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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Baseball America: Yankees To Sign Top International Prospects Raimfer Salinas, Antonio Cabello

Venezuelan outfielder Raimfer Salinas and Venezuelan catcher Antonio Cabello, two of the top 2017 international prospects, have deals to sign with the Yankees.

Salinas, 16, was the No. 10 international prospect for July 2 in the 2017 class, while Cabello, 17, ranked No. 15 on Baseball America’s rankings of the top 50 international prospects for 2017. Both players trained with Francisco Ortiz. takes a while to update their list to reflect which team signed the available guys, but according to THEIR rankings, the Yankees now have four of the top 11 prospects (they signed Ronny Rojas months ago and still doesn’t have it updated to include him).

International free agents are obviously crapshoots, but still, there obviously is some major talent to be found there. This is how the Yankees got Severino, Sanchez and, back in the day, Jorge Posada, Robinson Cano and Mariano Rivera. So, better to get as many guys as you can (if you couldn’t get Ohtani).

Cabello is particularly interesting because their minor league system is a bit barren, catcher-wise.

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Do you stay up 24/7 in case news breaks about international signings?

Funny how the Yanks went from a catcher glut to Romine and Higgy and…Eric Kratz.

Yeah, but they are set at C for the next decade…with Romine.

Jorge Posada, unlike Bernie Williams, was a draft pick —43rd round in 1990.

Puerto Rican players became eligible for the MLB draft in 1990.

Rockies sign Dante Bichette Jr, can’t believe Cash let him walk. #Shortsighted.

He’ll mash in Coors.

Nice little present for Yankee fans.

Unrelated, but I just looked it up so I figured I’d share. I always assumed BG could be traded after next season with rhe Yankees picking up his option. But that’s not true. He’ll get 10-5 rights at some point next season. Tgis is their last chance to trade him.

Interesting.  I don’t think they should trade Gardner, but the Giants do seem
like a fit—do they have anything worth wanting?  Or is Gardner not worth more than a couple middling prospects?

Wow, Gardner was worth almost 5 WAR last year.  Granted he’ll be 34/35, but he’s got surplus value for sure.

Buster Olney
Column: As some agents and execs predicted a year ago, a lot of teams treating new CBA rules as a salary cap, and it’s a bloodbath for veteran free agents. 

Time is on Cash’s Side.

The O’s are overplaying their hand. With other FA being available and prices dropping, they have less leverage with another team to get a better return.

Maybe someone needs to drop Machado a note, that he’ll do better in a deal where he signs an extension as part of a trade, and so would the O’s.

I think the O’s specifically said they wouldn’t allow any team a window to negotiate an extension.

[11] Wonder how many FAs are sending Tony Clark a Christmas card.

[12] The O’s fucked up their play a year ago. Basically, once Sale went to the Sox, any chance of the O’s grabbing the AL East went out the window. They knew then that they wouldn’t be able to hold on to Macahdo. He would have brought back a huge return with 2 years of control. Now they want 90%+ of the return they would have gotten then, but he just doesn’t hold that value any longer.

[12] Why would he do better? Maybe he sees a bunch of teams waiting for FAs like him to hit the market.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas RLYW! I hope you and your family are together and healthy.

As for me, my son’s Switch was much quicker and easier to set up then I thought it would be.

Happy Hollidays!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and a good day off to those who don’t.

Merry Christmas!

The Cole deal apparently might expand to include Andujar and Josh Harrison. I don’t get it. Harrison makes $10 million and Cole makes $8 million. How could that fit under the HalCap?

They better not trade away a bullpen guy to clear salary!

Betances is a goner, mark my words.

Betances value is very low. They would have to move one of TPBG, Hicks, or Robertson.

Although it was calculated that they have about $15M to spend, so they can make $18M work as it really is only an increase of $17M then they just need to find someone to take a couple mil of Smells.

Might be best to let Betances regain his value then trade him midseason.

It’s not about the return, it’s about clearing cap space.  Though to my surprise he’s only projected to get 4.4m in arb, I thought it would be higher.

Hard to believe there’s any serious deal making going on today, I think the Daily News is just filing up space.  Is Harrison somebody we might want let alone give up Clint, Andujar and Adams for him and Cole?

If they are not comfortable giving Andujar the job to start the year and plan on trying to sign Machado or Donaldson next off-season, might as well use Andujar to expand the trade to have more of a sure thing at third next season in Harrison. Then they just need one of Torreyes, Wade, or Torres to give them the couple of WAR Castro would have.

Nobody is going to do the Yankees a favor and just take Ells off their hands. They’ll have to throw a decent prospect in as a sweetener.

[25]Been saying that all along.

[29]Get Jeter drunk on boozy eggnog. Problem solved.

I could see different teams giving Betances wildly different valuations going forward. Does anyone think the Steinbrenners could/would package Betances and Ellsbury together to get rid of Ells’ contract?  If they don’t, the Steinbrenners might starve.

Betances struck out over fifteen batters per nine last year. I don’t think they are going to need to dump that kind of money because they’ll want to have room for a significant in-season move.

Merry Xmas, everyone. And Merry XXXmas to the true degenerates among us.

How many people here think that Frazier + Adams + Andujar for Cole and Harrison is a good trade?

I would not do that trade. I would do Frazier for Cole straight up but even that’s not a slam dunk win.

34. I don’t see the Yankees as needing to drop the four or five million that Betances is going to make in order to get order the cap. I think they’ll want to have more flexibility than that going into the season.

Cole makes this team worse.

I don’t think that he makes the team worse, but I don’t think that he improves it enough to make a big move for him while trusting third base to Andujar and Torreyes and Wade.

What’s their real internal evaluation of Andujar? He didn’t really come in to his own until last year and his defense is suspect, I think.  What’s their real internal evaluation of Clint. Is Harrison an upgrade/downgrade/or push from Todd?
And why did they let Headley go without something in place.

I assume their internal evaluation on Headley is the same as mine. He is completely broken down and they would rather just role with Andujar if they can’t find a different option.

I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiink that they like Andujar enough that they think that they can stick with him if need be, which is why they were willing to trade Headley without a replacement ready. I DO think that they plan on picking up a third baseman, though.

[39] how do you project him?

Steamer projects him for 3.8 fWAR next year. They project him to have more fWAR than every current Yankee starter other than Severino. I think that sounds high, but I think it’s reasonable enough to expect him to get close to that, with the chance of him beating it. In other words, there are reasons outside of “Cash is just obsessed with this guy” for Cash to be bullish on Cole.

I just don’t get it with the situation that they currently have at third base.

Cash should just trade for Headley and Castro and call it an off-season.

[44] - The problem with fWAR is he has consistently under-performed his FIP.  For starting pitchers I prefer bWAR and his 4 year weighted average projection for 2018 is 2.6 WAR.  Montgomery had 2.9 WAR last season in 155 IP.  It’s hardly a solid projection to just use 2017 given it is his rookie year but I’m at the place where I don’t want to take Montgomery out of the rotation for Cole at all let alone trade prospects for him.

I think there is a case to be made that swapping Cole in the rotation for Montgomery and sending Montgomery to AAA while also losing prospects and their cheap production could legitimately make the Yankees worse and that’s before you even factor in what they could do with that money elsewhere.

Cole is Eovaldi 2.0 waiting to happen.

[47] - I’ve been saying Javy Vazquez, but that works too.

There is no need for another SP at this point.

Not at this point but I don’t trust Tanaka or CC to not miss starts. Banking on even getting replacement level performance from Adams or anyone else from the farm seems like an incredible gamble.

I am fine with Cole and Harrison for Adams, Frazier, and Andujar if the Yankees scouts don’t think Andujar can be trusted, Adams doesn’t have a high ceiling, and Clint can’t play CF.

Exactly. Whoever it is that shakes out as the sixth starter will be an upgrade and improve the team.

Clint is Jesus Part Deux. He has no role here, but he can help fill a gap.

Clint can’t play CF

That doesn’t mean he has no value and should be traded for 6th starter depth/non cheap back of the rotation innings eater either. There is a difference between having no role in 2018 and having little value period.

What you rather have ? Cole in case CC/Tanaka/Severino get injured, or Frazier in case….hmmmm…..Gardner, Judge, Hicks, AND Stanton go down ?

I think it’s also clear that the Yankees don’t think a whole lot of Adams.

What you rather have ? Cole in case CC/Tanaka/Severino get injured, or Frazier in case….hmmmm…..Gardner, Judge, Hicks, AND Stanton go down?

I’d rather have Frazier for 2019 and beyond and using the $7M ish elsewhere.

If you are okay sticking Montgomery in AAA for a year for Cole why aren’t you okay holding onto Frazier for a year?

It’s not that I’m high on Adams, I think there are real question marks.  Still, what teams have a sixth or even fifth starter better than replacement level?  And I’m not opposed to trading Frazier either.  I just am very skeptical of Cole’s trajectory and how he’s going to fare in the ALE. 

Harrison is interesting though, average to above player, controllable for three years but two of those are team options.

[55] Because he is the least likely OF to contribute this year, certainly less likely to contribute than even a 6th starter this year, and even less likely to be needed in 2019 and beyond if the go after and get Harper. What he can get you now can even be more valuable than him, in 2019.

What do you see in him that makes him so precious ?

[57] - In BA midseason prospect list he was a top 50 prospect in all of baseball (I forget his exact number).  He was the key piece in a trade for Miller.  He has value.  Just because the Yankees aren’t in a position to use him right now (getting Harper is about as sure as a thing as getting Ohtani was this off-season) doesn’t mean they should give him away for a very small upgrade.

If you had 5 Mike Trouts would you trade one of them for Jamie Garcia because you could use him more than a 5th OFer or should you get equal value in return for him because he’d has a ton of value?

Frazier for Trout…that’s starting to sound interesting.

59 Trout is injury prone.

[60] Good with slivered almonds.

If I had 5 Mike Trouts, I’d trade 3 of them for stuff I need, yeah.

If I had five Mike Trouts I would consider trading one, but only for things I really needed.  I could use some white v-neck tshirts and a couple pairs of everyday shoes, for example.

Can any of the Mike Trouts pitch ? Or play 3b ?

Remember when we were kicking around a possible trade for Mike Olt?  I’m glad that didn’t happen.

Trout is injury prone.

That’s seriously like some of the actual comments at MLB Trade Rumors when the Stanton trade happened. “Eh, he’s not that good.”

I mean, we get it, it’s not like Stanton makes the Yankees automatic World Series favorites or anything, but for anyone to look at the Stanton deal and not say, “Oh, that was a good deal for the Yankees” is just trying to hard to look on the downside.

Staton has good D and putting him at DH for Frazier’s sake is as smart as putting Judge there. He is blocked hard for years to come. Frazier should be more valuable to every other team in baseball than us as a 6th OFer. That is why he should be traded, of course not for less than what he is worth. I’m not particularly fond of Cole but he is easily more valuable than Frazier to this team and really every other. Seeing Gary, Judge and Severino become elite players so rapidly understandably has many Yankee fans overvaluing prospects I think.

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