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Friday, November 16, 2012

Does Somebody Wish He Didn’t Opt Out?

From Peter Gammons’s twitter.

Soriano pitch to Yanks: in last 50 years no team won world series with closer 40 or older

By my count, defining closers as players who had at least 20 saves in a season, there have been a grand total of eight 40+ year old closers over the last 50 years.  So you’ll forgive me if I find this argument somewhat underwhelming.

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Soriano opting out is the best thing that has happened to the Yankees since winning the WS in 09

Melky to the Blue Jays 2/16.

It is seriously unreal that this guy opted out and actually thought that they were going to re-sign him. Unlike the 2010 offseason, when I hoped they wouldn’t but figured there was still an actual chance that they would sign him in the first place, I don’t see any way that they will re-sign Soriano. He has got to be fucking kidding himself. Most likely he has realized that there is no one offering close to the money he would have gotten had he stayed a Yankee (on a yearly basis) and he is pissed that he missed out.

Then again, I could be wrong and a team like Detroit could actually give him $12 million a year.

Or I could be COMPLETELY wrong and the Yankees will re-sign him for 3 years/$45 million.

As for the Melky deal, I have convinced myself that Melky was never open to coming back to New York for anything but a premium payday, so I can’t freak out too much at the cheap deal he got. That said, Toronto’s offseason is pissing me off something fierce so far.

Looking back, the best possible position he could have put himself in, payday-wise, was to stick with the Yankees another season, get his $14.8 million and then go to the open market with the Yankees actually having a hole at closer. I am not saying that they would have paid him next season no matter what (as he likely would be too pricey for Austerity2014) but he would have at least had the option of the Yankees while also having the big salary. Now he won’t have either (unless I’m really misreading the market, of course).

[4] - Then he risks having a down year or getting injured.  This the perfect year to go.  He was a closer, not a set up man, and he had a great year.  The Yankees lost the Mariano Rivera and didn’t miss a beat because they had Soriano.  He couldn’t have scripted a better argument for himself, he doesn’t want to ruin that, especially by taking a step back to setup man.  Whatever he gets this off-season is the best he can get and I still think he can get more guaranteed money (though not more or even the same AAV) AND a closer job.

He doesn’t want to come back to the Yankees.  He wants to close somewhere.  He just wants the “Yankees money” to drive up the price.

Toronto has to shake things up a bit to get their attendence back where they want it.  It’s been a long time since they were division winners. I think with Encarcion and healthy Baptista, along with the moves they are making it will indeed improve them but Baltimore isn’t done this winter either.  Hamilton will be with O’s I feel, so that could be another very tough AL east contender.  Tampa is young and will make some changes.  I really think its not hard to see NY and Boston back in the pack this coming season. Of course that’s not my preference, but salary restraint may have its near term costs.

For some reason, I don’t think Cashman would have reacquired Melky under most any terms. I think the Yankee history with PED users might be one reason. There may be other reasons.

[5] Well stated, no need for any additional comment.

The Jays off season, if Johnson returns to form, and I believe that he will, means the Yankees could be fighting for 2nd place in the AL East. I am still ticked that Cashman wasn’t in on Johnson, a player I wanted, so I hope I’m wrong and he bombs. But congratulations Josh Johnson on your two no-hitters vs. the 2013 Yankees.

The money Melky got was more in line with my thinking and that he signed early seems to indicate that the Jays were the only serious bidder

The only doubt I have about the Jays is how motivated will Reyes be. Though he’ll put up stunning numbers vs. the Yankees, thinking they’re the Mets no doubt. And Melky facing his old team 18 times, wow! Katy bar the door at what is looming here. cool smirk

Regarding the O’s, they’re likely to have quite a regression in 2013. What were they in the regular season 2012, 74-0 when leading after seven innings? Something like that, plus winning 17 or so straight extra inning games, that’s not happening again. Everything went right for the O’s last season, 2013 might be difficult, regardless if they sign Hamilton.

[8] The O’s have pitcning issues that Hamilton will not solve. I’m not super worried about Johnson, just because his injury risk is so high, he’d be a great pitcher to have, but he’s almost guaranteed to be injured at least once during the season.

At this point, is there going to be an OF on the market for the Yankees to get this offseason? And if there is will that player be better than Chris Dickerson/Mustelier?

[9] - I hear some guy Raul Ibanez is available for cheap and he got a MVP vote. 

Please no.

I’d kick the tires on Hamilton. If necessary I’d hire for him a personal psychologist to help get him through playing in New York. Then look to trade Granderson and Cano, whatever their trade value might be. Depends on contract demands from Hamilton, but we know what BS Boras is gonna put the team through.

Heck, if the team wants to, keep both Cano and Granderson for 2013 and add Hamilton. Let the other two walk after 2013.

[11] I would not sign Hamilton to trade Cano.

[12] Then my second suggestion, sign Hamilton and keep Cano for 2013.

Can Melky resist the juice in Toronto? Its a lot easier to get stuff like that in Canada than it is in the states.

[14] Very easy in the Bay area as well .......

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