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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

CBS Sports: MLB trade rumors: Yankees reportedly shopping utility man Rob Refsnyder

Yankees utility man Rob Refsnyder might not have an MLB roster spot available to him this year, but that could change in the upcoming days along with a change of scenery. From the New York Post comes the following trade rumor:


According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the Yankees have let clubs know they are willing to listen to trade offers for infielder/outfielder Rob Refsnyder. 

Refsnyder, 25, has played first, second, third, right field and left field in the majors. In 74 big-league games in the last two seasons, he’s hit .262/.332/.354 with 12 doubles, two homers and four steals in 222 plate appearances. He’s a career .290/.369/.419 hitter in Triple-A, so there’s definitely some upside in terms of his ability to get on base at a high rate.

It’s hard to see a role for Refsnyder on the Yankees, so I hope he does get traded for his sake.  It’s hard to see him bringing anything of note back on his own, but maybe he could be part of a package.  Melky + IPK + Ref = ?????

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Ref + Headley + TRO for the other Romine. That way we get the complete set.

Refsnyder may be well served to get a chance elsewhere. He simply hasn’t made his case for more playing time with his work last season and is being eclipsed by others this spring for a Yankee role. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised though that he might be a serviceable player if he got a full 400-500 ab season. Certainly it appears that stardom isn’t part of his future. Yanks had a guy, Randy Velarde that reminds me of Ref.  When he finally got regular work out at Oakland, he put up career numbers.  Maybe he got some PEDs while he was out there?

I have been reading a lot about Yankee policy on appearance lately, due to Frazer’s hair.  Lot of younger folks commenting on the issue.  Some of the blogger crowd also weighing in that Yankees owners need to waive the policy.  I am glad they have the standards personally, but mostly I disagree with Mike Axisa of River Ave. Blues who states its time that players just have the right to have fun.  Well it’s interesting that he says that and then from time to time reminds readers that baseball is business first.  If it is business first, then it clearly is within the owners right to have the business product presented as it wants to. That’s my thinking anyway. I know that this site has a lot of folks that were born in the 80’s or later so they will take issue with my taste, but really it’s a matter of one team that exercises it’s business prerogatives. If that hurts it’s recruitment of FA’s down the line then they will have to live with it or change.  I don’t think it will, given what Johnny Damon, Andrew Miller and others gladly did on arrival.  Well that ought to get the thread moving.

[2] I think the Yankees should require mustaches.

And a shaved scrotum.

... and Jeff Weaver ...and Randy Johnson

...and Sean Carley, that minor leaguer who looked like Kenny Powers.

I think it’s a stupid policy, but it’s not particularly worth getting up in arms about.

There’s something to be said for vestigial anachronisms. They add character in increasingly homogenous times, like the Giants’ lack of cheerleaders, or the Browns’ institutional ineptitude.

Trade rumors motivated Ref, he singled!

Higgy still flashing a little power.

Higgy with a homer.  This guy is ready for the majors. Is he worth more to the organization being a number 2 in NY or putting up nice numbers in AAA? He’s better than Romine for sure IMO.

Can Higgy earn a spot? Could Romine fetch a halfway decent middle reliever/swing man?  Then Yankees would need a 3rd catcher for Scranton.

I doubt Romine would fetch much since he is out of options so teams know the Yankees are in a bind, which sucks, since Higgy’s upside is so much higher than Romine’s, but Romine’s gone if they go with Higgy, so I guess I probably would still break camp with Romine as the BUC.

If Higgy tears up AAA, then maybe he can force the issue.

JR Murphy brought back Hicks, so my advice is straight release Romine rather than clogging the roster with another useless player.

Battlin’ Yankees battlin’ back!  Rally started by Bird.

Yanks pull it out

Rashad Crawford with a double and Future Torreyes Tyler Wade with the walkoff.

This team could be really fun.

The thing is that Spring Training is much better for this team than the regular season because we get to see the prospects play, in the regular season we’ll be tired of watching TRO, Headley and Hicks making a ton of outs.

[9] Can Ref catch ?

[17] I dunno, throw something at him.


I’m glad you got that off your well-groomed chest.

I’m with #6, actually—I mean, for years I couldn’t tell opposing players apart because they all had the same dumb little goatee.

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