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Monday, January 7, 2013

Ha Ha


Told Scott Boras asked #Yankees last month if they’d consider taking Rafael Soriano back on a 1-yr deal. Request flatly denied.

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On the grandiose fantasies of which aged plutocrat will Boras prey this time?

Yankees and Mets are on Harebrain’s short list.

I must say I was amazed when Soriano opted out. It was a stroke of luck for the Yanks.

Duck you sucker!  Isn’t Bore Us working his mojo on the gnats?

No team that Soriano opted out from has ever won the World Series.

I was only kidding when I suggested a minor league deal and non-roster invite to spring training. Maybe that does get it done, now…

How about an incentive-laden deal whereby he gets paid if Joba, Mo, and D-Rob all spend time on the disabled list?

That is fucking hilarious. I still can’t believe Boras couldn’t read the market better. $15 million for one year versus maybe $30 million over three? Come on!

By the way, wouldn’t Jason Kubel be a great fit here? Rightfielder/DH and he has power and a short, reasonable contract ($7.5 million next year plus a team option for $7.5 million in 2014 with a $1 million buyout!!).

The D-Backs want pitching. Who would you be willing to part with for Kubel? I think he makes way too much sense not to go after him. He even has an injury-prone past, which makes him fit right in!

[7] That’s a Gillooly waiting to happen.

[10] Trooly.

Hey, [9] made me realize . . .  the Yankees essentially do not have a LH-hitting DH option, or a LH hitter on the bench to start and give one of the regulars a start at DH.  Amirite?  I mean, Corban Joseph?  What?

I guess they figure that they have enough lefthanded batters. But yeah, it’s weird. I’m sure the roster is still in flux.

In flux?  Not many moveable parts left, seems to me.

Who would you be willing to part with for Kubel?

Melky + IPK + . . .

In flux?  Not many moveable parts left, seems to me.

They still need a fourth outfielder and a DH, right?

Yeah, that’s what I meant by “not many.” Also, I wouldn’t say they need a 4th OF and a DH.  They could stand to improve those spots, though.

[14] It’d be nice to have Melky, IPK, Ajax, and Montero back ...

Shit even kick the tires on Juan Rivera.

Something, something, A-Rod and Jeter, “moving parts”, traction. Can’t quite come up with it.

Yo, Mel ! Little help, here ?

I think Thomer and Hafner may be on the radar when they get a little further into the offseason.  Both are lefty, and both can still hit.  5 of last 6 years (2008 being the exception) Hafner has an OPS+ of at least 120.  Obviously has a lot of trouble staying healthy, but if they only expect him to get 300-400 PA as a DH/sometime 1B, that may be reasonable.  Thome has hit as well - or better - last several years, but his playing time has been even further down, and is over 40.  But could still be useful. 

I imagine Yankees will first wait to see what their options are for a righty bat, and after that pursue a lefty DH.

[19] I like Thomer. It’s a bit unusual to change someone’s name so close to the end of a HoF career, but in this case it fits perfectly. Dinger, Tater, Thomer.

Too much traction and the moving parts will not generate the desired climax.

...and is over 40.

Say no more!

Morse should be available and he is a really good hitter (.296/.345/.516 (133 wRC+) las 3 years)

He is a FA next season is owed only 6.75 million this season. He is a much better option than Hairston, even if he is not a good defender.

[23] Interesting. He could probably be had for relatively cheap too. Maybe Montgomery + a few other pieces.

MLBTR says they are looking for a lefty reliever + SP depth. Logan or Cabral along with Marshall sounds good to me.

Morse is a good get, but I think he’s actually not as available as you would think, as if they don’t re-sign LaRoche, they’re not trading Morse period.

And if LaRoche DOES re-sign, while it is true that they’ll definitely deal Morse (as there’s no spot for him on the team and he’s too good to sit on the bench), I think they know he’s a valuable commodity.

Harper in the outfield
LaRoche or Morse at first

Damn, the Nationals have put together a nice little offense.

[23 & 24] There is an idea that the Nationals would want relief pitching.  However, I’m not sure if I’d be interested in giving up Montgomery for Morse.  As good a hitter as Morse is, he’s still a limited player (otherwise, he wouldn’t be available), and still only has the 1 year of team control.  I’m not sure if I’m willing to give 6+ years of control of Montgomery.  Yes, he’s “only” a reliever, but there’s a VERY good chance he could be a contributer in 2013, and by 2014 be one of the rare 2+ win relievers.

Basically, Montgomery could help this year, and by 2014 be a cheap reliever replacing Mo, Joba, and Logan, and he’s by far the best relief prospect.  I’d more be willing to give up Whitley, who I think will be good, and some other stuff.  Perhaps even Whitley AND Logan.

EDIT: No fair Clay, you updated your post!

[25] LaRoche resigned.

He can play SS, too.

Logan or Cabral along with Marshall

Hmm…wonder if they would take Warren instead of Marshall?  Warren is more MLB ready which may be better for Nats now, but Marshall probably fits more into Yankees 2014 and beyond.  Or if Logan+Warren isn’t enough, maybe add Betances in as well and hope Nats like Betances’s upside?

Oh, okay, thanks for the head’s up, Mike!

ETA: Oh, because it just happened. Duh. I was so confused for a second there.

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