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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A-Rod’s Zones

Alex Rodriguez
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A-Rod wOBA by Pitch Location
UpMiddle Down

All heatmaps and data courtesy of the In Depth Baseball analytics platform

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Could it be he just’s seen a few hanging breaking balls up this year and hit them out?

All his 2011 HRs have come on fastballs and cutters.

My untutored scouting eyes suggest to me that his bat speed is outrageous this year.  He’s punishing the ball.

What would one expect from his hip no longer being a problem in terms of this?  I would have guessed trouble getting to inside stuff.

[4] That and trouble catching up to fastballs. At least, that is what I would guess. I am sure someone knows a bit more about these things than I as I am not a doctor, don’t play one on tv, and have never stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

From the previous thread - What I won’t do is boo my guys at a game.

Completely agree. It’s one thing to make a snarky comment during a complaintchatter to keep yourself from throwing a remote through your television whilst the Yankees are getting no-hit by Cy Humber. It’s another thing altogether to boo a player in person when there is even a chance it would affect his psyche. However, these would be the same things if (as we all assume to be the case, or at least SHOULD be the case) the entire Yankees organization reads this weblog.

I don’t mind some booing, if it’s a player who doesn’t seem to be trying.  I went to Baltimore in 2008 to boo Carl Pavano, and I have no regrets about that.  Great stadium, nice weather, and prices so low that I could afford to get close enough to know that Carl would be able to hear me.

I find it difficult to care whether people want to boo.

This post is a lot less sexy than the headline suggests.

I enjoy a lusty boo, particularly aimed at the other team, but occasionally for a home player who, as Dred says, doesn’t seem to be trying.

I believe that the players would boo me if they knew who I was, so I feel justified.

Every time a home fan boooos, a Unicorn dies.

[13] I’d boo a yankees unicorn too, if it spent as much time on the DL as Pavano did.

Referees in some sports are called zebras.  There’s a joke here somehow for someone witty, perhaps about the fake umpires.

[14] I am pretty sure a replacement level unicorn would pitch more innings than Pavano did.

[15] When you hear hoofbeats, think Centaurs.

Re: {15} Until someone witty comes along… I never saw a zebra-unicorn/ I never hope to see one /but from the strikes they’re calling now/ there certainly must be one

Man cannot run in the house of Molino

Kay overestimates the distance of drives even more then Serling.

The Chicago radio announcers are making fun of John Sterling in the adjacent booth. “He was getting ready for ‘The Grandy Man.’” “How does that one go again? You told me…”

In the one week that I’ve been listening to our opponents’ radio feeds, I have noticed how level their emotions are, but I did not expect to hear even friendly put-downs of our broadcasters - I thought that was our job. Like when Mel Brooks writes a line like “A Druish princess!”.


Is that an air raid siren, or a wolf howling?

One of the prettiest swings in baseball.

Incidentally, the WSCR broadcasters had just criticized Cano for his lack of effort on the foul bunt.

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