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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 Top Prospects

Baseball America released their list of the Top 100 Prospects in baseball today:

32. Mason Williams, OF, NYY
57. Gary Sanchez, C, NYY
63. Slade Heathcott, OF, NYY
77. Tyler Austin, OF, NYY

A few weeks back, Keith Law also released his Top 100:

18. Gary Sanchez, C, NYY
35. Mason Williams, OF, NYY
52. Tyler Austin, OF, NYY
57. Slade Heathcott, OF, NYY

The big difference in the lists is the ranking of Sanchez and Austin.  In the case of Sanchez, Law seems to believe more in his defense than BA does. With Austin, Law has more faith in his power than BA does.

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Are any of these guys in their late 30s? If not, I can’t see them cracking the Yankee lineup.

I was very surprised to see BA rate Williams’ power potential as higher than both Heathcott and Austin.

Everything I had read previously, led me to believe that both had better power than Williams.

Its too bad for any catchers in the Yankee system… their hopes for making the team are slim because future-HOF backstops like Chris Stewart and Matt Diaz will be tearing the AL East for years to come!

[1] You may as well just go and put the NY next to your name and call it good.

So, Fuse hurts hit back…fielding…grounders. He’s no Mariano.

I hate Fuse. I hate him so very, very much.

Williams vs. Heathcott two plausible explanations are contact ability.  Since Heathcott strikes out so much his lower average will limit is slg/counting stats, even if his iso is higher.  And another is that they don’t trust his shoulder, and feel it will continue to get hurt/weaken and sap his power.

Williams vs. Austin a number of people have talked about Austin’s polish and maturity (mental and physical), and may think that he doesn’t have much room to improve.  So sure he may be able to go out and hit 25 HR in 2014 vs. Williams hitting 10, but Austin isn’t going to get much better.  Williams meanwhile you can project since he could probably add 30-40lbs of muscle to his frame w/o seriously impacting his speed/quickness.

Not saying I necessarily agree with these, but it’s logical and they may be right.  Or of course, they could be using a magic 8 ball and completely wrong.

[5] You have problems.


[4] Is this like getting a gmail invite? Sign me up!

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