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Rangers (50-27) @ Yankees (37-38), Tuesday, 6/28/2016, 7:05pm
(55 Comments - 6/29/2016 12:17:14 am) Yanks stunned in 9th following long delay
(21 Comments - 6/28/2016 4:13:51 pm)

Rangers (49-27) @ Yankees (37-37), Monday, 6/27/2016, 7:05pm
(74 Comments - 6/28/2016 3:09:12 am) Tex connects, but long ball stings Eovaldi
(13 Comments - 6/27/2016 1:42:34 pm)

Twins (23-51) @ Yankees (37-36), Sunday, 6/26/2016, 1:05pm
(37 Comments - 6/27/2016 12:34:48 am) Yanks pounce on late error as arms lead way
(9 Comments - 6/26/2016 12:53:50 pm)

Twins (23-50) @ Yankees (36-36), Saturday, 6/25/2016, 1:05pm
(16 Comments - 6/25/2016 7:11:45 pm) Tanaka, Yankees benefit from Twins miscues
(4 Comments - 6/25/2016 12:27:03 pm)

Twins (23-49) @ Yankees (35-36), Friday, 6/24/2016, 7:05pm
(21 Comments - 6/25/2016 12:17:44 am) Castro’s walk-off HR caps Yanks’ rally vs. Rox
(40 Comments - 6/24/2016 6:25:20 pm)

Look what people have to say about the RLYW!

CAIRO just takes the Marcels and changes the underlying assumptions and components in a bunch of ways that make the Yankees look better.

Wow, two stupid posts in one day. I think you’ve reached your yearly quota.

I don’t know if any of you current posters were around for that, but if so, I just can’t understand how you can call yourselves Yankee fans. Pathetic quitters is what you sounded like. Of the lame posts I could stand to read, the only person who had any confidence in the Yankees at that point was a (yeesh) Red Sox fan.
Jeter is King

Quite the attitude you have SG. Maybe you should shitcan this blog and join Steve at WasWatching? Or follow some other stupid team that has made the PS 15 of the last 17 years. Jeez… and some people think Yankee fans are entitled.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Angels (26-31) @ Yankees (27-30), Tuesday, 6/7/2016, 7:05pm

Angels: David Huff (L): (NR) vs. Yankees: Michael Pineda (R):  (59 IP, 6.41 ERA, 4.25 FIP, -0.5 bWAR)

1. Yunel Escobar (R) 3B (.311/.362/.420, 1.1 bWAR)
2. Kole Calhoun (L) RF (.301/.379/.455, 1.2 bWAR)
3. Mike Trout (R) CF (.306/.412/.541, 3.1 bWAR)
4. Albert Pujols (R) 1B (.244/.326/.437, 0.3 bWAR)
5. C.J. Cron (R) DH (.251/.302/.392, 0.0 bWAR)
6. Johnny Giavotella (R) 2B (.268/.287/.357, -0.1 bWAR)
7. Rafael Ortega (L) LF (.239/.278/.294, 0.1 bWAR)
8. Carlos Perez (R) C (.203/.248/.317, 0.2 bWAR)
9. Gregorio Petit (R) SS (.260/.308/.370, 0.5 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.271/.335/.414, 6.4 bWAR

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF (.237/.357/.362, 1.2 bWAR)
2. Rob Refsnyder (R) 1B (.227/.261/.409, 0.1 bWAR)
3. Carlos Beltran (S) RF (.272/.302/.540, 0.5 bWAR)
4. Alex Rodriguez (R) DH (.204/.256/.425, -0.2 bWAR)
5. Starlin Castro (R) 2B (.255/.291/.425, 0.2 bWAR)
6. Chase Headley (S) 3B (.241/.316/.319, 0.4 bWAR)
7. Austin Romine (R) C (.292/.309/.462, 0.1 bWAR)
8. Didi Gregorius (L) SS (.264/.289/.368, -0.2 bWAR)
9. Aaron Hicks (S) CF (.193/.258/.289, -0.4 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.246/.300/.401, 1.7 bWAR

--Posted at 4:20 pm by SG / 43 Comments | - (0) Beltran’s late HR completes Yanks’ rally

Carlos Beltran lifted a two-out, three-run homer off lefty reliever Jose Alvarez in the bottom of the eighth, sending the Yankees to a come-from-behind 5-2 victory over the Angels on Monday night.

“I wasn’t really thinking homer,” Beltran said. “I was thinking more basehit to right field. As soon as it left the bat, I knew that I hit it well.”

Angels starter Matt Shoemaker, who entered with a 1.59 ERA over his last three starts, held the Yankees scoreless through the first six innings, then gave up back-to-back solo homers to Brian McCann and Starlin Castro with two outs in the seventh, allowing New York to tie the game at 2.

With two outs in the eighth, Shoemaker faced the top of the Yankees’ lineup for the fourth time and got in trouble once more, giving up back-to-back singles to Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner. That prompted Angels manager Mike Scioscia to remove Shoemaker, even though he had only thrown 93 pitches.

Brian McCann, Starlin Castro and Carlos Beltran connect on late home runs to fuel the Yankees’ 5-2 come-from-behind victory

“It got to a point in the game when we were just trying to turn Beltran around,” Scioscia said. “Shoe had trouble closing out that seventh inning and the eighth inning, so we felt it was better to turn him around and get that last out in the eighth.”

Beltran—with an .875 OPS against righties and a .728 OPS against lefties heading in—got an 0-1, 91-mph fastball out over the plate and sent it out to right field to give New York its only lead. Aroldis Chapman then closed it out in the ninth.

Well, that was a great win. Imagine if this offense wasn’t terrible. Tanaka sure is fun.

--Posted at 2:11 am by Brian Cronin / 15 Comments | - (0)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Angels (26-30) @ Yankees (26-30), Monday, 6/6/2016, 7:05pm

1. Yunel Escobar (R) 3B (.311/.362/.421, 1.0 bWAR)
2. Kole Calhoun (L) RF (.306/.386/.461, 1.3 bWAR)
3. Mike Trout (R) CF (.311/.415/.549, 3.1 bWAR)
4. Albert Pujols (R) DH (.238/.319/.433, 0.2 bWAR)
5. C.J. Cron (R) 1B (.251/.303/.395, 0.1 bWAR)
6. Johnny Giavotella (R) 2B (.274/.294/.366, 0.1 bWAR)
7. Rafael Ortega (L) LF (.245/.286/.302, 0.2 bWAR)
8. Jett Bandy (R) C (.300/.333/.400, 0.0 bWAR)
9. Gregorio Petit (R) SS (.243/.293/.343, 0.2 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.278/.343/.425, 6.2 bWAR

1. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF (.278/.330/.411, 1.3 bWAR)
2. Brett Gardner (L) LF (.237/.359/.364, 1.1 bWAR)
3. Carlos Beltran (S) RF (.268/.299/.525, 0.5 bWAR)
4. Alex Rodriguez (R) DH (.211/.265/.440, -0.1 bWAR)
5. Brian McCann (L) C (.220/.320/.393, 0.6 bWAR)
6. Starlin Castro (R) 2B (.249/.286/.407, -0.1 bWAR)
7. Didi Gregorius (L) SS (.268/.294/.374, -0.1 bWAR)
8. Chase Headley (S) 3B (.245/.321/.325, 0.5 bWAR)
9. Rob Refsnyder (R) 1B (.250/.286/.450, 0.1 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.250/.311/.407, 3.8 bWAR

I am actually surprised the Yankee lineup has more bWAR than Mike Trout.

--Posted at 3:52 pm by SG / 31 Comments | - (0)

NY Post: Yankees losing off the field as slump deepens

The Yankees are losing their mojo.

Long the team America loved — and loved to hate — the Bronx Bombers over the last couple of years have not just stumbled on the field but are also losing fans across the country, according to several baseball metrics.

The Yanks are no longer a top attendance draw on the road and have seen their YES Network ratings tumble. They haven’t had a single player’s jersey crack the Top 20 in sales since Derek Jeter retired in 2014.

Even worse, the crosstown rival Mets — fresh off winning the 2015 National League pennant and with a roster studded with young pitching stars and the slugger Yoenis Cespedes — have passed the Yanks as an attraction on the road, in jersey sales and in local TV ratings.

“When the Mets started winning last July, we saw an explosion in fan avidity,” said Woody Thompson, who specializes in baseball sponsorships at sports market firm Octagon. “There were so many latent followers who wanted to let their freak flags fly — and then the Mets gave them a reason to do so.”

On the YES network, Yankees viewership is down 10 percent this year, to an average of 233,403 per game, compared to last season.

On May 2, Yanks GM Brian Cashman even admitted, “I’m getting tired of watching this.”

From their peak, YES ratings of Yanks’ games have dropped 50 percent.

From 2002, when YES was launched, through 2011, the Yanks consistently drew an average of more than 400,000 viewers a game.

Mets’ viewership on SNY, meanwhile, is up 16 percent over last year, to 280,588 — leapfrogging over the Yanks.

Thompson predicted the Mets’s SNY ratings will benefit from the halo effect of last season’s World Series appearance for several years.

To be sure, YES viewership has been cut a bit because of Comcast blocking the network during a fee dispute. But the ratings have declined in four of the past five years — with only Jeter’s going-away tour providing a bit of an increase in 2014.

When fans across the country vote with their wallets and buy jerseys of their favorite players, the Yanks are missing their swagger.

I’m surprised about this.  I mean, Hal Steinbrenner committed to putting a “championship caliber” team out there.  How could interest possibly be dropping?

--Posted at 8:13 am by SG / 39 Comments | - (0)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Yankees (25-29) @ Orioles (31-22), Saturday, 6/4/2016, 7:15pm

Yankees: Ivan Nova (R):  (43 IP, 3.98 ERA, 4.31 FIP, 0.9 bWAR) vs. Orioles: Tyler Wilson (R):  (49.1 IP, 3.83 ERA, 4.70 FIP, 0.8 bWAR)

1. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF (.276/.332/.418, 1.2 bWAR)
2. Brett Gardner (L) LF (.220/.350/.341, 0.8 bWAR)
3. Carlos Beltran (S) RF (.269/.301/.534, 0.5 bWAR)
4. Alex Rodriguez (R) DH (.180/.241/.430, -0.2 bWAR)
5. Starlin Castro (R) 2B (.245/.284/.405, -0.1 bWAR)
6. Didi Gregorius (L) SS (.265/.292/.376, -0.2 bWAR)
7. Chase Headley (S) 3B (.239/.318/.316, 0.5 bWAR)
8. Rob Refsnyder (R) 1B (.308/.308/.538, 0.2 bWAR)
9. Austin Romine (R) C (.290/.313/.468, 0.2 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.249/.307/.410, 2.9 bWAR

1. Adam Jones (R) CF (.242/.295/.395, -0.3 bWAR)
2. Hyun Soo Kim (L) LF (.391/.466/.500, 0.8 bWAR)
3. Manny Machado (R) SS (.312/.379/.605, 3.1 bWAR)
4. Chris Davis (L) 1B (.218/.341/.440, 1.1 bWAR)
5. Mark Trumbo (R) RF (.297/.350/.593, 1.2 bWAR)
6. Matt Wieters (S) C (.280/.319/.424, 0.6 bWAR)
7. Pedro Alvarez (L) DH (.216/.303/.388, -0.4 bWAR)
8. Jonathan Schoop (R) 2B (.264/.292/.456, 0.8 bWAR)
9. Ryan Flaherty (L) 3B (.192/.286/.219, 0.1 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.266/.333/.470, 7.0 bWAR

--Posted at 6:18 pm by SG / 86 Comments | - (0)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Yankees (25-28) @ Orioles (30-22), Friday, 6/3/2016, 7:05pm

Yankees: Nathan Eovaldi (R):  (60.2 IP, 3.71 ERA, 3.54 FIP, 1.6 bWAR) vs. Orioles: Chris Tillman (R):  (64.2 IP, 2.92 ERA, 3.79 FIP, 2.1 bWAR)

1. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF (.281/.333/.425, 1.2 bWAR)
2. Brett Gardner (L) LF (.211/.342/.335, 0.8 bWAR)
3. Carlos Beltran (S) RF (.270/.302/.524, 0.4 bWAR)
4. Alex Rodriguez (R) DH (.177/.240/.406, -0.3 bWAR)
5. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B (.181/.273/.265, -0.6 bWAR)
6. Starlin Castro (R) 2B (.245/.285/.408, -0.1 bWAR)
7. Didi Gregorius (L) SS (.259/.287/.367, -0.2 bWAR)
8. Chase Headley (S) 3B (.232/.314/.311, 0.3 bWAR)
9. Austin Romine (R) C (.293/.317/.431, 0.1 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.239/.301/.385, 1.6 bWAR)

1. Adam Jones (R) CF (.242/.296/.398, -0.1 bWAR)
2. Hyun Soo Kim (L) LF (.367/.449/.483, 0.7 bWAR)
3. Manny Machado (R) SS (.318/.386/.616, 3.3 bWAR)
4. Chris Davis (L) 1B (.216/.338/.426, 0.9 bWAR)
5. Mark Trumbo (R) RF (.288/.342/.585, 1.2 bWAR)
6. Matt Wieters (S) C (.281/.321/.430, 0.7 bWAR)
7. Pedro Alvarez (L) DH (.214/.305/.393, -0.4 bWAR)
8. Jonathan Schoop (R) 2B (.265/.293/.455, 0.9 bWAR)
9. Ryan Flaherty (L) 3B (.200/.296/.229, 0.2 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.265/.333/.470, 7.4 bWAR)

--Posted at 4:03 pm by SG / 51 Comments | - (0)

Thursday, June 2, 2016 Big 7th carries Yanks to makeup win in Detroit

The Yankees used a four-run seventh to beat the Tigers, 5-4, in a makeup game on Thursday night at Comerica Park.

Rob Refsnyder put New York on top for good with an RBI single in the inning, while Jacoby Ellsbury’s two-run triple capped the inning and was part of a three-RBI night for the Yankees’ leadoff hitter.

The Yankees’ four-run seventh inning spoiled what was a strong outing by Tigers starter Matt Boyd, who carried a no-hitter into the sixth inning.

Certainly one of their most unusual wins of the season. Each one of the “Big Three” relievers surrendered a run, but with the tying run on third base and two outs, the Yankees elected to pitch to Miggy Cabrera (who was 3-3 for the night) and Aroldis Chapman got Miggy to ground out to end the game. Didi Gregorius, who came in for defense late in the game, had a perfect relay throw to cut down a runner at home to end the eighth inning and then, with the bases loaded and no outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, made a circus play to start a double play to get the Yankees within an out of the win.

Robert Refsnyder had another great game at the plate. Methinks Ref might want to start taking more reps at first base, as Teix is literally playing hurt, and it is just so stupid. We get it, Teix, you’re willing to play through the pain - but by doing so, you’re killing the team!

Michael Pineda was outstanding tonight and Jacoby Ellsbury had a good game, as well.

Big three games coming up against Baltimore. That team can score, but their pitching is not all that great - so the Yankees might score four runs over three games.

--Posted at 11:24 pm by Brian Cronin / 43 Comments | - (0)

NYDN:  Harper: Yankees could deal Aroldis Chapman to these teams — and here’s who they should ge

Still, it seems clear this is a mediocre ballclub with a championship-caliber bullpen, and at some point Cashman is going to want to cash in on that asset as the Yankees are forced to become more transparent about building for the future.

In fact, for almost any of the serious contenders this season, adding a lock-down reliever is perhaps the best way to increase their chances of winning a September pennant race and/or advancing in the post-season.

So there could be some serious bidding for Chapman, who is headed for free agency, and perhaps even more so for Andrew Miller, if the Yankees decide that acquiring a couple of blue-chip prospects is more valuable to their future than having the lefty under contract for two more seasons.

At least a few teams might also see Carlos Beltran as a valuable and proven postseason hitter worth giving up a solid prospect to acquire, but the Yankees don’t really have much else to trade.


--Posted at 4:19 pm by SG / 62 Comments | - (0)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 Tanaka handed first loss as Yanks blanked

Aaron Sanchez pitched scoreless ball into the seventh inning and Edwin Encarnacion and Justin Smoak each drove in a pair of runs, powering the Blue Jays to a 7-0 victory over the Yankees on Wednesday at Rogers Centre to complete a sweep of the three-game series.

Sanchez was in command of the slumbering Yankees lineup, which produced just three runs over the 27 innings of this series. The right-hander scattered seven hits, walked two and struck out six as the Blue Jays won for the seventh time in their last eight games. Toronto has won 13 of 17 games against the Yankees dating back to last season.

Encarnacion and Smoak roped big hits to highlight a five-run seventh inning against the Yankees’ bullpen, knocking around Kirby Yates and Nick Goody. Right-hander Masahiro Tanaka started for New York and was charged with the loss—his first of the season—after allowing two runs (one earned) and seven hits over six innings.

I’m not saying that this offense isn’t terrible. It IS terrible. However, even a terrible offense should score more than this team has against Toronto this season. This is flukishly bad.

Tanaka did a decent job, but the bullpen was wretched. Not that it mattered, since the game was over as soon as Tanaka gave up a single run.

--Posted at 11:38 pm by Brian Cronin / 34 Comments | - (0)

Yankees (24-27) @ Blue Jays (28-26), Wednesday, 6/1/2016, 7:07pm

Yankees: Masahiro Tanaka (R):  (65.1 IP, 2.89 ERA, 3.26 FIP, 2.2 bWAR) vs. Blue Jays: Aaron Sanchez (R):  (65.2 IP, 3.29 ERA, 3.24 FIP, 1.2 bWAR)

1. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF (.275/.331/.413, 0.9 bWAR)
2. Brett Gardner (L) LF (.215/.344/.342, 0.6 bWAR)
3. Carlos Beltran (S) RF (.265/.299/.530, 0.6 bWAR)
4. Brian McCann (L) C (.229/.323/.410, 0.6 bWAR)
5. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B (.190/.285/.278, -0.4 bWAR)
6. Alex Rodriguez (R) DH (.170/.240/.409, -0.3 bWAR)
7. Didi Gregorius (L) SS (.261/.290/.373, -0.1 bWAR)
8. Chase Headley (S) 3B (.236/.317/.319, 0.6 bWAR)
9. Ronald Torreyes (R) 2B (.271/.327/.375, -0.1 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.236/.308/.386, 2.4 bWAR)

Blue Jays
1. Jose Bautista (R) RF (.232/.365/.479, 0.8 bWAR)
2. Josh Donaldson (R) 3B (.256/.355/.517, 2.2 bWAR)
3. Edwin Encarnacion (R) DH (.240/.313/.447, 0.2 bWAR)
4. Michael Saunders (L) LF (.291/.371/.529, 1.4 bWAR)
5. Justin Smoak (S) 1B (.275/.375/.435, 0.2 bWAR)
6. Russell Martin (R) C (.197/.259/.272, -0.7 bWAR)
7. Devon Travis (R) 2B (.250/.280/.292, 0.2 bWAR)
8. Kevin Pillar (R) CF (.246/.277/.365, 1.7 bWAR)
9. Darwin Barney (R) SS (.322/.352/.448, 1.2 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.253/.332/.437, 7.2 bWAR)

--Posted at 4:17 pm by SG / 48 Comments | - (0)

NY Post: Ticking clock hangs over Yankees’ internal Michael Pineda debate

Brian Cashman presented the three alternatives available for dealing with Michael Pineda to Joe Girardi and pitching coach Larry Rothschild following the righty’s most recent dismal start:

1) Keep him in the rotation. 2) Send him to the bullpen. 3) Demote him to the minors.

“Right now [Girardi and Rothschild] feel strongly that they want to keep at him with him [in the majors],” Cashman said by phone.

Nevertheless, the clock is ticking on a reversal or else — and not just because Pineda has the worst ERA (6.92) among qualifiers and no team wants to keep deploying a starter to serve up in-game batting practice. The Yankees also are cognizant one of the alternatives is about to go away.

Pineda reaches four years and 172 days of service time on June 14, and 172 days equates to a full season when accounting for service time. Thus, Pineda becomes a five-year player on that date and a player can no longer be sent to the minors without his consent when he accrues five years. So the Yankees are two weeks away from losing a tool to deal with a struggling Pineda, though he has two minor league options left.

In other words, in two weeks the Yankees will not — without Pineda’s approval — be able to do with the righty what they did with the failing Luis Severino by sending him to Triple-A.

“I am aware of the options, but under the current circumstances we want to keep him in the rotation,” Cashman said. “He will make his next start [Thursday in Detroit] and we will have further conversations.”

While they’re at it, I have about 20 other players that should also be sent to the minors.

--Posted at 12:58 pm by SG / 13 Comments | - (0)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 CC solid, but Jays pull ahead in 7th for win

Kevin Pillar and Darwin Barney delivered timely hits in the seventh inning off Dellin Betances to lead the Blue Jays to a 4-1 victory over the Yankees on Tuesday night at Rogers Centre.

The Blue Jays chased Yankees starter CC Sabathia after a leadoff double by Edwin Encarnacion to open the seventh. Betances entered and picked up a pair of quick outs, but he then issued a walk, Pillar smacked a run-scoring single and Barney singled home two more to give Toronto its fourth series victory in a row.

The Blue Jays improved to 6-2 against the Yankees this season and clinched their third consecutive series victory against New York. Reliever Joe Biagini picked up his third win of the year, and Roberto Osuna notched his 12th save in 13 opportunities.

Toronto starter J.A. Happ pitched six solid innings in the no-decision, allowing a run. The 33-year-old left-hander has allowed just five runs over his past three starts after getting rocked for a season-high eight against the Rays on May 16.

Another pathetic performance by the offense.

CC did well, which was nice.

Betances had an off night, but eh, they were going to lose no matter what with this terrible offense.

--Posted at 10:15 pm by Brian Cronin / 18 Comments | - (0)

Yankees (24-26) @ Blue Jays (27-26), Tuesday, 5/31/2016, 7:07pm

Yankees: CC Sabathia (L):  (41.1 IP, 2.83 ERA, 2.99 FIP, 1.3 bWAR) vs. Blue Jays: J.A. Happ (L):  (64.2 IP, 3.20 ERA, 4.28 FIP, 1.5 bWAR)

1. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF (.280/.333/.420, 0.9 bWAR)
2. Rob Refsnyder (R) RF (.250/.250/.500, 0.0 bWAR)
3. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B (.195/.291/.286, -0.3 bWAR)
4. Brian McCann (L) C (.231/.325/.413, 0.6 bWAR)
5. Carlos Beltran (S) DH (.264/.295/.534, 0.6 bWAR)
6. Starlin Castro (R) 2B (.250/.291/.420, 0.1 bWAR)
7. Chase Headley (S) 3B (.229/.313/.307, 0.4 bWAR)
8. Didi Gregorius (L) SS (.261/.291/.376, -0.1 bWAR)
9. Aaron Hicks (S) LF (.198/.270/.297, -0.4 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.241/.302/.390, 1.8 bWAR)

Blue Jays
1. Jose Bautista (R) RF (.237/.371/.489, 0.9 bWAR)
2. Josh Donaldson (R) 3B (.256/.357/.523, 2.4 bWAR)
3. Edwin Encarnacion (R) DH (.239/.313/.444, 0.2 bWAR)
4. Justin Smoak (S) 1B (.273/.376/.414, 0.2 bWAR)
5. Russell Martin (R) C (.194/.258/.271, -0.7 bWAR)
6. Devon Travis (R) 2B (.273/.273/.318, 0.1 bWAR)
7. Kevin Pillar (R) CF (.244/.271/.363, 1.5 bWAR)
8. Darwin Barney (R) SS (.321/.352/.452, 1.1 bWAR)
9. Ezequiel Carrera (L) LF (.382/.433/.491, 0.1 bWAR)
Lineup Total: (.253/.331/.427, 5.8 bWAR)

--Posted at 4:00 pm by SG / 76 Comments | - (0)

NY Post: A-Rod, Teixeira anchors on Yankees offense with no hope in sight

TORONTO — Aroldis Chapman arrived late, but finally the Yankees began to win more regularly, and there is cause and effect.

There is also smoke and mirrors.

The Yankees are 13-8 since Chapman returned from his suspension, one of the best marks in the majors. Yet they have barely outscored the opposition in that time, 91-87. They win when Nate Eovaldi, CC Sabathia or Masahiro Tanaka starts well and the firm of Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller and Chapman protects whatever meager lead the offense supplies.

The Yankees won Sunday in Tampa 2-1 despite managing just one hit (smoke and mirrors). They lost Monday in Toronto 4-2 when they managed five hits — just three hits and zero runs in eight innings against Blue Jays starter Marco Estrada.

This marked the 21st time the Yankees scored two runs or fewer — the most in the AL. You can have Betances, Miller, Chapman and throw in the spirit of Mariano Rivera for good measure and the Yanks are not going to be a playoff team with that kind of offense, not when they also are below par running the bases and on defense.

The Yankees stacked eight lefties against Estrada and had one limp result after another. They were 2-for-13 with men on base, hitless in four shots with runners in scoring position to fall to a major league-worst .212 in such spots.

“When you have two-thirds of your lineup not swinging well, it is hard to score runs,” Joe Girardi said.

Maybe they should have gotten better players?

I haven’t watched a pitch of a Yankee game since the Arizona series, and I haven’t really missed it.

--Posted at 12:27 pm by SG / 5 Comments | - (0)

Monday, May 30, 2016 Yankees held to McCann’s late HR vs. Jays

Right-hander Marco Estrada rose to the occasion when the Blue Jays needed him the most, tossing eight scoreless innings in a 4-2 victory over the Yankees on Monday night at Rogers Centre.

Estrada scattered three hits and three walks while striking out six in his seventh quality start of the year. He has gone at least seven innings during each of his last three starts and has now picked up a victory against New York in back-to-back outings.

The veteran starter could not have picked a better time to go deep into a game. The Blue Jays had four relievers unavailable, and manager John Gibbons lamented the health of his bullpen prior to the game. Almost everybody needed a day of rest, and Estrada provided it.

“He was great again,” Gibbons said of Estrada, who became the second pitcher in Toronto history to defeat the Yankees in back-to-back outings. “It was really the exact outing we had to have.

“To be honest, I’ve seen him do that many times, so I can’t say he had one of his best outings, because he does that a lot. But he stepped up, and he just faced these guys the other day. That makes it even tougher on a pitcher, when everybody is familiar with you. He has been a great pitcher for us.”

Right-hander Ivan Nova picked up the loss for the Yankees after allowing four runs on eight hits, a walk and four strikeouts. The big blows came on RBI doubles by Edwin Encarnacion and Michael Saunders, plus a solo home run by shortstop Ryan Goins.

Ivan Nova was not good, but this was once again pretty much all on the offense. Another pathetic performance. This clearly will not be even a decent team if no one on the team can hit.

--Posted at 11:34 pm by Brian Cronin / 15 Comments | - (0)

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