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Friday, November 9, 2012

Baseball America: 2013 Yankee Top 10 Prospects

1. Mason Williams, of
2. Slade Heathcott, of
3. Gary Sanchez, c
4. Tyler Austin, of
5. Jose Campos, rhp
6. Brett Marshall, rhp
7. Angelo Gumbs, 2b
8. Manny Banuelos, lhp
9. Ty Hensley, rhp
10. Rafael De Paula, rhp

Given the Yankees’  track record of developing pitchers, I’m happy to see position players at the top four spots on this list.  They’re all still at least two years away, but I’m optimistic in varying degrees on all four of Williams, Heathcott, Sanchez and Austin.

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Even with 2013 lost for Banuelos, I’m surprised to see Marshall ranked ahead of him.

[1] Marshall I’ve often read has a very strong chance of being a #3 starter in the big leagues.  I think given the new uncertaintity over Banuelos’s future - injuries and recent command issues - it’s defensible.

[0] I could see Austin in the big leagues in 2014.  He’s likely starting 2013 in AA, and if he has a big first half could be promoted to Scranton as early as June.  Even a non-pedestrian first half he’s likely in Scranton by August.  Best case - big first half Trenton, big 2nd half in Scranton - he’s in the conversation for starting RF in 2014, or maybe a righty-bat/corners utility player on bench.  Average case I think he starts 2014 in Scranton, but is first in line to be called up if a righty-bat/corner OF is needed.  The other 3…Heathcott has a chance to start 2014 in AAA as well, could be a 2nd half callup.  Williams and Sanchez will be a while; Williams missed time for injury and Sanchez they’ll want to get lots of time to work on defense.

[2] With Banuelos’ setback I understand it, still a little bit surprised since up until this injury many thought Banuelos’ floor to be right around Marhall’s ceiling.

I’m just pleased Campos has enough upside to still be ranked fifth. Or is it a matter of the Yankee prospects after the top four just all being really bad?

[4] Marshall is solid but unspectacular, but the rest of the players on the list all have nice upsides Banuelos, Hensley and DePaula all have significant upsides and Gumbs is a very nice prospect as well. They are just all pretty far away.

he’s in the conversation for starting RF in 2014, or maybe a righty-bat/corners utility player on bench.

He ain’t pitching teh ate? Bust.

I like Heathcott a lot; I just want to see him play a full season without having to have his shoulder rebuilt.

Where are all the catchers we supposedly have? Only one in the top 10? All I heard the past few years was that there were scads of great catchers on the farm.

If there was a top 10 for cougar bait, Cervelli would be over A-Rod.

[5] All those guys have some warts as well.  Banuelos obviously TJS.  Hensley the shoulder “abonormalities”.  I think Gumbs missed significant time last year and was considered a raw talent anyway.  DePaula I think had visa issues and only got to the states recently, correct?  So he’s a bit of an unknown as scouts in the states haven’t had much of a look at him, and he doens’t have a track record.  I think the only one that has a ceiling considred to be less than “above average regular” (3+ win player) is Marshall, who is thought of as more an “average” regular.  But he’s also very close to the big leagues, which is why I think he’s on this list.

[7] Keith Law in his chat yesterday mentioned that Heathcott has more/better tools than Williams, but plays like he’s trying to break through a brick wall with his shoulder.  I think you certainly want your players to play with aggressiveness/passion, but he’s got to tone it down a bit.

All I heard the past few years was that there were scads of great catchers on the farm.

Well, there are.  Or were anyway.  Montero of course, but was just traded.  Sanchez is looked at in a similar vein than Montero, possibly could be better (more power/patience, greater chance to stick at C).  Romine if he could stay healthy still looks to be a starting-caliber catcher.  Just maybe on a 2nd division team.  Murphey (IMHO) could still be an All Star.  Just not a potential MVP like Sanchez.

There are a few others as well, but both further away and lesser chance of being impact players.  Bird (BTW turns 20 today) sounds like an elite hitter, but looks like he’s being moved to 1B.  Still some potential to be maybe a Adrian Gonzalez type, but with adequate instead of exceptional defense.  So maybe a 3-4 win player.  And then Peter O’Brien was a college pick from last year.  Conflicting reports on his defense, and his bat.  Some think he may be an average defensive C, some think 1B/DH is in his future.  He’s got tons of power (.192 isoP in A-), but may not have enough patience/contact abilities.  So he could be anywhere from an average defensive C who hits like an average DH (5 WAR player) to a DH who hits like an average C (probably top out at AA).

Finally, Isaias Tejeda.  I know nothing about his defense.  But he burst onto the scene with a 331/404/568 (wRC+ of 174) in rookie ball last year, at age 18.  But he got hurt (don’t recall end of last year or beginning of this year), and this year put up a diappointing 187/267/308 line in Staten Island.  Still, just turned 20 and being fully healthy they may send him to Charleston and see if he can regain 2011’s impact.

But he got hurt

Wait, a Yankee prospect got HURT? You’re blowing my mind here!

I actually like Heathcott more than williams from what I’ve heard, both have some issues related to make-up. Heathcott apparently plays like every moment is the most important moment in the history of baseball and Williams is super self-critical. Both are better make-up issues than having a lazy player or a player unwilling to take instruction, but the yare possible stumbling blocks.

[11] Ha!

1. Heathcott scares me. I’d like to see him play a season without destroying his shoulder. Even if he manages to do that his K rate is alarming.

2. Corban Joseph should have been on this list.

3. I really like Gumbs, a lot.

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