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Monday, November 12, 2012

CBS Sports: Heyman: Yankees have faith they can keep Mo, Kuroda and Pettitte

The Yankees have faith they can make deals with pitchers Mariano Rivera, Hiroki Kuroda and Andy Pettitte—surely more faith than they can do a deal with Rafael Soriano at the moment.

The Yankees expect to try to work something out with Rivera in the coming week, especially now that Soriano has rejected the $13.3-million qualifying offer. The club’s hope is to get Rivera done at a bit of a pay cut from his $15-million 2012 salary, as he is 43 and coming back from a knee injury.

The Yankees seem to have a fair amount of hope, too, that Kuroda will stay with them on a one-year deal, especially if he desides to stay in the states. The team sees Japan as its major competition, not the Red Sox or even nouveau riche Dodgers, who are among the interested teams in the majors. The Yankees would enhance the $13.3-million offer Kuroda rejected a bit if it meant keeping Kuroda, who is said to have enjoyed his year with the Yankees and is very willing to do a one-year deal.

I can’t imagine the Yankees would even be considering re-signing Soriano but I suppose Boras’s mouthpiece needs to leave the possibility open.  To me, Kuroda is the key to the offseason.  They don’t have to commit to him past 2013 and CAIRO thinks he’s the best available free agent starting pitcher for 2013, even better than Zack Greinke.  There’s pretty much no other way the Yankees can add four wins without either trading something of value or going beyond 2013 for a contract.

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Just give Kuroda, BattleCat, and Mo whatever it takes to get them signed. What does that add about 8 to 10 wins right there? All on one year deals that don’t affect 2014 at all. That already has them projecting as a playoff team and that’s without addressing RF.

[1] Agree. But in the case that Kuroda and Pettitte don’t come back they should trade Cano and Tex to try to rebuild.

The Dodgers took 2 horrible contracts just to have Adrian Gonzalez. I think the Yankees could trade Tex easily if they really want to.

Brien Tayler got the cell two down from me.  Still don’t understand how Polonia managed to avoid this place.

[2] AGon was under a good, long term contract. Cano is under contract for 1 more year and is going to hit FA. THere is very little chance that you would be able to move Cano and a bad contract.

[4] - I think the O’s would take that deal but…

[5] What deal? I don’t think I would give the O’s Cano+Tex if I were Cashman, but Cano+Arod, I’d think carefully about that deal.

That’s what the “but…” was for.  I wouldn’t want to do that deal, especially to a team within the division.

And A-Rod is still a good player.  I wouldn’t do Cano, A-Rod, AND Teix to the O’s.  That’s at least a 20 win shift.  Money can only buy so much especially if more teams now have more money to spend.  I think we might be seeing a trend of teams starting to lock up players for longer before they hit free agency and you will have a weaker crop to spend on.

[8] I think that trade is mroe about forcing a team to take on a significant portion of ARod’s contract which hurts the Yankees for the next year or two, but is probably better for them in the long run.

It will never happen.

I can’t imagine the Yankees would even be considering re-signing Soriano but I suppose Boras’s mouthpiece needs to leave the possibility open.

This is *literally* the same thing we said before they signed Soriano two years ago (except for the “re” part.)

Heyman knew we were going to get Rafa even when Cashman was vehemently denying it to the press. I am fairly certain that his source is someone at the very top, perhaps even randy Levine himself.

[9] - But given Teix’s age and contract and C.C’s age and contract, and the fact that most of the rest of the contributors on the team are guys like Jeter, Pettitte, Karoda, and Mo that won’t be around at all in a few years, sacrificing 2 or 3 years for year 3 or 4 makes no sense.  They would need to just completely blow it up and start from scratch.

The hardest part is that Kuroda’s agent is asking for runs instead of dollars…

Last night I caught an assignment for this Reggie Jackson charity event in Vegas, and Clemens was there wearing a WS ring. I asked him which year it was from and he gives me an answer like “Oh man, who even knows.” Oh come on, Rocket. Like you don’t know which ring you’re pulling out of the drawer? (Incidentally, I’m pretty sure it was 2000.)

He was also wearing dress cargo pants and had his shirt cuff embroidered with “21-22.”

How many WS rings does Clemens have - two? (1999 and 2000)

dress cargo pants


[1]  Trying to build off what you’re thinking…

If we can assume that Pettitte, Kuroda, and Mo will come back on one-year deals, that would bring the Yankees up to about 88 projected wins for 2013.

So we know they’ve got $131MM committed for 2013.

Plus arbitration awards for Hughes, Gardner, Logan, Joba, Robertson, and possibly Nix and Cervelli = X.

Plus one year deals for Pettitte, Kuroda, Mo = Y.

Plus money to fill holes at C, RF, and DH/4thOF = Z.

If we assume they’re willing to go to $209MM again for 2013, that leaves us with:

$131MM + X + Y + Z = $209MM.

We also know that $Z needs to buy about 5 wins to get to a projected 93 wins.

So if a win costs $5M, Z needs to be about $25M.

So that leaves about $53MM for X + Y, if the Yankees want to field a team that projects to win 93 games.

I have a feeling Mike K. has worked this out in an earlier comment, but does this sound right?  Anyone want to tweak my assumptions?

[17] That is pretty much the math I was looking at last week.

[18]  Okay.  Thanks.

I think $131 is for the 25 man, not the 40 man. I think you need to factor in another $7.5M, but I’m not 100% about that.

[19] I actually think it’s a little less than that because you have to account for players on the 40 man who are not arbitration eligible.

I think I was looking at something around 45-50MM available.

[16] I know. It was fucking disorienting. But they were dress pants that had cargo pockets.

[22] My mind is actually blown at the idea of this.

a) what could anyone have possibly been thinking when designing those things?
b) what could anyone have possibly been thinking when purchasing those things?
c) why?
d) why?
e) Cargo… dress pants…

[23] I’m not positive, but I have to think “Texas” factors into at least one of those questions.

Well, the worst case scenario is Mo + BattleCat + Kuroda costs them $45M and that’s the absolute worst case. Plus, they can fill catcher for free if they want to gamble and we know the DH will be by committee/taker a flyer on an older player who can also be the 4th OFer. So, it really comes down to how can they get some wins from RF? Platoon with Ichiro and Hairston is my vote.

Hey Cronin—your Comic Book Legends book got a shout-out in Cracked (meaning: they ripped you off).  Imitation is the sincerest form, etc.

Being a general has its perks.

Hey Cronin—your Comic Book Legends book got a shout-out in Cracked (meaning: they ripped you off).  Imitation is the sincerest form, etc.

Hehe, I actually made them add in the shout out after they shamelessly ripped me off for the entire article. Bad enough they ripped me off, but to not even credit me was pretty annoying. Always good to see someone get a million hits just ripping off your material. wink

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