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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brewers (44-37) @ Yankees (47-31), Thursday, June 30, 2011, 1:05pm

MIL: Randy Wolf (34, LHP, 6-4, 3.20) vs. NYY: CC Sabathia (30, LHP, 10-4, 3.25)

Milwaukee Brewers
R. Weeks, 2B: .286/.354/.489
C. Gomez, CF: .220/.271/.361
R. Braun, LF: .314/.395/.557
P. Fielder, DH: .306/.426/.605
C. Hart, RF: .270/.351/.476
C. McGehee, 3B: .227/.279/.314
M. Gamel, 1B: .250/.250/.250
Y. Betancourt, SS: .236/.255/.348
G. Kottaras, C: .250/.282/.444

New York Yankees
B. Gardner, CF: .277/.359/.416
N. Swisher, RF: .250/.372/.429
M. Teixeira, 1B: .243/.352/.535
R. Cano, 2B: .289/.334/.502
J. Posada, DH: .240/.329/.425
A. Jones, LF: .213/.289/.400
E. Nunez, SS: .243/.291/.359
F. Cervelli, C: .197/.254/.279
R. Pena, 3B: .133/.235/.333

One can only hope that CC doesn’t plan on giving up any runs today.  I see the sense in resting Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez and Russell Martin.  I don’t see the sense in doing it IN THE SAME GAME.

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The top of the Brewers line up (minus Gomez) is crazy good. The bottom half, less so.

More Francisco! Fire up your DVRs!

The top of the Brewers line up (minus Gomez) is crazy good. The bottom half, less so.

Yeah, pretty big gap there.

Brewers 1-5: 12.3 WAR
Brewers 6-9: -0.5 WAR

Apparently the Yankees were jealous.

Yankees 1-5: 7.7 WAR
Yankees 6-9: -0.4 WAR

Wait that can’t be right…they’re going to play Jones in CF and Gardern in LF?

[4]  I was wondering that too . . .

No, that’s wrong.  Gardner’s in CF, Jones in LF.

Wait that can’t be right…they’re going to play Jones in CF and Gardern in LF?

What is it about gold gloves can’t you count?

... I’m hoping that’s a typo too.

Per LH it is Garnder in CF, yeah.

Sorry to resurrect old threads but…

john halfz, genius.

What did Gammo say that ticked Lackey off?

I kind of think Gordon would take a minor league deal from the Yankees.  He got his first ML action and win in pinstripes; they plucked him out of the minors to start.  That’s gotta say something to a guy.

C.C.‘s looking at Girardi’s door thinking about sawing off a shotgun right now, though I guess he could do similar damage with a bucket of baseballs or even (to be old-fashioned) a bat.

[9] That Lackey may decide he wants to get Tommy John surgery this August. I think.

Link to the Gammo article?

[10]  I think what we all want out of you is less comedy and more Mitre-defending.

We may be getting worked up about nothing. CC will keep it close and Girardi will use those guys to pinch hit if necessary. We may be arguing about 6-7 AB’s.

It is nuts that the Yankees’ shitty lineup is actually pretty decent looking.

to defend Gammons, ...

How dare you, Rilke?

[16] How much have you had to drink today?

The only thing better than a lineup with Cervellio is a lineup where Cervellio doesn’t bat last.

Why isn’t CC batting, and Po DHing for Pena or Cervelli?

[21] That is a reasonable question.

[22] Unfortunately not allowed by rule.

[17] Speculators have to hang together, or etc.

[23] Really? Never read into the rule that closely, but I thought you could have the DH replace any player at the plate.

[21] Not permissible under AL rules, though surely a preferred alternative among those who want to win.

Why isn’t CC batting, and Po DHing for Pena or Cervelli?

Pena’s not in the lineup for his glove.

Mike Cameron DFA’D? Really?

Is Cameron >  Jones?

I think at this point Cameron is not better than the Yankees in-house options like Dickerson or Golson or Maxwell.

Is Cameron >  Jones?

I have to count the gold gloves or the ringz first.

Cool. Mini strike zone in effect.

Jones is almost certainly a much better hitter than Cameron at this point, and I don’t think a team like the Yankees would get enough defensive gain from swapping Jones/Cameron to make up for that gap. 

The Yankees already have two capable MLB CF on the roster, and I’d just as soon see someone like Greg Golson on the roster if they want a pure defensive replacement OF.

My guess is the Red Sox will trade him somewhere and eat his salary before letting him have a chance to sign with the Yankees anyway, but I wouldn’t touch him.

Ok, here is the Lackey-Gammo link. I think Lackey was just upset that he pitched a good game against a good offense, ended up losing anyway, and had to deal with useless speculation about his elbow injury which was started by Gammo.

I consider myself a randy wolf.

Has anyone made that joke before?  Probably not, right?  If anyone it’s Mel Hall.

The thing with putting Gardner on base is that he’ll probably get picked off or thrown out on a lame steal attempt.

Oh wait. Huh?

Get all the runs you can with 1-5 boys.

Do those runs count since no bunt attempts were made?

Go Robby.

Holy crap, I’m missing a day game?!?!?!?!


“With all the problems with Lackey’s elbow, is this guy going to end up needing Tommy John surgery before August? That’s something [the Red Sox] have to decide.”

You’d think this guy would appreciate the potentially harmful effect of baseless health-related speculation.

Maybe Gammons forgot he was speaking and not posting at SOSH.

GD has Gardner flying out to the RF at a spot which looks like it’s about a foot deeper than where the 2b usually plays.

Really Gammons’ smearing the Yankees with a bogus tampering allegation is a worse offense.  It’s totally irresponsible and borders on defamation.  In fact it would be defamation were it not the higher burden of proof for public figures.  Gammons should have apologized; instead the allegations seems to have vanished into a black hole.

Oh Nuney.  Or is it Noonie?

Re: Gammons, I think you can read the verbiage of his Lackey statement and see that he’s more opining than anything.  I don’t remember the Yankee/tampering allegation quote, but I’m pretty sure something along the lines of “I know for a fact” was part of it.  That makes the two things incomparable IMO. 

He really should be forced to prove his allegations against the Yankees, but I guess they don’t see the sense in wasting their time pursuing it.

Gammons should be more concerned about getting his team’s offense going again. Philadelphia’s pitching is terrific, but it’s not this dominant.

Really seems like they’re not getting much on the corners today.

Yay CC.

Yay Teix.

You’re on the MARK!

I feel that home run was bound to happen the way Wolf has been pitching.

Allow me to use the occasion of Tex’s 300th career HR to complain about his low batting average.

I bet Corey Hart is delighted about that HBP of Cano.

Would you trade Nova, Banuelos and Montero for King Felix?

Serling sounded tentative on what I guess was a no brainer. Now they’re disparaging CCs Ks.

[57] Just to enrage Gammo? He’s getting kind of old. Have a heart.

I feel like we’ve discussed thsi before, but I don’t remember the final conclusion:  Should resting guys be bunched together or spread out.  Is it better to hurt your offense by a little bit for several games, or severely hurt it for one game.  I know I shivered in fear when I saw our lineup today, but I’m thinking this is the better move.

From a strategic standpoint, you can presume a lower scoring environment.  You pitch/play defense knowing that you probably won’t be able to bat your way out of it.  On offense, maybe you increase the amount of small ball type moves you make.  etc etc.  If there was one pitcher on the team that could carry this lineup, it would be CC.  And in a worst case scenerio, he gets the loss, hurts his cy young vote, and then looks ever so slightly worse when he’s trying to resign.  It’s the cost effective move!

[59] yer killin me today

[58] Now, Suzyn, I’ve always thought, why waste 9 pitches striking one guy out when you can let him reach base with one big, fat, meatball pitch and get the next guy out anyway? Oh, oh, well, c’est la vie. And that’s why we’re up here, Suzyn, and Joseph Girardi is down there.

[63] The Stottlemyre approach, never really understood why one would want to give up Ks. Especially with the Yankees defense when he was the pitching coach.

I get the feeling, based on nary a scintilla of evidence, that the Yankees will make a run at King Felix at the deadline.  The Mariners have a 1.8% of making the playoffs according to baseball prospectus.  Maybe they’ll be sellers at the deadline.


He smoked that bloop single!

Don’t worry, everyone. I’ll be way up in the northern New Hampshire woods tomorrow through Tuesday, out of radio range, and out of internet range, too.

So the only Sterling star you’ll have to deal with this weekend is the genuine article.

[67] Where you going, john?  I’ve vacationed up that way a few times.

[65] Marlins could also be sellers, Josh Johnson, Anibel Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco. Although I can’t see the Marlins giving up Johnson without taking some extreme flak from MLB.

{60} To ask a somewhat related question, is it better for a hitter to go 4-4, 0-4, 0-4, 0-4 in four games or 1-4 in four games?

[69] Isn’t Johnson hurt again?  I think I read he’s heading to see Dr. Andrews for his shoulder.

[65] I see three major problems with that:

1) Seattle would have to get absolutely insane return on King Felix.  Trading him would be a gut-punch to their fans and he really is incredibly valuable (and projects to continue to be for years and years - this isn’t trading Johan Santana when he’s already on the way downhill).  Edit: also, the Santana trade was about getting 1 year of Johan + the ability to extend.  Felix is locked up at reasonable cost for years and years, isn’t he?  So even if you set aside the fact that he’s younger & better, his contract situation is more valuable.  So yeah, the return would have to be utterly ridiculous.

2) The AL West isn’t all that good.  I have to imagine it’s pretty easy for Seattle to dream a bit, even though they’ve got serious holes in their roster.

3) The non-trade of Cliff Lee from last year seems like it may have ended with some bad feelings.  This is minor compared to #1, but I think it’s there.

Allow me to use the occasion of Tex’s 300th career HR to complain about his low batting average.

Very nice, Mal.

Should resting guys be bunched together or spread out.

I think a day game after a night game is also a prime contributing factor and the need for rest. Martin and Alex probably needed it. Granderson feels like he’s hardly ever been giving the day off since he’s been hitting good. So ... it was more than due, and it’s a lefty on the mound. So ... binder?

Re-read my comment and it didn’t really address your comment.

[72] The Yankees would have to pay a king’s ransom, if you will, nyuk nyuk.

[60] I don’t think there was a conclusion.  Halfway through the conversation, someone started complaining about Joba…

[70] Hmm, we know it’s better for a pitcher to be either really good or really bad rather than consistently mediocre. I’m not sure if the same applies to hitter.

My initial instinct is that it’s better for a hitter to go 1-4 in 4 games, but since hitting is far more contextual than pitching it’s more complicated.

[72] (3) I don’t think hard feelings would matter to Cashman if you’re talking about Felix.  As for your others, right on.  Though there is certainly a package that would work for the Mariners, I’m not sure the Yankees would be willing to do it.

It all depends on the sequencing, so it depends on what the other hitters in the lineup, as well as when the hitter gets his hits if we’re choosing the 1-for-4s…

Also, are the hits HRs?  Doubles?

I think yfinbrazil posted some stuff about whether it’s better to bunch ones hits or spread them out…but I can’t remember what he said or if there was a firm conclusion.

[78] Didn’t realize before, but if Clay were to put a word starting with “F” after “the”, he’d have awesome initials…

I lust after King Felix.

[68] Between Berlin and Errol. Have heard Crawford Notch is pretty spectacular, good hikes, etc. But thinking I can probably replicate same in Dixville Notch and maybe get up to Connecticut Lakes

[78] How much coke? I mean, sure.

[82] I’ll work on that.

I lust after King Felix.

Too much information.

[82, 85]
Fairly? Famously? Fantastically?

For Alex:

4-4, 0-4, 0-4, 0-4

Statpadder!, booo, unclutch!, booooooooooo!!!!!!!

1-4 in four games

Statpadder!, booo, unclutch!, booooooooooo!!!!!!!

[84] It’s pretty up there.  Enjoy.  I’ve been going to the Laurentians for the last few years for my summer vacation.

Congratulations to Eduardo Nunez for making a routine play at short look routine.

I have the impression that CC’s velo is up a click since his last start on Saturday.

CC is a good player to have.

He could probably equal his Yankees K high today.

[90]  Thanks for having my back.

CC is a good player to have.

Opt out?

[95] including the hair on it?

[95] You’d probably feel a bit more vindicated were I gay, but I like it as an exclamation, unfortunately Snuggles the Firestorm Unfortunate Porcupine doesn’t quite flow.

Sigh, Jorge.  Why do you even bother hitting singles?

Posada with a bit of BABIP correction.

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