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Friday, January 25, 2013

CBS: Cashman: A-Rod could miss the entire 2013 season

“I think because [of] the serious nature of the surgery and the condition that he’s trying to recover from, you know, there is that chance,” Cashman said when asked if A-Rod might miss the whole season (via CBS New York).

This isn’t, however, the most likely scenario.

“Best-case scenario, yeah, he should be back,” Cashman said (via CBS New York). “Worst-case scenario is he won’t be back or there might be something between.”

I’m setting the over/under on Rodriguez’s 2013 PA at 250.

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I take the under of 250 AB in 2014

[26 prior]

McNulty: You know what they call a guy who pays that much attention to his clothes, don’t you?

Bunk: A grown-up.

Who said anything about AB in 2014?

Odds Arod passes Aaron?  Bonds?

[4] maybe he means cumulative with 2013.

Better that he’s out the entire season, or that he comes back mid-season and offers nothing much better than his Oct 2012 performance?

Is Arod Oct 2012 better than Youk at this point?

Carl Pavano injured his spleen shoveling snow.  He was quoted as calling A-Rod “junior varsity”.

250 isn’t that far from best case.  If ARod misses half that season and then gets a fair number of rest days, his total PAs won’t be that much above 250.

Put me down for the under.

Also, anyone want to lay odds on who has more 2013 PA: ARod or Puke ?
Bonus side bet: PA as a Yankee 2013 and beyond.

Did Boone Logan just get more money from the Yankees than Robertson?  Someone needs a new agent.

Don’t they have some sort of contract insurance out on him? I know he’s gotta miss like a full calendar year to cash in on it… Could this be their chance?!!

(12) Arb 2 vs Arb 3.

Pretty pleased with this:

[13] Maybe ARod is going to do the solid and retire, and this is the prelude.

I would definitely bet on Puke getting more AB. Even if some miracle happens and Alex comes back, they’ll probably still give Ugly a bunch of days at 3B and DH.

Everybody notice that Kottaras is now a Royal?

[18]  That’s probably a sign that Cashman was right not to go for him.

ETA:  Perhaps the picture here tells the story.

I thought the Nick Johnson signing was a good idea.  Also, I’d like to take the under.

I didn’t necessarily LIKE the Johnson signing, but I definitely didn’t hate it. I thought he’d be better than Matsui, but not Damon. Damon just wouldn’t sign for the same amount of money (until it was too late).

Oh, look - new articles linking A-Rod to drug use. What a pleasure.

The last time we had articles linking A-Rod to drug use the Yankees won the World Series.

[15] for the bonus is that I no longer will hear Michael Kay refer to it as the “ol’ Jeff Nelson”.

There’s still time to improve around the margins, which is what we need really, to solidify our status as a contenduh.  But imho this has been a shitty offseason.  You know it’s bad when we sign a Cleveland Indians cast off after the Cleveland Indians have signed a former Yankee.

[24] You will get to hear that just about every game, as he talks about this year’s new rules change.

[26] “No more of the ol’ Jeff Nelson move.”

I’ll take the over on ARod PA’s.  Cashman was asked a question, he said sure it’s possible, but he thinks ARod will be back around the break.  Even with rest, he’ll probably still get into 70 games hitting somewhere between 2nd and 6th (usually 4th or 5th I would think), and probably get 4PA per game.

Of course it’s possible that he’ll get hurt again, or that something will happen during rehab, or any of a number of things.  I’m thinking he’ll be more like 2010 ARod, worth something like 2-2.5 WAR in a partial season.  Will just have to wait and see.

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