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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blue Jays at Yankees: 2/24/2013 Spring Training Chatter

The game is free (I think) on for those who don’t get YES.  Watch the best team in the AL East play against the Yankees!  Well, actually watch two innings of the best team in the AL East play against two innings of the Yankees then watch a bunch of scrubs.

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NYT Sports today “Rogue Captain, Sinking Ship” tells the story of Yankee captain 100 years ago Hal Chase who admittedly threw games for a gambler’s payoff often by arriving at 1B a split second too late to catch an infielder’s throw.

That must’ve really messed up the CAIRO projections.

Not as obvious as refusing to bunt away from an 80 foot shift.

Interesting post on BTF yesterday by a fellow named Shoe Grit.

“CFB, you wrote this on page 1. BP’s OBI% is simpy the percentage of all runners on base batted in.

Whats so incomprehensible about that ?

Here is the top 20, Min 300 PA’s (258 PLayers in all) LINK

Hamilton 22.2%
Cabrera 21.4
Gonzalez 21.1 (Boston PA’s only)
Hunter 20.8
Lee 20.5
Nelson 20.3
Colvin 20.2
Ruiz 20
Headley 19.9
Craig 19.8
Montero 19.7
Lucroy 19.4
Soriano 19.4
Longoria 19.4
Arencibia 19.4
Inge 19.2
Butler 18.9
C. Gonzalez 18.7
A Ramiriez 18.7
Posey 18.4

There are quite a number of guys on this top 20 list that I would not put anywhere near the top 20 most valuable hitters, top 20 “best” hitters, or even top 20 “best RBI men”....yet here it is, in a very simple, comprehensible stat.

Other players of interest

42nd Trout 17.3

The Yankees were especially bad as a team

The BEST Yankee, Swisher, clocked in at 16.5 %, 64th overall

Tex 15.5% 95th
Granderson 14.9% 118th
Cano 12.8% 184th
Jeter 12.6% 188th
A Rod 11.0 230th
Martin 10.6% 236th

Thats stunning really…..if just one or two off those guys cracked the top 50 their offense would have looked a bit different perhaps.

And of course…Jeff Franceour, 9.6%, 246th out of 258 with 300 PA or more.”

Yes, that feels pretty accurate. If Ichiro can hit .300 and Gardner stays healthy, this team should be way more entertaining to watch. Yeah, that’s right, I sound like a Red Sox executive… win sexier, damn it!

Baseball again, thank god.

Warren K’s Melky to end the 1st.

Granderson hit by a pitch on the arm/wrist and comes out.  Nice.

John and Suze I missed you.  Today only.  Hafner sucks.

Is gameday working for anyone ? I got a big white box of nothin’.

(6)  Six months without John, and you may be ready for an afternoon with him, but three seconds of listening to Michael Kay, and I hit the mute button again. Maybe I’ll give him another shot in 2014.

I love listening to everyone complain about Kay all season, he doesn’t bother me because I never hear him.

It sucks to lose Singleton and Cone and Leiter, but it’s a small price to pay to not have to listen to Kay.  Or commercials.  But mostly Kay. 

I’ve found that baseball on mute is pretty enjoyable, it helps encourage reading during games, and makes conversation around the house smoother, the wife and kids aren’t always trying to talk over something. 

I really can’t imagine missing John.

Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Youkilis 3.

Yes, of course. Joins the Yankees, cash the check shave your face, cut your hair, forget how to hit with RISP.

“Precautionary” Xrays for Grandy in other words back after All Star break.

Granderson broken arm. Out 10 weeks.

Grandy out 10 weeks.  Awesome news.

Zoilo Almonte, come on down!

So what about that Cuban kid, he can hit maybe.

Granted, better now than say March 30th.

10 weeks until he plays or until he starts doing “baseball activities”?

Was watching Perks of a Wallflower and didn’t know about Grandy.  But we have so many home run hitters he’ll scarcely be missed.

Fuck baseball in 2013.

Granderson is out for a month. Just need someone to put up an .OPS over .700 for a month’s worth of games. This is hardly a disaster or anything. 14. is exactly right. If this happens March 30th it’s a complete nightmare and probably necessitates a trade for Alfonso Soriano. As it is, would taking a look at Mustelier for a month really be such a terrible thing? Now, hopefully this isn’t a Gardner situation, but that injury seemed to be misdiagnosed right from the start.

[18] - The Yankees have almost no margin of error already this year so nothing is a small deal.

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