved that this team is finally living up to my expectations.

[11]  This doesn’t sound like a complaint.

Didn’t Tex once laugh off the idea about playing 3rd? Meanwhile Vernon did that and Lyle is risking injury playing right.

13 There’s an I in TeIx

I too usually post ‘Tex’. Good enough for me and yankz. Thinkin’ on shortenin’ it to ‘X’ in fact.

Ichiro! becomes I!.

Cano becomes Cano.

Whatever. :coolsmirk”

[15]  I think he was making a joke—riffing off “there’s no I in team.”

16 yep

I appreciate what Swisher did for the Yankees, but never been a fan of his.

Pasta diving Brignac!

Captain, you are not forgotten.

18 he was a terrific non October Yankee.  Go away Flaherty, does he do more games then any non Kay announcers or does it just seem that way because he’s so excruciating.

Flash you are a fish out of water in the booth.

The guerrilla is a fish, and the peasants are the water in which he swims.

John Flaherty is the excrement of that fish.

We are gonna get no hit in this stretch, it just much more probable with this offense, if you even can call it that way.

I don’t know if I hate the Yankee offense more than I hate Flaherty, but it’s close

[22] Water?  Never touch the stuff.


The bunt wasn’t a bad idea against the Yankees offense. The winning run is on 3rd with one out, I mean it’s almost like a walkoff win for the Tribe.

[25]  You left out the punchline.

Mets swept Yankees, therefore Mets>Yankees.  Marlins swept Mets, therefore Marlins> Mets.  If Marlins>Mets and Mets>Yankees, then Marlins>Yankees.  Marlins have worst record in MLB.  If Marlins have worst record and Marlins>Yankees, Yankees must be the worst team in MLB.

Usually I would have taken a run with 2 on no outs and the number 3 hitter in the lineup up at the plate, but not today

Who gives a fuck about the Big Ten?

If Marlins have worst record and Marlins>Yankees, Yankees must be the worst team in MLB.

Can I please steal this for tomorrow’s game intro?

Pretty hilarious to give a four pitch walk to a guy showing bunt.

How will the Yankees blow this?

Bromine on fire.  Brainiac, Bromine and Gardy is like having 3 leadoff hitters in a row. Go Gardy.  OK Cano 3 RBI gapper.

That was ball one.

Disgraceful! There are two I’s in Teixeira!

I can’t believe I have to listen to talk about college sports on a baseball game in June.

Holy Modamned pelican beaks.

No way Tex should be languishing in the minors I’ve always maintained.

Cano’s really stepped up his game when the Yankees need him most.

Well, that was unexpected.

There’s no “I” in “grand slam”.

C’mon, be a hero Adams.

Way more then enough for rested Andy but more would be nice.  What’s a big ten?  A menage a dix?

[46]  A menage of dicks.

47 menagerie?

Tex still sucks.

[32] Too late. WW is already running with it. I’m shocked.

Time to catch up on Mad Men.  Dear Yankees please maintain or expand upon this lead when I get back.

I think melange of dicks works better than menage.

The ad on yahoo’s game display exhorts, “Explore the fashion fox’s untamed metropolis: Toronto”.

Flaherty is always jinxing good performances

yeah.. Overbay in RF doesn’t look like a good idea.

[51] This week on Mad Men: Drugs!

Gardner should get that ball, not Cano.

Francona’s having his team fake an injury to ice Pettitte.

Sloppy inning by the Yanks

Is YES concerned Pettitte is hurt?

Since bouncing a pitch to Swisher Sutcliffe has been saying Pettitte is hurt because he never misses that much and is trying to pitch through an injury.

Sutcliffe is still crazy, right?

We need some battling here, Andy

Wow…this team. This team…wow.

Can we have Nuno instead of Pettitte?

Toronto won’t be in last for long

“Shawn Kelley can strike everyone out, except when you desperately need a strikeout, of course.”

Can’t get more sloppy than this so here comes something hard hit

Wow.. I can’t believe Overbay made that catch.

[65] We always knew we’d be chasing them this year.

Kelly with another impressive appearance, this one in high leverage situation. Now if the pen could pitch another 6 scoreless we might be in the game

I liked Flash’s story about getting run over by DJ Dozier.  I could hear that one over and over.

[71] lol

Hafner’s slump is the most annoying aspect of the bad offense. The rest of these guys are naturally streaky (except Ichiro, who is just done), so they annoy me less.

Imagine if Romine actually came through. How shocked would you be?

Nice of Masterson to give them an extra run.

Romine didn’t NOT come through. Good enough for me!

If the pen blows another one I’m going to be upset.

Overbay’s still in RF, Girardi must be a retard to do that

A lead-off walk as soon as the Yankees re-took the lead. Thanks, Joba!

I left at 3 up, now 2 up and Joba walks the leadoff hitter.  No like.  51: never has hash like that.

I was worried, but damn, Joba made me look stupid. Well done, Joba!

Joba doesn’t deserve all this hate.  He’s been good this year.  I have a sick feeling he’ll be somewhere else next year and excel either as a starter or a closer.

73 just ask.  It’d be nice if he gets back to Pronkness.

Hafner can’t be that bad if he plays mostly against RHP and half of his games in DNYS

Regarding Overbay still in RF, if the idea is partially to rest Wells then I don’t see why you need to take him out.  Especially with strike out pitchers on the mound.

Yay, Pronk!

[87] If he is resting him then yes, but if he is going to use him later for defense then there’s no reason to do that.


Isn’t Mustellier a better choice than David Adams right now?  The guy can fake 3rd and play average corner OF.

[82] Joba making you look stupid ain’t happening. Trust me on that one.

91 766 OPS after a very slow start.  How bad is he in the field?  What’s his best position?

I hope Cano gets hot sooner than later, this offense really needs him now.

Isn’t Mustellier a better choice than David Adams right now?

I don’t think so.  You are going to need another outfielder for what, 3-4 weeks until Granderson’s back?  I think they need a 3B for longer than that.  And since I think it’s a tossup as to who is the better hitter then they’re better off with the better defender.

It makes no sense to make a 40 man roster move for something that is probably at most a lateral move.

[93] Corner OF. His offense should be similar than Adams’, but with the way this team is right now I think they can use the extra OF and some speed on the bases.

He’s playing more 3b lately and I think he even played 2b one game.

[95] You are right

One more, Mo

Anybody ever notice how NBA teams do better at home?

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