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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

AL All-Stars @ NL All-Stars, Tuesday, 7/11/2017, 08:00p ET

AL: Chris Sale (L): (127.2 IP, 2.75 ERA) vs. NL: Max Scherzer (R): (128.1 IP, 2.10 ERA)

AL All-Stars
1. Jose Altuve (R) 2B .347/.417/.551
2. Jose Ramirez (S) 3B .332/.388/.601
3. Aaron Judge (R) RF .329/.448/.691
4. George Springer (R) LF .310/.380/.613
5. Carlos Correa (R) SS .325/.402/.577
6. Justin Smoak (S) 1B .294/.360/.575
7. Corey Dickerson (L) DH .312/.355/.548
8. Salvador Perez (R) C .290/.318/.532
9. Mookie Betts (R) CF .272/.351/.490

NL All-Stars
1. Charlie Blackmon (L) CF .319/.372/.583
2. Giancarlo Stanton (R) DH .277/.360/.572
3. Bryce Harper (L) RF .325/.431/.590
4. Buster Posey (R) C .324/.406/.498
5. Daniel Murphy (L) 2B .342/.393/.572
6. Nolan Arenado (R) 3B .301/.351/.554
7. Ryan Zimmerman (R) 1B .330/.373/.596
8. Marcell Ozuna (R) LF .316/.374/.566
9. Zack Cozart (R) SS .316/.394/.547

I don’t care who wins.  I’d just like to see Judge go yard.

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With no meaning again maybe it will be a tie. Special shout out to Joe torre.

That’s pretty awesome that Francona has him batting third.

What if Judge’s K rate drops even more next year?

In 2015 Altuve hit 313 with an OBP of 353, for 2016/17 he’s hitting about 340 with an OBP around 405 nearly doubling his walks from 2015 to 16. So it seems being a little less agressive and a little more selective hasn’t hurt which makes me wonder why Didi or Castro or TOE can’t make some adjustments.

Dellin gonna Dellin.

If it is possible to Cadillac it in the field, Harper just did.

[4] This is the difference between good players and the best players. I mean, in the history of baseball there are thousands of counterexample to your argument. It’s just really hard.

So, Judge’s swing already ruined by the HRD. Thanks.

Who’s the mental patient in the pink shirt behind home plate who paid $17k to windmill his arms trying to put the whammy on the pitcher ?

I mean, at some point it’s time to grow up beyond 7 years old.


oh man this is gonna be so great when it’s another tie.

11 Sic how are poeple relating to Chris Ferguson’s?

Speaking of mental patients, what is wrong with this Townie douchebag, doing his vulture pose on each pitch ?

You’d think when he started that in little league someone would have beat his ass, badly, and fixed that.

None of the Yankees exactly distinguishing themselves.

[12] You mean for almost winning the Stud championship at the WSOP?

15 Isn’t he in the top 10 for POY. I know there was a lot of hostility towards Ferguson and Lederer, is there still?

[16] Tremendous amounts. Lederer has at least shown remorse. Ferguson remains unrepentant. He is not exactly the most popular guy in the world of poker, a place populated by just staggering amounts of self-involved douchebags.

(9)  I object to being called a mental patient.  I am so much more than that!

5 Betances didn’t let the pressure get to him, just pitched his typical innng.

Bird was doing drills and BP in Staten Island, expected to start a rehab assignment soon in Trenton or Scranton.

So what’s wrong with him?  The weirdness around his injury is getting to be Mets-level.

I imagine it’s a severe case of boneitis.

Idiopathic tarso iniuriam.

I tried. I mean, I really tried. To watch the AAA ASG.

Coulnd’t do it.


Deep All-Star Break thoughts: if Josh Fogg had ever been a Yankee while Girardi was the manager, his nickname would have been “Foggy.”

[22] Ha!

My only regret ... is that ... I have ... boneitis!

[24] C’mon, man. I even watched the Bush’s Beans MVP presentation. Brought to you by Bush’s Beans. Who became the official beans of Minor League Baseball this year.

But if I could watch only one baseball game per year, it would be the Futures Game

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